40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (2024)

The top stops along the way from Yellowstone National Park to Pigeon Forge (with short detours) are Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, The Gateway Arch, and Horseshoe Council Bluffs Casino. Other popular stops include Tennessee Aquarium, Ryman Auditorium, and Jack Daniel's Distillery Visitor Center.


Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

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Zoos & Aquariums

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is a world-renowned facility with an expansive collection of animals from around the globe. The zoo features a diverse range of habitats, including an indoor rainforest and desert ecosystem, making it a popular destination for visitors. The zoo is also home to one of the largest collections of wild cats in North America, as well as many other species of fascinating animals.

The zoo is one of our favorite places to go as a family. We always get a yearly membership since we frequent the park so much. What we do is we break our visits down into sections. Since the park is so huge it’s really difficult to cover the whole park and enjoy it at the same time if we do it all at once. This way we do a section we enjoy it we take our time and we have fun. The new sea lions exhibit is definitely our favorite. You completely feel engulfed in the experience and the escape once you enter the exhibit. My son loves to play with the sea lions through the looking glass window observation area. For me this is one of the best exhibits I’ve ever seen at any zoo. We always love to ride the train and the chairlift when they’re open. As a tip bring your own water bottle as things can be quite expensive and they can add it real fast otherwise. Overall, we enjoyed going to the zoo and watching our son engulf himself and all the exhibits.

Tech 7 — Google review

Always love going here and one of the best things about Omaha, and a must-see if you're not from here! The desert dome is perfect to go in when it's beginning of Spring or in Fall time honestly due to it getting so hot. My boyfriend and I walked the whole zoo in about half a day, being able to enjoy everything and this was when it was still under construction, about mid March. He is from California and says he's likes this zoo way more than San Diego Zoo. We are currently planning to go back sometime, its great experience and exercise!Recently went with my nanny kids too and they always have a blast when going, mainly stayed in the area with the small 'town' , as they call it, popcorn was great and staff was friendly and quick. A must see is always the aquarium, I will never get over the amazing tunnel of ocean above my head, my nanny kids were happy to see turtles in there.Thanks for being a great zoo and I can't wait to take my kids someday here.

Mykela — Google review

This was our first time visiting Henry Doorly Zoo and it's the best zoo I've ever been to. There is so much to see and do. We enjoyed riding the carousel and train. It was 97° during our visit and the Alaskan Adventure splash park was a fun end to our day. We loved the Butterfly Pavilion, Desert Dome, Scott Aquarium, and Lied Jungle. Make sure to pack water and snacks as the food is not cheap! Overall, a wonderful experience!

Deann H — Google review

Everyone said you have to check out world class zoo here in Omaha. The experience was good. But when you hyped up about the zoo, you will compare to DC Smithsonian or St. Louis Zoo. I think those are a bit better. So not to take away from the hard working people at the zoo. They offer various sights for animals. But because the was so hot most outdoor animals were not so active. The combining of aquarium and zoo together was a good idea. This is a whole day event for family. As we walked in, there’s no security checking any bags , so you can bring everything into the zoo. Restrooms were in need of improving. The smell of restrooms are ever present around the area. And additional fee apply for feeding giraffes, riding skylift over safari sections and other activities. If you come in early , recommend going to south entrance(main entrance). There were a lot of parking and all free.

Wind N — Google review

The Lied Jungle is probably the coolest area. Be sure to check it out early as it closes at 4 pm.The desert dome is cool, but a very minimal number of animals are actually there. They built a desert inside to make it look authentic. I'd say that's what makes omaha zoo so unique. It's not actually that big, and they don't have a ton of animals, but they did a good job of recreating different environments in which the animals would live.The aquarium is okay. Part of it was closed when we were there, so we didn't get to experience the whole thing.The train is cool, but you can't really see any of the animals while riding it because of all the brush overgrowth. You do have to pay extra for the train ride.The Sea Lion training was neat, but be sure to get there early. The seats fill up fast.

Olivia K — Google review

The zoo is fantastic. We've been to many zoos throughout the US and abroad, this one ranks up there with the best ones. The grounds are massive and covering all the exhibits in one day would be challenging. Especially if you have kids with you, then forget about it and just enjoy what you can get to.The elephant wing and grounds are really good and seeing the babies there was incredible. The steam train was also really fun and a must do. The gorilla pavilion is really cool and well put together. I'm not a big fan of looking at the gorillas because you can clearly see the sadness and sorrow in their eyes... It's sad to see them in captivity.

Vas S — Google review

We love this zoo! we have the passes and they are absolutely worth it! In just 2 visits they pay for themselves!This zoo allows you to bring in your own food and drink which is just the best and lets us really enjoy the day without cutting it in half as there is just SO much to see!

Mariam G — Google review

Absolutely beautiful zoo. Plenty of walking area. Even though it was a rainy day they were misters that are probably amazing in the summer for those hot days. My boyfriend told me they also have splash pads they open in the summer. They were also accommodating for the cold, all the animals were still in viewing areas just brought inside which I’ve never seen at a zoo. Not to mention the aquarium and butterfly garden. Both out of this world some of the best exhibits I’ve ever seen

Sydney J — Google review

This is the best zoo experience I’ve ever had. You walk in to each of the sections and it’s like you’re in there with them! All the birds flying around, the monkeys, and otters, and many more are right there! Seeing gorillas in person for the first time was just wild. The aquarium was fun, and just as good as Ripleys. The night time area was the coolest. Walking around on these docks in the dark, hearing and seeing all these animals splashing and moving around you. To top it all off, we saw the tiger. Since we came in winter, we only got to see half the experience, but we will try to return again in summer to see everything!

Russell C — Google review

This is by far the best zoo I've visited. All the animals looked healthy and had nice habitats. The gorillas were quite entertaining. There was zero "animal smell." The walking paths were wide and adequate for allot of visitors. Although the parking lot was full, the park never felt crowded. There were air-conditioned indoor displays and other places to sit and cool off or just take a break from walking. I did notice that some of the shows must be seasonal, as they were not running.

Teresa D — Google review

The most incredible zoo meant for all ages. Free parking. $25 entrance fee for adults, kids two and under free. Beautiful and well kept. We went on a Saturday during peak hours and saw the Apes, Aquarium, the Jungle, creatures of the night. There is so much to enjoy here. Little nooks to get up close. Plenty of spots to sit down as you’re walking around.

Crystal — Google review

I can easily see why they are overall one of the best zoos in the United States. From the time you enter until the time you leave the customer service is about a 9. If you're having a problem at the kiosk some will walk right over and help you. Most of the exhibits are indoors so you can't really complain about the heat unless you're just a miserable person. The food is definitely over price so make sure you bring a lunch. Make sure you read the signs on the way to the butterfly area it clearly States no strollers are allowed so a lot of people hold the lineup removing kids from the strollers. Just don't go with a bunch of lazy lobsters that want to sit down the whole trip because they do block the view of the kids trying to see the animals. If I lived in Omaha I would definitely have a zoo membership. I enjoyed my trip so I hope you enjoy yours

Kaleidoscope K — Google review

We loved our day at the zoo! It’s a long walk but totally worth it. The zoo is clean, organized and safe for visitors. The kids (and adults!) were entertained all day. We were impressed at how close we got to some of the animals, especially the tiger and the alligators. Pro tip: the dome has a basem*nt! We missed the stairway the first time through!

Cortney J — Google review

This is an amazing zoo.I have been to quite a few zoo's around the US as that is what me and my wife do every anniversary, we visit a zoo or aquarium in a different state each year. I have to say you can spend two days here, the Desert Dome is awesome, and while on the sky safari I gave my wife a new wedding ring set. It was breathtaking. Thank you Omaha Zoo

Travis L — Google review

Absolutely amazing zoo and attractions! Our family spent 3 full days there. We took our time, and saw the entire zoo. This was the first time taking our kids there and they were immersed in everything the entire time. Each day, they were disappointed to have to leave. We bought a membership, that happened to line up with member appreciation week, and it was well worth it. We went on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and the crowd wasn't bad. We are already planning another trip!

Ryan M — Google review

I used to come here all the time and it has been about 5 years since I was last here. Normally, this place is 5/5 for me. However, with all of the construction inside the zoo and about 50% of the animals present, it’s a 3/5. You’ll find many exhibits are closed and some of the animals missing from the smaller buildings. It doesn’t help that the two food trucks and most of the restaurants were either closed and only sold drinks/chips. I went on a Friday afternoon. Admission prices should be less if they have less to offer the public. Basically a ghost town once you get inside. I recommend not coming here this year.

