10 Trends Chic New Yorkers Are Wearing This Winter (2024)

If you’re seeking fashion inspiration, look no further than the streets of New York City. A simple people watching session in bustling areas like SoHo and the Upper East Side will tell you all you need to know about the latest seasonal color trends, which accessories are ruling the fashion world, and what kind of clothes are worth investing in. After all, in the Big Apple, style comes first.

So, as I look to elevate my wardrobes this winter, it comes as no surprise that the city dwellers of New York have become my muse. As a resident of the city, I’ve done plenty of fashion sightseeing on my own, taking note of the most interesting styles that I’ve found. And in addition to relying on my own research skills, I’ve consulted the renowned Emma Jade Morrison for extra intel. Morrison is a New York-based fashion stylist whose clients include street style staples like Emily Ratajkowski and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Ahead, 10 trends that chic New Yorkers are wearing this winter.

A Pop of Red

BOTTEGA VENETA Henley Oversized Sweater

€2,350 at Shop BAZAAR

LABUCQ School Socks Red

€48 at Shop BAZAAR

FERRAGAMO Hobo Shoulder Bag Red

€2,900 at Shop BAZAAR

There’s no doubt that red is the trending color of the year. We witnessed this fiery hue make its mark last fall on several Spring 2024 runways including Gucci, Prada, and Rick Owens, to name a few. “I love a cherry red sock peeking out from a vintage jean or a red sweater tied around the shoulders of a neutral coat,“ says Morrison. From shades of cherry to burgundy, you’ll find that a simple pop of red will breathe life into any ensemble.

Faux Fur Coats

Rabanne Faux Fur Coat

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€1,690 at Shop BAZAAR

UNDRA CELESTE The Wonder Coat 2.0

€995 at Shop BAZAAR

These days, trend cycles have been moving expeditiously. From oversized leather jackets to ballet flats, it’s hard to keep up. And this winter, New Yorkers are claiming faux fur coats as the new must-have item. Just make room in your closet for opulent outerwear pieces that will keep you warm all winter long.

Bold Bows

The fashion world can’t seem to get enough of bows. To dress like a true New Yorker, style a bold bow of your choice with a comfy sweater, a pair of jeans, and an oversized coat.

Fancy Flats

Loeffler Randall Leonie Ballet Flat

€250 at Shop BAZAAR

10 Trends Chic New Yorkers Are Wearing This Winter (11)

BOTTEGA VENETA Madame Croc-Effect Leather Loafers

10 Trends Chic New Yorkers Are Wearing This Winter (12)

THE ROW Tasseled Leather Loafers

“Fancy flats are everywhere,” says Morrison. And we can’t help but agree. The sight of flats in New York is truly inescapable. From the cobblestone streets of SoHo to the avenues of the Upper East Side, you’re bound to see a pair of loafers or Mary Janes styled with socks. “I wear Charvet's suede slides and The Row's gold loafers almost daily,” adds Morrison.

Fair Isle Sweaters

10 Trends Chic New Yorkers Are Wearing This Winter (13)

LORO PIANA Fair Isle Cashmere and Silk-Blend Sweater

10 Trends Chic New Yorkers Are Wearing This Winter (14)

VERONICA BEARD Chiana Fair Isle Sweater
KHAITE Amaris Oversized Fair Isle Cashmere-Blend Turtleneck Sweater

In the city that never sleeps, many fashionable New Yorkers are known to stay up all night—while still in their best party ensembles. That said, they also know how to dress comfortably. Their latest go-to cozy item? Fair Isle sweaters, mostly styled over button down shirts or beneath lengthy coats. Not only are Fair Isle sweaters comfortable, but they also give off an effortless après-ski aesthetic that’s perfect for winter.

Stylish Capes

Burberry Check Wool Reversible Cape Grey

$1,090 at Shop BAZAAR

10 Trends Chic New Yorkers Are Wearing This Winter (17)

LORO PIANA Belted Leather-Rrimmed Cashmere Cape

10 Trends Chic New Yorkers Are Wearing This Winter (18)

CHLOÉ Cape-Effect Wool Coat

Among the variety of coat styles, capes are often overlooked. And it’s about time they start getting the attention they deserve. They’re stylish, unique, and best of all, practical. “While wearing a cape, you don’t have to worry about forcing a chunky sweater into a slim sleeve,” says Morrison.

Tailored Gray Pieces

SIMKHAI Gamela Blazer

€318 at Shop BAZAAR

KHAITE Remino Skirt

€2,200 at Shop BAZAAR

TWP New Didi Wide Leg Trousers

€625 at Shop BAZAAR

If you ask a chic New Yorker to name a trending color outside of red, chances are they’ll say gray. They’ll also tell you that the most fabulous way to wear gray is by way of tailored pieces. Think sharp gray blazers, pleated gray skirts, and structured gray pants.

Statement Necklaces

Mounser + Peel Chain / Silver

$350 at Shop BAZAAR

Demarson Lexi Necklace

$375 at Shop BAZAAR

Lizzie Fortunato Peach Blossom Necklace

$380 at Shop BAZAAR

An adequate jewelry collection isn’t complete without a statement necklace. Sure, practical pieces like small hoops and subtle rings get us through the day, but it’s a statement necklace that helps us to truly stand out when we want to. Morrison shares that “statement utility necklaces like The Row’s Comb necklace and Hermes’ leather pendants,” are quite popular.

Sheer Layers

GUCCI Love Parade Supreme Sheer Logo Tights Black

€290 at Shop BAZAAR

10 Trends Chic New Yorkers Are Wearing This Winter (26)

ALAÏA Black Floral Maxi Skirt
PETAR PETROV Sheer Ribbed Turtleneck

€590 at Shop BAZAAR

Layering with sheer pieces is a great way to get creative with your outfits. If you feel as though your look is lacking in excitement, opt for sheer items to add texture and dimension. We love the idea of wearing printed tights under a dress, styling a lace skirt over a solid skirt, or wearing a transparent turtleneck on top of a bralette or a tank top.

Kitten Heels

PARIS TEXAS Stiletto Over The Knee Boots

€1,045 at Shop BAZAAR

PARIS TEXAS Stiletto Tall Boots

€895 at Shop BAZAAR

SAINT LAURENT Vendome Buckle Boots

€1,350 at Shop BAZAAR

If you live in New York, you’re all too familiar with the fact that walking is a major part of your daily existence. So, it makes total sense that kitten heels have always been a wardrobe essential for those who are constantly on their feet. During the winter, you’ll find New Yorkers power walking through the streets with kitten heel boots.

10 Trends Chic New Yorkers Are Wearing This Winter (2024)
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