Edward R — Google review

This zoo is amazing!!! On cold weather days, you still have so many animal enclosures to visit indoors, you can easily stay warm. And on warm days there are plenty of exhibits to see as well. There's a reason this zoo was ranked #1 in all 3 categories last year! Fantastic job @OmahaHenryDoorlyZoo

Steven F — Google review

Absolutely loved the facility. We didn't get to see a lot of the animals we wanted to since we went on a really windy day and went kind of late. Arrived around 1 pm and they close at 6. In the 5 hrs we did get to see a good amount still though. I would recommend going earlier in the day and with a little warmer weather. So much to do and do much to see so make sure you go in the morning if you can. We had a great time still, I'd definitely take the family back if it wasn't a 2 ½ hr drive for us.

Buk K — Google review

For the price and the hype for "world top ranked zoo", I expected better. Water bowls in many enclosures were very murky, the size of enclosures seemed too small in certain areas (especially in the Desert Dome) and many of the animals looked way too depressed (especially the gorillas and tigers). The Desert Dome was the most disappointing. For such a large dome, the animals were in small enclosures wrapped with netting, and the interior design of the landscape in the dome was just underutilizing the size of the dome, which makes me wonder if the design of the dome just for flexing from the outside. I also definitely did not see 1000+ species of animals as advertised on websites, plus there were a lot of the same animals in different zones. Food options were also terrible for a top ranked zoo. I've visited many other zoos with less to no cost and still had better animal exhibits, much more species of animals, management, and food options (like the free St Louis Zoo, Smithsonian Zoo, Kansas City Zoo and Seattle's Woodland Zoo). Makes me wonder where the $25 per person money goes too....Despite that, putting the status and price aside, I was still able to have a wonderful time at the zoo. The close experiences with the giraffe and elephant families were an unforgettable experience. Kinda bumped that the Forest Trial was closed during my visit, but the Lied Forest was my favorite exhibit, with an amazing replica of a tropical environment. The zoo can be fully explored within a day if you don't have kids with you and if you fully spend the opening hours in the zoo. I also recommend bringing your own food for lunch.

Marcus T — Google review

Often considered one of the best zoo's in the nation and rightly so. This zoo is absolutely top notch. The dessert dome and accompanied cave exhibit under ground are superb. Tons of animal exhibits and a pristine park. Plenty of family friendly restrooms and kid activities to keep the young ones, and parents happy. Every exhibit is a unique experience, don't expect to see it all in one day.

Shawn S — Google review

This place is amazing! Being from Orlando and having all the theme parks out expectations tend to be low when visiting places like this BUT let me tell you this place is amazing! We got to 95%of the exhibits in a day but it was tough but worth it! All of the animals were so active and felt so close to you even the lions and tiger!If you like baseball don't miss the wiffle ball field in the parking lot! Great day of memories made, hopefully we'll make it back another time!

Kelly I — Google review

My family voted this was not the #1 zoo that we have been too. It was a great day and we had fun, however the train had a long wait and then once we got on we saw no animals except maybe a couple and then saw a bunch of the back of the zoo. During this train ride they had to fill up so that took time too.Just walking around we hardly saw any animals. Inside the buildings we did see quite a bit but still feel like it was lacking.Our favorite part was the giraffe feeding and the sky lift.

Tiffany — Google review

Best Zoo, hands down, that we have been to. Everything is spaced out well. You will definitely get your steps in! The day we went, we got to see almost everything. Missed out on the lions and tigers, but got to see favorites like the giraffes and elephants! We spent about 3 hours there. Food establishments were all open, and service everywhere was great. The only problem we had was that there could be more signage as we lost our way a couple of times.

Dave C — Google review

A truly wonderful zoo! You’ll enjoy the diversity of animals and keep in mind you’ll be doing a lot of walking! The aquarium with shark + sea turtle tunnel is a great rest out of the sun. Can buy food inside or bring your own. Really nice gift shop as well and great outing for couples or families. Don’t miss the giraffes (you can even feed them) or the monkeys in Lied Jungle. The gorilla center is top notch too.

Alexandra U — Google review

I went to the zoo with my girlfriend during the Christmas festival and had a great time. We enjoyed walking around looking at the Christmas lights and hearing Christmas music. We also got to go through the aquarium and kingdom of the night while we were there. The animals are very active at night! Very cool and only $23 to get in. We had a great time. Highly recommend.

Candi D — Google review

We had an absolutely fantastic time here! There is some really cool exhibit design and very interesting species on display. I really liked walking through building with different biomes. I always like free-flying birds and there were some free-flying bats as well! In fact, there were more bat species on display here than any other zoo I've been to. Snakes are always of particular interest to me as someone who works with wildlife and has been working with snakes for 10 years. I was excited to see the Santa Catalina Island rattlesnake here! We all grinned ear to ear seeing beavers since they aren't common in zoos and listening to the staff sitting and feeding them talk about how they're cared for. Lots of arthropods are on display, including a butterfly house, and the aquarium was so fun to walk though too.

Maryann B — Google review

We didn't make the time to get through the whole zoo due to time, but this zoo is absolutely one of the nicest zoos I've ever been to. The building with the elephants inside, the building with the apes and the dome (especially the underground portion) was an excellent experience. If I ever go back to Omaha for a visit, I'll have to finish my trek through the zoo.I have been to a handful of zoos across the country, but have never been to one with an underground section mimicking a bat cave with stalagmites/etc., a swamp and more. It was so cool. I only wish I had more time to spend seeing the rest of the zoo.We happened to be there when the sea lions were getting fed too which was fun to see. Some of the zookeepers had them do tricks for us.

Christina — Google review

It advertises itself as the nation's best zoo. I haven't been to enough to confirm or deny it, but I did enjoy my time here. Just be prepared; there is a LOT of walking involved.You can rent a stroller, wheelchair, or motorized cart for the day at what seemed to be reasonable prices.The Lied Jungle was my favorite of the attractions, with the Desert Dome a close second. The aquarium was interesting, but the only thing that stands out is the tunnel in which fish will swim overhead. It is a short tunnel.The animals seemed taken care of, and most seemed to be in appropriate sized enclosures.The gift shop was largely stuffed animals, as expected for a place for kids. Additionally, they have these pins you can purchase for exactly a dollar. They're large and have an animal on them, I chose the tiger, but they have several options.Personally I thought security was lacking. To get in, my friend and I merely showed our code on our phones, which they scanned and let us in. No metal detectors, no codes for purses or backpacks. While this makes entering faster, it did make me concerned. Just keep that in mind.We went on a Saturday (early April, so summer exhibits arent open), so the place was packed with people and children. That said, the lines for everything moved fast and we could see whatever animals we wanted, crowd or no crowd. Don't let the weekend masses deter you.

Tallstar's H — Google review

What a beautiful place. Animals appear well fed and very clean..HOWEVER ONLY reason I gave 3 stars is maybe from the time of year(?) Most food places were closed, train was not running, gondola was not running...which was very disappointing. It was in the high 80's and could have used some more places to buy water..Would have been nice to have a discounted rate early in the year, until everything is up and running. Food is pretty expensive...take your own if you can.

Edy H — Google review

Loved this zoo. We went on a Sunday and will return on a Thursday to finish. You need more than a day to get through this zoo even if you rush it. Beautiful zoo so worth going you won’t be disappointed. The dessert dome was awesome.

Amy H — Google review

We go 8+ times a year despite it being more than an hour drive from us. There's always more to see, because you just can't see and enjoy everything in a single day.I recommend entering from the north entrance and going left towards the dome. The hill in that direction is much better going down, while the more gradual hill to the right is great for the end of the day.

Charlotte T — Google review

I really like this zoo. It's environmental friendly and there is animals from all over the world. I would definitely recommend this as number 1 zoo. It's so big you can't visit it in one day. The aquarium is spectacular; you can walk under sharks! There is volunteering opportunities for those fourth grade and up.

Miranda S — Google review

There's a reason this is one of the highest rated zoos in the United States. There is so much to do. If you are planning to come during the weekend or summer, it's busy. If you come during the off season, you'll be able to get through the park in one day, but some attractions will be closed.The food is great, the park is clean, the bathrooms are clean, and the animals are clearly well taken care of.

Cameron — Google review

My family and I loved this zoo. Our favorite animals were the snow leopards, everything in the aquarium, the giraffes, gorilla, and tiger. The butterfly exhibit was beautiful. The jungle was amazing. I thought it definitely lived up to its reputation. We went through in about 4 hours stopping for a lunch we brought in ourselves. The longest wait we had was about 20 minutes to buy our tickets to get in.Once you are on the loop, there is really no way to cut through to the entrance again. This is true for the desert dome as well. You are committed to the loop. Maybe if the train is running, it's different, but we were there before the train season. Same for the aviary. I highly recommend this zoo!

K W — Google review

This was a great place. The butterfly exhibit happened to be close that evening, but there were still a lot to see. I spent around 1.5 hrs here. I never noticed due to how much fun I was having. I really liked the aquatic, cold blooded, and nocturne exhibits. It was crazy how hot and humid it was in there. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. And seeing as this is where the animals are, there will be smells.

Candy D — Google review

I'm from California and have gone to the LA Zoo and San Diego Zoo. The San Diego Zoo has always been my favorite of the two. This Zoo is just as good as the San Diego Zoo if not better. It's a large size with plenty to see and do. Unfortunately, on this specific trip there was quite a few Exhibits closed either for construction and/or for the season. Overall, a great Zoo to visit that will easily take the whole day to look at all the Exhibits and more if the kids area is open and you have little kids to play.

Michael H — Google review

Incredible! They have some areas closed for construction but it still looks great, they have so many areas to enjoy the under construction areas are not missed. Plan on tons of walking and plenty of animals to see. Best zoo I have attended! The aquarium is fantastic!

Sammijo H — Google review


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3701 S 10th St, Omaha, NE 68107, USA

(402) 733-8400


Horseshoe Council Bluffs Casino

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (10)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (11)

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Casinos & Gambling


An exciting day out for the whole family is a visit to Horseshoe Council Bluffs, where more than one thousand six hundred slot machines and racing dogs are on offer. Dog races, table games, restaurants and bars are all available in this lively casino complex.

It's getting a bit old, but that doesn't bother me a bit because they have a lot of the old fashioned 3 & 5 reel slot machines. Plenty of the video slots too if that's what you prefer.I just have one gripe, there's a cafe that says open 24 hours, but it was closed in the wee hours of the morning...we were starved! I'm not sure why casinos aren't offering food 24 hours a day like they used to. Covid is over people.

Janna S — Google review

I was in the area, and thought I would stop in for a few hands of blackjack. All of their tables (except one, that was full) paid 6 to 5 on blackjack instead of the centuries old standard of 3 to 2. This makes playing blackjack worse odds than some slot machines. Anytime you see 6 to 5 blackjack, you should refuse to play, and leave a one star review of the casino. Perhaps they will start offering traditional odds on BJ again if everyone did this.

Jeff A — Google review

Asked for a restaurant in the casino and was only told about the Whisky Roadhouse as it was the only one at the establishment by these two red shirt employees. After eating there, it was decent but, not really what we were looking for for a good dinner. Anyway, we started walking around to gamble a little and found a very nice steak house, which was more of what we were looking for, for dinner not a rice bowl and a burger that anyone can get anywhere at any point in time. Either way I had a decent time with my friend from out of town. Next time I will be going to the steak house restaurant to get a great meal.

Troxx A — Google review

Everything is all on one floor. Slots are looser compared to Ameristar's. Doesn't feel closterphobic because they have room to spread everything out. My only complaint is there were no drink servers and only one drink station. The restrooms were on the same side as the drink station. Overall, it's not bad.

Paul D — Google review

We stayed for a night while passing through. It took a little while to check in to spot. Rained some and the parking lot/RV park fills with water pretty fast. It just power and water in the overflow section. None of the staff were very friendly. Drinks are over priced and the slots pretty tight. One other note is that its pretty smoky in some areas. Probably wont return in the near future.

Collin M — Google review

It was fun . Went late so there wasn't many people. Free pop and coffee. Garage to park in . Clean bathrooms. Lots of slot machines & and card and dice tables. I limed it better when u cashed out and got money instead of a ticket.

Linda F — Google review

Great selection of slot machines and denomination. Great benefits if you have a players card. Large and roomy, one floor. There was a small non-smoking room, but it is now gone, hoping it will come back. Miss the buffet, of course, but the food at JB's is excellent. Have never been to the steakhouse, but you can see the menu and the prices outside the door of the place. Free pop and coffee. There is a hotel attached. Surface and garage parking available, no valet and handicapped parking, is not the greatest. Not enough stalls. Overall, this is a great casino, but just like all casinos, be prepared to lose your money.

Tami W — Google review

Great food, service and games ( when they’re open). Food options close early. Limited table games and poker options open during the week ( which is standard post Covid but nonetheless disappointing). Sometimes takes a while to get service at the only bar that is always open because there’s only 1-2 bartenders serving the entire building. I enjoy it so much more on the weekends when the hustle and bustle of patrons enjoying all the Horseshoe had to offer is available. Still one of my favorite casinos in the country.

Renee K — Google review

Don't get across the river often at all. It was a treat to go with my ride or die. We had fun. From my favorite roulette to the oh so economical penny slots. It was thoroughly entertaining. I am a lucky charm but it's only to others lol

Krystal R — Google review

Super fun! Has a lot of character, had a nice winning streak on the big dice craps machine. Customer service was super helpful also getting me upgraded to Platinum status with my veteran ID. Really cool they are linked with Caesars rewards so I can get perks out in Vegas too. Clean machines and friendly bartenders too. Good trip.

Shawnerrific — Google review

I come from Sioux Falls SD . I used to go grand falls casino in Sioux Falls . I got very bad experience over there .I ‘m happy I found this place today., all dealer supper nice and friendly. A lot table game and mashing game. Although I loose money today here ,but I m still happy. I m highly recommend this casino to you . I will be back more often.

Maureen L — Google review

Need new chairs for the slots. I was wearing shorts and the chairs pinched my legs. The chair seats were cracked, split or just broken when sitting on the chairs.. Also, I don't know if they need to hire more personnel but the slots machines are dirty, I did not see anyone cleaning. Cigarette ashes, sticky substances, and trash were left on the slot tops. People could get sick from these slots. You have all sorts of people from all over playing these slots. If you don't disinfect your hands constantly you could become sick or spread a disease. I like this casino but it has gone down hill a bit since I was there last. I hope it improves soonest.

Sandy C — Google review

Some of the slot machines had buttons that were not legible, and the video blackjack game was calibrated incorrectly. What I mean by that is when you selected any one of the 3 special bets, it would be either the one to the right or left. It was never the one selected. Also, their points club makes little to no sense. I think it would be worth it if you spend thousands of dollars but not for the one-off occasional gambler. However, JD's Cafe is pretty decent food and worth the price for the portions you get.

Nancy K — Google review

Slot are the worst payers I've ever seen! Drinks are weak. I remember when this place was great. What a shame. I'll never go back!

Shane D — Google review

Staff VERY nice. Drinks good. Slots are tighter than Oklahoma's (crazy, right?) but better than the Indianapolis Horseshoe's, but there's a decent variety of games, including video poker. Promos are ok--a few very good RC/TC ones and hits and misses for the others. Clean bathrooms. Great weather-proof access from the Hilton Garden Inn attached.Need more food options. Wanted to eat but didn’t find good mid quality casual food, twice. Good weekday parking but limited on weekends / events. Would still prefer less smoking areas. Some patrons leave behind a big mess. Overall enjoyed it

Jeff Z — Google review

Had a ton of fun!! Definitely a great atmosphere, clean as well! Security was very friendly and fun. Didn't win a dime but it was still very fun!

Emily C — Google review

Really enjoy the atmosphere here.Tuesday afternoon, not busy.(see my other review for Hilton Garden Inn if you are planning to stay at the hotel)New review 12/22/2022 - Winter Storm temps down to -17 with Wind chill to -30.This was my sanctuary for 2.5 days. Horseshoe does not have a Horseshoe Hotel, it is the Hilton Garden Inn. If you are a Diamond Casino member, the casino may comp rooms. Great staff. Had fun. Won at roulette.

Bart R — Google review

Great Experience! Fantastic Service! Excellent Food! Brought Seniors from Fremont, everyone had a great time. A few even won! Great Hosts, keep checking on us all the time while we were there! Thanks, Marv.

Marvin S — Google review

Getting a bit run down, and needing updates. Vistors can be a bit schetchy at late night times. The sports bar is nice, and the newest restaurant as well. Not cheap prices. It's an old river boat casino, so you kinda get what you get.The service is always top-notch, though. That's a plus.

Patrick F — Google review

The security staff are abysmal. There is one named Jen that kicked a friend of mine out for being intoxicated, which was acceptable, but while we were trying to get a ride she told us to get off the property immediately or she was calling the police. When we showed her we were trying, she said we weren't trying hard enough and my friend offered to walk to a neighboring hotel to wait and she told him he couldn't leave or she'd call the cops. All she did was escalate the situation rather than help to solve the problem and cut us a bit of slack for trying to leave and rides being far and few between.

Cody ( — Google review

4/5 stars rated. Sure could use all the blessings during times like these. Hopefully something begins to look up here ASAP. Anyways, yall will not be disappointed upon entering these doors. Be patient and things will slowly but surely begin to go your way. If you believe, you shall succeed. Have a blessed life. Cheers!

Boston S — Google review

Do not gamble here, especially don’t play 6 deck blackjack. The dealers here always hit 20-21 no matter what. Your better off taking your luck on slots. It’s way rigged against the player, they don’t shuffle there cards by hand, it’s all done by a machine. So if you come here planning to play blackjack do something else.

Ashton M — Google review

Machines are tight! This place is disgustingly dirty. Ashes from cigarettes all over the machines. Cups on the slot floor. Trash cans double as ashtrays and are overflowing with cigarette butts. Chairs need updating. Whole place needs updating. The non smoking section is a joke. People constantly walking thru the area smoking. I would not recommend coming to this place.

P&A M — Google review

The iconic name is not in good keeping with what you might expect. The last time I was in a casino this dirty was on a reservation in the middle of nowhere.Place smells like an ashtray because they don’t manage the air or keep it clean. There’s ashes, dirt and grime on all of the machines, the carpet is stained and stank. I never saw any employees cleaning like you typically would and it shows. Also had red shirt employees cut us off rudely multiple times. Place runs like a two bit operation… never be back…

Randy I — Google review

This is the 1st Caesars property that I've ever experienced discrimination (not racism). Forget being a 7 star, it shouldn't happen period!!! And you'd think that the head of security would at least try to listen to the situation first, but that wasn't even close to the case. As soon as he came over there, I was in the wrong. Didn't ask any questions about the situation. I most definitely won't be coming back to this Caesars property again.

Flyt — Google review

Best chance to win here in terms of service they did okay could have been a bit cleaner but definitely a better variety of slots in my opinion and a better chance to win big

Nyomi B — Google review

Lovely sized casino with lots of amenities and they welcome RVers to stay overnight. Gamble ,eat, have a few drinks and walk to the parking lot and you're home!

Rose Z — Google review

Slots are too tight. Been there a couple times in the past few weeks. Slot machines took my money as fast as I could spin. No entertainment value here. I don't mind losing, but it would be nice if I could make $200 last longer than 30 minutes. On the plus side the Thursday karaoke was OK.

Chuck F — Google review

Spent many hours there over 2 days. I enjoyed the variety of games. The machine had a button to push that called for beverage service. The restaurant options were clean and the burger in the Cafe was excellent. The is a Caesars Casino affiliate.

Jeff H — Google review

I like how they put this place together as far as remodel.More updated games.Nice and clean.Go in and enjoy yourself.Don't expect to win just expect to have a good time

Slot D — Google review

The horseshoe is just the place you want to be when you want to wiend down have a drink and watch some sports,horse race,or maybe boxing i enjoy the horses myself.It offers table games both automation and live depending on the way chance is offering up a win ,or the power of mind is strong giving you the win.Offering high stakes and even better steaks in the food networks Guy Farrari restaurant and fine accommodation its a place i could frequent more then i should so come on down and have a bite to eat and take some money home .think postive and gamble responsibly

Kired A — Google review

We really wanted to spend some time messing around here, however, it was so smokey, it just wasn't a safe place to be. I cannot believe that Iowa allows indoor smoking within the casinos. As I understand it, 85 percent of the population do not smoke, so why cater to the 15 that do.

Tim C — Google review

My wife and I, along with my adult children, went to the Whiskey Roadhouse to see On The Fritz and had a terrific time!

Bill S — Google review

Like this casio. Fun environment. A little too noisy of machines. Well lite environment. Nice lightly inside the parking garage. There is plenty of outside parking and a parking garage. All free parking.

Angie A — Google review

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Rooms, guests


40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (16)


National WWI Museum and Memorial

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (17)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (18)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (19)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (20)

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War museum


The World War Museum and Memorial is a museum dedicated to the history of World War I. The museum has a large collection of photos, weapons, and more. It is the only public museum in the United States dedicated to WWI.

This is a large museum with wonderful architecture. The rooms are easy to get lost in, in the fun, adventurous way.The Reflection rooms have a wonderful atmosphere— a soundproof box to let yourself by fully immersed in the music and the stories told.Enjoy a presentation into the mind of the soldiers on the battle fronts, as you look down to see them trek onward.Full of real relics of the time, it could make a great school trip or scavenger hunt.A wonderful place, worth visiting whether you live in Kansas City, or are passing through to elsewhere.

Emma P — Google review

Beautiful memorial. The trip up the tower is totally worth it. It's a tight ride on the way up, with a few extra steps (about 1 flight), but the view is gorgeous. The views of the skyline are almost as good from the base of the tower, too. Would love to go back to go through the museums when we have more time. Love that it is one of the only WW I memorials in the country, and it's right in our back yard.

Bethany S — Google review

This is a beautiful, yet serene place. It is a great reminder of the sacrifice that the military men and women of our country have continually been willing to do for our freedoms and for the freedoms of others in other countries. It is also a a great reminder of How our country started. And how blessed we are to be in this country and how those in charge of our country used to put God first. I highly recommend all locals and tourists to visit the site. And read the placard‘s that they took the time to put in when it was founded.This is also a great place to just walk around and burn off some of that great Kansas City food.

Robert S — Google review

A very nice way to honor WWI veterans and to see the city (Kansas City MO) and to see the huge phallic symbol called the Liberty Memorial. Freud would have had a field day! May the city enjoy lots of inspiration. It’s beautiful at night and you can take really breathtaking pics. There doesn’t seem to be a curfew for this area so feel free to enjoy he sights anytime. And go see the museum.

Karina K — Google review

I really enjoyed the museum and monument. Its grounds are filled with lush green grass and reflection pools at the base of the monument tower. Inside the museum had a ton of information and displays. Some people complained that it was too small in other reviews, but I disagree. I thought it was a good size and provided a plethora of information and facts. Seeing all the war items on display is very humbling. I would definitely recommend checking it out. Make sure that you pay the extra $4 to go to the top of the tower,the 360° view of KC is totally worth it!!

Jason R — Google review

Nice memorial with paid museum inside. However if you just want to stroll by, you can explore the museum ground for free. From the memorial ground you can see the Kansas City skyline (a very nice view when it is not cloudy). The museum itself is informational and the staff members were friendly and helpful. Definitely recommended if you are visiting Kansas City!

Han ( — Google review

Amazing! Yes, simply Amazing place to get some evening walk with beautiful view of Kansas City and Amazing sunset. This is a historical place and wonderful art work done in the memories of world war I veterans. I believe this is one of the best places to visit in US and I highly recommend to everyone. I didn't get chance to go in but I will do it soon. I can't wait to go up in that monument tower and get a wonderful views from the top.

Gajen J — Google review

Visited in May, 2023. Nestled in Kansas City, Missouri, the WW1 Memorial and Museum is a fantastic sightseeing spot to experience. The memorial opened in 1926 and is the United States' official memorial and museum dedicated to World War 1. It rests upon a plateau that overlooks Kansas City. From the top of the memorial you will have amazing views of the surrounding area, including downtown Kansas City. For a small fee, you can go to the top of the tower for more breathtaking views. The tower is over 200 feet tall. If you are able bodied, a short walk away is Union Station and Crown Center. A short distance more is the Power and Light District. Local historic restaurant, Town Topic, is nearby as well. You can easily see all of these places in a few hours or make the area an all-day outing. The WW1 Memorial includes the Liberty Memorial Mall and parks in the surrounding area. When the National Football League held their player draft in 2023 in Kansas City, they included the entire WW1 Memorial and parks as well as Union Station. Over 300,000 people attended that NFL draft and were comfortably accommodated. If you are going to be in KC or are passing through KC, I highly recommend carving out a little bit of time to enjoy this experience.

Greg S — Google review

We only visited the park and grounds since the museum was closed when we drove through Kansas City. It is pretty much a park so it's a good place to stop for a picnic. The tower is of course the centerpiece, worthy enough to visit on its own. The area behind the museum has some nice wall sculptures and fountains. It also offers a good view of the Kansas City skyline, especially with Union Station in the foreground.

Patrick V — Google review

My husband and I were in Kansas City for a couple of days and went to the National WWI Museum. We honestly didn't know much about this world war so glad we did to learn about it. All of the volunteers were very friendly and knowledgeable.We purchased our tickets online and went right when it opened at 10am. There was an entry for those who had tickets already and we got right in with no wait. Reading the other reviews, we went first to the Memorial Tower, again with no wait. The view of Kansas City was fantastic even on a cloudy day.We then viewed the exhibit right next to the tower before going back down to the main level. We did rent the headphones which we listened to as we walked through the exhibits. It was very informative as well as the videos that played in the museum.Definitely worth going to and we learned a lot!

Meansween — Google review

Really great setup for history buffs. There is a lot of focus on all countries involved as opposed to just the USA. Actual objects from world war 1 are on display everywhere. Highly recommend to anyone if in the area. The tickets are not expensive either.

Cliff R — Google review

Cannot say enough about this place. Very well done displays. A complete review of the history of WW I. The write ups were easy to read and in chronological order. There were many volunteer people who asked us several times if we had any questions. We did and they seemed to know their history and were more than willing to share it. This is one of the most complete WWI museums in the country. Anyone who is a history buff will want to visit here.

Dave L — Google review

Must-see. It's expensive, but it's so worth it. Very nice design. Great displays filled with information. Unfortunately the entire outdoor pavilion and tower were closed when I got there. I spent 2.5 hours there but I also tend to read everything. I would guess most people would need at least 1.5 hours to get a reasonable view of everything. One small beef: The mock trench looked like it would be really cool, but it was difficult to see with the small viewing windows.

Michael M — Google review

A must-see in Kansas City, the National WW1 Museum and Monument is a beautiful, informative, well-maintained national landmark dedicated to a war that has largely been forgotten about by the American public despite its huge influence in shaping the world we live in today. Anytime someone comes and visits me, I bring them here and all of them have said it's incredible. Tickets are very reasonably priced at $18 per adult or $20 if you buy a combo ticket to go up in the tower (which you should, the view is amazing). While the museum and its associated exhibits cost money and are open from 10-5, the actual memorial and its surrounding grounds are completely free to explore by the public and open at night too. Pro tip: If you have the time, I highly recommend making a second trip to the memorial after sundown as you can treat yourself to the best view of the city skyline while it's all lit up at night

James E — Google review

Absolutely loved going to this museum. We love history, and this was a great stop. I recommend getting there early definitely in the summertime if you plan to go to the tower to see amazing views of the city. They closed down at noon when we went because of the heat. It is within walking distance to the money museum, and Union Station. They have several things to do, and you learn. I could have spent a couple more hours really digging into the history. Super helpful staff! They have a ton of knowledge and want you to enjoy the museum. We bought 3 combo ticket to go up in the tower and an extra exhibit for $25. I would highly recommend the tower to see KC from a great vantage point.

Keisha C — Google review

If you are in Kansas City and have any interest in history, particularly WWI history, then please do yourself a favor and visit this excellent memorial and museum. My only regret is that I should have allotted more time to visit. I had about 2 hours and I wished I would have allotted 3-4 hours. I am more of a WWII history buff but wanted to learn more about the First World War. I was able to find out details I hadn’t heard previously and would have loved to have more time to learn more. I paid for the museum entry and the add on for going up the tower. I would recommend doing both for sure. I visited while in town during the week but would have LOVED to check out the virtual tench experience that they offer only on the weekends. I am sure it would have been fascinating and also very humbling to see what the tench experience would have looked like. We are so far removed that I don’t believe folks appreciate what it was really like to endure such warfare and hardship. The few guides I talked to were very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I highly recommend visiting this museum and memorial if you are in Kansas City. Take time to take it all in and really try to understand the conditions of the world, what people sacrificed, and what led up to the war. It was a time of great technological change as well as unrest between nations not unlike what we have been experiencing for several years ourselves now in our current time. We must not forget our past so we do not make the same mistakes again.

Jon H — Google review

Equally entertaining as it is educational. Fantastic displays/exhibits. Enjoyable for both kids & adults. Take the old elevator ride to the top and enjoy the spectacular view of Kansas City!!!

Carey R — Google review

A must-visit in KC. Though I couldn't capture much inside the museum, the experience at the WWI museum was truly exceptional. The museum impressively covers a vast amount of history with a smart layout, and the friendly, knowledgeable staff adds to the visit. Preserving this history is crucial for educating future generations.*The tower stands as the undeniable centerpiece, deserving of a visit all on its own.

Nixon C — Google review

Really beautiful place to go. A lot of great history preserved here, along with beautiful sites of the city. There is a parking lot near the top, along with restrooms inside the museum part (no ticket needed).

Glen M — Google review

The National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City is an absolute gem for history enthusiasts and anyone seeking a profound understanding of World War I. The museum's exhibits are incredibly well-curated, offering a comprehensive and emotionally resonant journey through the war's impact. The architecture and design of the memorial are awe-inspiring, providing a fitting tribute to those who served. The view from the tower is breathtaking, offering a unique perspective of Kansas City. The knowledgeable staff and informative displays make this museum a must-visit. It's a powerful and moving experience that leaves a lasting impression. Don't forget to go to the top!

Waruna T — Google review

I visited on a Saturday for my birthday. It was my first time here and not my last. I can't give a totally honest review because I didn't see it all. We ran out of time, so definitely set aside more than 3 or 4 hours to see it all. But I'm also the kind of person that reads every bit of information, so it probably takes less time if you don't. From what I did see, though, it was an amazing museum. The view from the tower is great and the staff were very nice. The staff also know their stuff they seem to actually enjoy the history of it, so they gave great answers to our questions. This museum was really good. I definitely recommend it if you plan ahead. Definitely don't go like an hour or 2 before they close you wouldn't get to see much and if I remember correctly the tower closes at 4:25 but I could be wrong on that. I loved it, and I will definitely be coming back.

Caleb R — Google review

This place is great. So much great info and a really neat experience. The only world war 1 museum they’ve made!! Charlie is a great guide and full of info so if you run into him, ask him some questions about the war. Hundreds of thousands of amazing artifacts from the war here and really neat and important stories. Only recommended going if you’re interested in the topic tho or you might be bored.

Katie H — Google review

This is a great place to visit if you have the time and are interested in learning more about WWI. I went on a school trip here, and we walked around with a guide. But I also enjoyed the fact that you had the choice to have an audio walkthrough or to just walk through without any guide. There's plenty to see and plenty to do, if you ever have time to stop by I would suggest spending some time here! 5/5

PiperSniper — Google review

The National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City is a must-visit for history enthusiasts, offering a deep dive into World War I's impact through well-curated exhibits and awe-inspiring architecture. The view from the tower provides a unique Kansas City perspective, and the knowledgeable staff enhances the visit. It's a moving experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Josh E — Google review

Excellent experience. Beautiful facility and high quality displays. Curators were wonderful and pointed out areas of interest. You could spend the day reading everything but displays had key notes to help. The tower was a great experience. Definitely a must see!

Amber — Google review

The National World War I museum is a worthy tribute to the War to End All Wars. I was very impressed by the scale, gravity, and vision of this monument. I visited on a beautiful summer day and went up the tower at night; I recommend the tower at night if the weather is nice.There are a lot of stairs, and the museum may not interest children much.

Ben R — Google review

This place is awesome. If you're a history nut like I am, this is a must. If you're looking for places to go in Kansas City this would be one of those places. My endorphins were so high by the time I left here it was Unreal

Shelley R — Google review

What a truly remarkable experience. The WW1 museum was just a perfect day to learn about the men and women who fought and died for our freedoms. The museum does a great job explaining those sacrifices. A must do while in Kansas City

Michael B — Google review

The museum is split up into three parts, the indoor exhibit, the monument itself, and the upstairs exhibit. We started by getting our tickets downstairs inside, then went up to the upstairs exhibit, we went up the monument tower to the top, then went back down and enjoyed the museum. Plan on the entire experience taking a day. It's a very well designed museum, covering the different sides of the conflict, and why each country was involved in this massive and horrible war.

Ian H — Google review

An outstanding experience. Has to be the Best WW1 museum in the USA. Very high quality exhibits. The volunteer staff is amazing and dedicated. Pay the extra $4 for the tower experience, it’s worth it for a great view of Kansas City. If you’re in the KC area, this is a Must see. I highly recommend it.

Mark J — Google review


(7750)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (23)


(5659)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (24)

2 Memorial Dr, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA

(816) 888-8100


The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (25)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (26)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (27)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (28)

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+88 other lists

Art museum


Art gallery

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is a renowned institution in Kansas City, housing an impressive art collection that spans 5,000 years. The museum consists of two large buildings, one designed in neoclassical style and the other with modern architecture. It showcases a variety of artworks from different regions and time periods, including ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Etruscan.

I absolutely love this place. Most of the galleries are free to the public and the exhibits that require a fee are very moderately priced. Nelson has one of the most significant art of Asia exhibits in the United States. In fact, many of the specimens here in the Nelson are shown in my Art of East Asia Art History text book for my BFA. This place has a fun little Egyptian art exhibit with a crusty old mummy which I must say is very well preserved and the display is exquisite. The restaurant has high quality foods at relatively affordable prices. You could spend a whole day here if you wanted. The sculpture yard is a good place to have a picnic on a warmer day and overall I’d just highly recommend you check out the Nelson Atkins.

Harvey F — Google review

Incredible and fantastic! Could not recommend more, 10 out 10. We literally just went to the Louvre and I enjoyed it here more. Not crowded, cool and refreshing air-conditioning. Beautiful artwork, wonderfully displayed. I felt like I got to go to a private section of the Louvre. Had I not gone I would have no idea how nice it was, we went across the world to see the thinker, when you had a copy right here, just a few states away!!! The glass maze was fun. Our son enjoyed the scavenger hunt, he puts on the pin he won on each shirt wears each day.

Rebecca R — Google review

This place is wild! We came for the shuttleco*cks and stayed for the mini golf. Spent a little over 90 minutes here and didn't even step foot in the building, had way too much fun in the sculpture garden. Currently have an instillation where you can mini golf your way through the iconic pieces of the sculpture garden, I think we had more fun as three grown adults than the group of kids next to us. Great way to spend an afternoon and spark discussion about the necessary levels of stuffiness surrounding art.

Alyssa B — Google review

Spent the afternoon at the new Monet exhibit; was even more impressed by the modern/contemporary art. All museum personnel I interacted with were incredibly friendly & gracious. The museum is on the most incredible grounds. I live in Nashville & did not realize there was a world-class museum just across the Mississippi from me!

Blueshi E — Google review

A wonderful museum! It’s free to visit (the special exhibitions on the bottom floor are separate tickets that must be paid for, but are worth it).Plan to spend a whole day here if you want to see most of the exhibits. You will need more than one day to fully experience the whole museum. A must-do in the KC area!

Jaiden S — Google review

This was what made our trip to Kansas City very memorable. The building is classical architecture; the art is top notch, world class. Beautiful! I cannot overstate how gorgeous the entire inside exhibits spaces were, especially the restaurant Rozzelle. Like walking into Rome! Stonewalls, archways, frescoed ceilings, water fountain, columns, and more. This is a must-see. And it free admission...

Marilee G — Google review

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, is a captivating destination for art lovers, featuring a vast collection that spans centuries and cultures. From ancient Egyptian artifacts to contemporary masterpieces, the museum offers a rich exploration of art history. Notably, its inclusion of Indian and Chinese art adds a fascinating dimension, showcasing the diverse artistic traditions of these regions. The museum's striking Bloch Building, alongside its free admission and engaging exhibitions, makes it a must-visit for anyone seeking a cultural experience.

Sai A — Google review

Fantastic museum! The museum was built in the early 1900s, and the architecture inside was so beautiful. They have incorporated pieces into the actual building, and have a wide variety that everyone will enjoy. The cafe was peaceful and beautiful, with decent prices. The grounds surround the museum were great, and the sculpture garden was fun to walk around in.

E — Google review

One of Kansas City's top places to visit! Our biggest museum! Gorgeous inside and out! Never crowded! There is cover parking. The museum is closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Open 10am to 5pm rest of the week. Plan a couple hour visit it is a huge place multiple floors and art inside and out! Different exhibitions and programs check their calendar! Handicap accessibility. You can eat and shop here as well! Great place for a picnics too! Great place for pictures!

Tabi — Google review

This is a truly amazing museum with so much to see both inside and outside. Admission is free but you should still book online prior to your visit. They have a parking garage that is reasonably priced at $14. You should plan on at least 3 hours if you want to walk the entire museum.

Nathan S — Google review

This museum has some of the most stunning architecture you could ever believe. It felt like I was in Europe for a brief moment. The workers were relaxed and kind and there is so much for you to see everywhere! Definitely recommend going out back to see the greenery or sit on a bench near the fountain.

Denedjah P — Google review

A world class museum with exhibits from every era and culture. We spent four hours and could have easily spent 4 more. Free general admission, spotless facilities and a spectacular restaurant along with a gift shop make for a great inside experience. Outside, the lovely grounds and sculpture garden are well worth the stroll.

Cris K — Google review

Great place to visit when in Kansas city. It’s free but if you register online before coming over it’s much easier to sign in. It has a small restaurant so that you can enjoy your food in the museum vibe. Check the working days as they are not open every day. Consider a min 2 hours, better if you can spend more time here.

Golnaz A — Google review

This is a FREE museum! It’s very clean, quite & full of art! It’s huge, so there is plenty to enjoy. They have a wide variety of art on display from classic paintings & ancient Egypt, to modern art & minimalism. Would recommend if you’re looking for something to do on a rainy day. **NOTE: if you bring a backpack they will make you take it off your back when looking at the art & outside food & drinks are not allowed**

Leanna P — Google review

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is a masterpiece of architectural design, seamlessly blending classical and modern elements to create a visually stunning experience. The neoclassical facade, reminiscent of ancient Greek temples, evokes a sense of grandeur and timelessness, while the sleek, contemporary additions add a dynamic contrast, reflecting the museum's commitment to innovation and creativity. Inside, the expansive galleries are bathed in natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors to explore the impressive collection of artworks. The thoughtful layout and spaciousness of the museum allow for unhurried contemplation, enhancing the appreciation of each piece. Overall, the architecture of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art not only serves as a fitting backdrop for its world-class collection but also stands as a work of art in its own right, enriching the cultural landscape of Kansas City.

Katie L — Google review

Had a great afternoon exploring the gallery. The person at the front was very helpful when she learned it was our first time there. She showed us the map, and walked us through the exhibits that are there. It's fascinating to see all of the art and items on display, and even though I'm not very well versed, I found it to be very exciting to see everything. Spent about 2.5 hours there, but easily could have been there longer. My 15 year old son had a great time too.

Ben H — Google review

Better than I ever imagined. We enjoyed every hour of our walk through the museum. There was a lot to see. The history, techniques, and talent were simply amazing. This is a perfect place to go on a hot day. Park in the cool underground parking lot (14.00) and enjoy the perfect indoor climate while enjoying the beautiful art.

Jim B — Google review

Nelson-Atkins Museum is such a hidden gem and probably one of the top museums on the country! The collection is phenomenal, especially the Asian art that’s collected from specific periods that’s hard to obtain. On top of it all, it’s free to visit! Really love the exterior and the shuttleco*cks and the sculpture garden. I’ll recommend spending a whole day here and grabbing lunch at Rozzelle. Use the map to plan out which sections are the most important to you and check them out first before they get crowded and then you can cover the rest. There is also a nice coffee shop in the museum. The staff is nice and helpful. Parking is $14 for the whole day and it’s covered and cool. Make sure to get a reservation beforehand to make entry easy and seamless.

Sam P — Google review

I was really surprised by the museum. I've been to many large museums, and just always assumed Missouri wouldn't have a great one. Was I wrong lol. This place was amazing, there are a lot of great exhibits and works of art to see here. Not only that, you can visit for free! I spent a good 3.5 hours just looking around, I will certainly be coming back and donating.I would like to see more historical items, there seems to be an abundance of paintings, which are nice, but it seems to outweigh the amount of historical objects they have by a lot.

Andy X — Google review

This place is absolutely amazing. It's huge and has 3 floors full of art. Parking in the garage is free for 30 minutes, and $14 after that. Entrance to the museum is free but you need to check in at the desk and get a wrist band. There are so many great things to look at in there, and i feel like you'd need more than 6 hours to really see and appreciate everything. The museum staff is amazing, and everyone seems passionate about their job. I love this place.

Dani D — Google review

One of the most beautiful art museums we’ve ever been to. Lots of variety in new and old sculptures and paintings! The workers were also super friendly with guiding us around and even game us a voucher to visit the temporary exhibits!

Jade — Google review

100% worth the stop whether you have an hour or all day. Easily could spend a day exploring this museum. I wish I had more time and will be coming back to catch more of the exhibits. Excellent help around to point you in the right direction as well.All the exhibits I did get to see were so amazingly presented and had information easily presented along side each piece.

Paden B — Google review

What a magical place for all ages and art lovers of all types and perspectives. Art through the ages presented in thoughtful and engaging ways. Parking is extra if you are not a member, but admission is free. Mostly helpful staff, some are better than others, but overall very helpful. You could spend days there and not see everything. Free coat check is a bonus and a terrific restaurant as well. Can’t wait to go back.

Cami W — Google review

Kansas City · Nelson-Atkins Museum of ArtI heard about the special collection of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art long time ago from books, it has about 35,000 collections. Although the number is much less than well known museums such as the Metopolitan Museum of Art in New York, but there are some top-notch collections in many categories. Although it is located in the central agricultural area, the museum has a unique collection and a broad vision, thanks to the five curators who are good at grasping historical opportunities. The first, third and fifth are experts in Western art history, and the second and fourth are experts in Chinese and Eastern art history. The most important collection of the museum is European and Chinese art, followed by Japanese art. My ability to appreciate art is very limited, so I can only take a quick look and watch the excitement.The scenery outside the museum is beautiful, making it a popular place for portrait and wedding photography. Admission is free, and the collections in the museum are all authentic. It is a bit surprising that it is so generous, especially when I saw many well known art works later, I appreciate the sincerity of the museum. The European section has many great impressionist works by Van Gogh, Monet, Gauguin and others; the Chinese section has many extremely precious stone carvings from the Northern Wei Dynasty and Longmen Grottoes, the last one is the Northern Wei Dynasty's "Queen Worshiping Buddha", which comes from Longmen Grottoes, the folds of the clothes are flowing and exquisite. There are also Yuan blue and white porcelain and Ming and Qing porcelain, which are all priceless treasures; the collection in the Japanese section are also very interesting. After digesting and absorbing outside cultures, the Japanese have taken a different approach to religions and arts. Compared with the elegance of Chinese literati, Japanese art is full of folk customs, and the understanding of music, chess, calligraphy and painting is also quite different.Two and a half hours passed in a flash. I was the last one to get out when the museum closed, and I felt very fulfilled.

Zemin B — Google review

Great museum, I had a lot of fun with my son. I was grateful the entrance fee was free and found free parking nearby.It was a great experience and educational. We went on a Monday (no school) and it wasn’t packed. I took lots of pictures and was amazed how art has changed over the centuries.The flow was somewhat logical although not chronological if you’re not careful. There are paintings, sculptures, and stonework.Be sure to download the app Smartify, since you can take a picture of artwork and it will give additional details as you go around.I’m thankful that there seems to be appropriate seating conveniently placed around if you need to get off your feet.I’ll definitely be back.

Lewis M — Google review

This is a lovely art museum filled with works by many of the greatest European artists, with an especially good collection of romantic and impressionist paintings. I was shocked at how strong the collection was - for instance, I would rank Nelson-Atkins well ahead of the Guggenheim in New York, and entrance is free here. The grounds are gorgeous as well, and the inclusion of the sculpture park makes this a must see for anyone near the area.

Brent M — Google review

The exhibits here are very interesting and educational. We need at least half a day to look at all the exhibits in detail. Though the museum is free, there is a fee of $14 for the parking garage. The first 30 minutes are free. It’s next to impossible to get street parking.

Divya D — Google review

Amazing museum! It's pretty big so you may want to take 2 days, or split it up. The food at the Cafe was WAY better than expected. Highly recommend taking a snack break there.

Lauren L — Google review

Since first visiting back in Spring 2019, some of the exhibits in the Bloch building have changed to keep the museum interesting. The museum had a wide variety of artwork to look at including contemporary, African, Native American, Japanese, Chinese, Southeast Asian, French, German, Old American, and Greek.

Travis T — Google review

Beautiful experience at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Attended Native American cultural festival on Sunday, March 3, 2024. We were able to introduce our 10 year old to the wonderful art collection of the museum. For the festival, there was a shuttle from UMKC to ease crowds. Was a great day! Highly recommend for KC residents and those from out of town.

Debbie B — Google review

It's an absolute blast. I've been here multiple times, and it still amazes me every time. It is definitely worth it to become a member if you want to visit more than once a year. Free parking and an entrance into the exhibit. While you are there, stop in and try the cafe.

Gary F — Google review


(13253)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (32)


(3340)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (33)

4525 Oak St, Kansas City, MO 64111, USA

(816) 751-1278


Fantastic Caverns

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (34)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (35)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (36)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (37)

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Nature & Parks

Gift shop

Fantastic caverns is a vast and beautiful underground cave that was discovered by John Knox in 1862. Today, visitors can enjoy a guided tour in a Jeep-drawn tram through the cave, which is located just northwest of Springfield. The cave has a fragile backdrop of ancient features and only allows for controlled tours through the fascinating underground landscape.

Being disabled on an electric scooter, this place was VERY accessible, & the staff very friendly & helpful. Loved the jeep tour! Nice visitor center with many interesting things to look at. The grounds are well kept and beautifully serene. We were passing by, & couldn't resist stopping in because of the jeep tour since I miss out on caving. Lovely way to pass an HR or 2!

Kim F — Google review

I found this place just by going on Google Maps and looking for things to do in Springfield this past weekend. I'm SO glad I found this location tucked away where it was. I had an absolute blast here! The tour guide was amazing, very knowledgeable and able to answer a very wide margin of questions! The tour lasted about an hour overall, but what you learn and see is worth all the time spent there. The cavern is very warm as well, especially during the months like March here in Missouri. The employees were extremely nice and pleasant to talk to. I loved every moment of being in the cavern. They have a lot of souvenirs that you can purchase and while I was there the majority of the items were 50% off! I would definitely recommend everyone there for a nice guided tour through an amazing cavern!

Jay — Google review

This was a nice activity that did not cost our family of four a hundred dollars. Our son actually could enter for free (5 and under). The tour is pleasant and worth a trip once. Our guide was fun and knowledgeable. Google maps takes you right there otherwise it would be hard to find. It is in the middle of nothing but farm land and limited signage.

John H — Google review

Very interesting cave and the tour guides were great. I wish the experience had been a little longer, and that the signage once we were closer was better.After seeing what felt like hundreds of signs on the interstate, once we were close and trying to get there the signs stopped and we almost didn't go because it felt like we had gotten totally lost -- and then the cave was there.Overall I'm glad we found our way and got to see it as the formations were really interesting and beautiful.

Morgan P — Google review

Such a fun tour—you sit the whole time and they drive you around the caves. They give you science and history, demonstrations about the original discovery and exploration to the secret speak easy during prohibition.There is a trail you can walk down after to enjoy the wooded bluff. Very peaceful!

Lauren M — Google review

Awesome experience for the family. Worth the stop. Had to wait a little after buying the tickets but the visitor’s center has a large gift shop, antiques and other historical artifacts from the caves past on display to entertain you for a bit. The tour is a little over an hour. The tour isn’t rushed. The propane powered Jeep takes stops along its route in the cave to let the tour guide share great insight into the caves history and features. Watch your head as in some parts of the cave you will have to duck. The cave truly is fantastic!

Joel H — Google review

Not a planned stop for us, but by far worth it! They have tours very frequently throughout the day. All the staff was kind, helpful and polite. The tour itself was great, and every guide has their own way of telling the story. It's great to hear a little variation of personal touch, but the base story is still all there. Great tour for kids as well!

Kate W — Google review

Did this tour with my 6yr old son as we were passing through the area. Didn't bring our dogs with us as my mom opted to stay at the campsite with them but thought it was really cool how pet friendly this place is and will allow you to bring them along for the ride. My son and I both really enjoyed the tour and our tour guide. My son talked the whole ride and our guide never once seemed annoyed by his silly questions/comments. The drive going out to the location itself was very scenic and beautiful to top it off. Would definitely recommend this attraction to anyone in the area!

Heidi H — Google review

Such a cool experience and the kids loved it! It is easy to do. Just show up, hop on a tram, and get a great tour of the caverns. It was nice for families because you don't have to herd kids through a cavern that could stress you out more than be a fun event. Rather this tour will give you the experience without any unnecessary stressors.I'd also recommend walking the property by the stream. It was beautiful.

Ryan C — Google review

The most amazing experience ever! This cave tour was so breathtaking. You will learn so much about the cave as well as seeing the most unbelievable rock formations and stalactites on your journey through the dark and mysterious cave. The tour guide was so spectacular and knowledgeable about all the history of the cave. I absolutely loved it.

Jennifer A — Google review

Great time at Fantastic Caverns. Very interesting and informative guide provides detailed history. From ticket booth to jeep easy and convenient. Good for seniors and those with cave phobia as there is no walking. Beautiful grounds. Nice gift shop. Recommended.

Janet B — Google review

I have been trying to get here for over 30 years, now I'm kicking my tail for not making it a priority. I will return & it will be much sooner than 30 years LOL. I'm horrible with names, our lady guide was phenomenal ❣️ It's about an hour excursion, information packed. Absolutely amazingly fantastic experience. Great for all ages. It's cool, 60°s F so dress accordingly, they have warm clothes for sale in the gift shop as well as lots of other goodies. Please remember gratuity 💕

Angela J — Google review

What a FANTASTIC tour! Perfect for families and the older crowd not interested in a walking tour. Our tour guide Darla was great. She took the time to answer all questions even when a youngster asked if she liked her red jeep. It was informative, interesting and fun.

Yoli R — Google review

I love anything outdoors, and visiting Caverns is one of those places I must visit. This was the first time I visited a Cavern that drove into the Cavern in a trailer. Our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. She did an awesome job at explaining and giving details at every point we made a stop. There's also a gift shop inside, and I found some amazing natural products like the ones you see in the photos. I've been collecting artisan soaps along the way. Most of the soaps I've purchased are from local family-owned stores. I have to say the smell and quality are amazing.

Gloricel R — Google review

Definitely stop here if you’re in the area or live in Springfield and haven’t been here yet. Their jeeps drive you through the cave and your tour guide will make several stops to tell you interesting facts. The tour is breathtaking and takes about an hour. George was our guide and was so funny and informative. Wheelchair accessible and a cool gift shop as well. Our two grandsons loved it!

Natalie J — Google review

Call me slow, I won’t mind. But this was my first trip through the Fantastic Caverns. I loved it!I was a little claustrophobic in the beginning as you ride down into the mouth of the cave but the tour guides are great at keeping you informed and distracted.The Fantastic Cavern cave is beautiful and very well preserved. The tour is very informative and comfortable. Tours are hourly, with the last departure happening at 4pm.

Karen D — Google review

Fantastic Caverns is a wonderful little surprise just outside Springfield Missouri. We had a group of eight, four adults, four children, and we were able to get on a tour within 10-20 minutes of arrival. The unique thing about this cave tour was that the whole tour is done from the comfort of a trailer being pulled by a Jeep. This makes it a great choice for young children, elderly or any visitors with mobility issues. Mark, our tour guide, gave us all the pertinent safety info before we headed out. During the tour he stopped and got out at specified stops along the way to give us a little history on the cave, and to show off the magnificent structures inside. This made it easy to get some good photos inside. He delivered the history and stories about the cave with all the wit and humor you expect from a great tour guide. If you are in the area, I recommend stopping in and checking it out.

James M — Google review

Went on a field trip with the kids and had a great time. It is very clean and looks freshly remodeled. The gift shop has some nice merchandise at reasonable prices. The guides were friendly and spoke loud and clear so you could hear them. Everyone had a good time.

Jason S — Google review

This was a really fun experience! A great way to spend the afternoon, walk around the property and amphitheater area, and walk around the inside and gift shop. The tour lasts an hour, and it is perfect temperature inside. Be prepared for a couple drips of cave water on you! Almost everyone in our group got at least one! I absolutely loved our tour guide, a really enthusiastic older man. He explained the history really well, and cracked jokes and very enjoyable. Overall a fun place to visit if you want to spend a few hours learning about an old cave, and seeing some beautiful rock formations!

Maria F — Google review

We had a good time. I'm glad I was able to manage the ride. That being said, I do want to mention a few things for any using walking assistant items. It is a long walk from parking to inside (the first picture just takes you to the line-up going down to the building). There is plenty to see and read about while in-line. Luckily there wasn't a line that day. There is a nice gift shop to look at while waiting for your turn.The one big complaint I have is getting in and out of the restroom. I had a small wheelchair and barely made it in. I couldn't close the door and it was to tight to get the chair turned. While trying to back out I would get hung up on something sticking out from the wall. Thankfully another guest helped me back up to get out.I was able to get on the tram (with some help) and enjoyed the cave. I was shaky by the end and getting off was trickier. It's hard to find attraction you can do when you have limitations. I'm glad this was worth it.

Christina V — Google review

I thought this place was a must see, at least once. It's a informative tour that makes frequent stops to inform you about its history. It's about 60 degrees down there but on a hot day, it felt good. They have a 3 min video down there and they give you a picture of your self at the end.

Julie R — Google review

STILL FANTASTIC! The tour is cheesy, comical, and witty if you get the right tour guide! It was a fun experience for the whole family (kids 13, 2, & 1)!! Would highly recommend. Can not buy tickets in advance!! When you arrive (depending on availability of tour guides) you buy tickets for a time slot and may have to wait till next tour. Gift shop is your usual mass produced items that are marked up more than what they are worth. Overall the experience was great for us! Hope you have a great time too!! Don’t forget to check out the yellow do hicky in the back!!

Amber P — Google review

Decided to stop to see the caverns after years of seeing the billboards along I44. What a great tour. Since we were there in the late evening in spring, we only had 4 of us and a dog on the tour. Our tour guide Joe was knowledgeable and personable. We had a great time. Highly recommend!

Vicki M — Google review

This place is beautiful and peaceful. We learned a great deal about cave formation and the history of this cave. Our tour guide Andy was funny. We had a great time. It is worth stopping for if you are in the area. Souvenir picture included. Price $35 adults. Tour time one hour.

L. S — Google review

Very beautiful formations. I've never been in a cave via a truck-with-trailer ride. Bring an umbrella - it drips in there! It used to house a dance hall/speak easy, and the bar is still there. There's a lot more interesting history that I don't want to spoil. It's a little pricey at $30/person, but I'm glad I went. They're very conservation friendly, so the price was ok.

Ginny W — Google review

Spent $30 per ticket. It was a nice cave to not have to walk. Had it not been for the educational stops, it would not have lasted the hour it did. I was expecting a longer ride, but it is actually kinda short. This should be more like a $20 to $25 ticket. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and had a great personality. The gift shop was nice also. This ride is also dog friendly.

Jenny A — Google review

AMAZING!!! This was a last minute decision today! WOW!! My husband and I loved this tour. Our guide Heather was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and very informative. Such a great stop! $33.91 per person (with tax) and at the end you get a photo! (Typically, photos taken are extra, but here it’s included. Nice surprise) I get cold easily so I took my blanket with me. Grab some popcorn for the ride. It’s tasty! Highly suggest this tour.

John A — Google review

Great tour of cave. This is the only cave tour that will drive thru the entire tour. They stop and explain things along the way. They even give you a photo of you on the tour for free. Great for kids to tour since just ride. The temperature is always cool underground. Very nice building and gift shop.

Danyette H — Google review

Visited the cave on a weekday evening, and there was no wait. The tour guide was knowledgeable and she seemed to genuinely love her job. The experience was unique since you ride through on a tram. However, the tour was short (under an hour) considering the admission cost. There are some tight spaces where you will have to lean forward. You should also consider buying your tickets individually as each ticket comes with a free photograph.

Johnson — Google review

I had not been here since I was a teenager like 20 years plus ago. But soon as I started the tour those memories all came back. Got to share the experience with my children who absolutely loved it. Ages 14 and 6 so that gives an example on how all ages can enjoy these fantastic caverns.Had a great tour guide who was funny and gave history of the caverns without it being like a copy and paste script style tour. He was also very patient with my very talkative 6yr old.My only real like mild issue. Is they do not tell all history of the caverns. This is due to having to be PC and some parts of the history of the caverns are frowned upon. And I am in no way supporting them or anything of the sort. But I'm a firm believer of teaching all of history good and bad so that people hopefully learn from bad decisions made in the past.Other then that loved it.

Ra-V-en — Google review


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(2144)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (39)

4872 N Farm Rd 125, Springfield, MO 65803, USA

(417) 833-2010

I'll never travel to Pigeon Forge without this trip planner again

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40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (40)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (41)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (42)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (43)

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Six Flags St. Louis

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (47)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (48)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (49)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (50)

Theme park

Water & Amusem*nt Parks

Huge amusem*nt park with high-speed coasters, kids' rides & water slides, plus live entertainment.

Love this smaller six flags park for it's unique coaster collection - Boss, Ninja, Screamin Eagle, American Thunder, River King Mine Train, etc. Just has a nice park layout and other guests are all very friendly and didn't mind sharing insights to tips or directions within the park. As a single rider, I got to ride with numerous other people who were all.very friendly. Overall great crowd and a nice park.

John N — Google review

Compared to the other 6 flags I've visited, this one is much lower quality. The employees serving you just look at you waiting for you to speak, then they serve you while continuing to not speak to you. This happened multiple times throughout our experience at the park.All the rides were only running one train, so for a ride thats 3 minutes long it's about 5 minutes to get one wave of people through the ride.Of all the six flags I've visited, this one rests at the bottom of the list, it's not held up to the same standard.

Colton C — Google review

Really enjoyed all the steel coasters. The wooden ones are nice but they are rough, I can't ride them back to back without a break. Reline the tracks with metal tubing. They need to redo the walkway to The Boss coaster. It's ridiculously long with too many stairs.

B W — Google review

I have been to other six flags as well but seen a couple of technical failures here. Riders getting strucked in between rides. Many rides were out of order as well. This is Just the start of the season, I hope they are going to fix this permanently. But Six Flags is awesome 👍

Ashish V — Google review

Finally had a chance to check this place out.. it was awesome! Line waiting was reasonable, food cost was average for theme parks in the Midwest... The atmosphere and esthetics we're all great to me. And the kids well, THEY LOVED IT!!!

Ricky J — Google review

Six flags of Sadness, 1/2 the rides are closed or broken. No water slides, no wave pool, no lazy river. Expected better on Memorial Day… seriously. Not worth the $50 ticket price. We are from Iowa and we’re planning to go to 2 more six flags in Texas. But not anymore. What a waste. And before the owner responds I should say, I am 50 years old and remember this park as a kid an have fond memories. I wish I could hand them down but no we won’t be giving six flags another chance. Sad to see an Another American icon ruined by poor management and greed.

John D — Google review

Ummmm what the actual heck? Why? These prices are outrageous!! Unacceptable and no wonder it was dead on a Saturday in summer. I have enjoyed six flags for over 25 years, and my children enjoy it as well. But shutting down the most enjoyable rides like the thunder river... stop it. Fix it, please. Our future generations would appreciate the decision making adults in this business keep it as classic as it has been for decades.

Kandah T — Google review

A lot of the rides inside both the park and hurricane harbor were closed. The ones that were up and running were a lot of fun though. The food and drinks are pretty pricey but there are some fast food places nearby to choose from. We arrived when it opened, left for lunch then came back until they closed. Despite the amount of rides that were down, my kids (8, 12 and 14) all still had a lot of fun. I’m not a fan of roller coasters or rides in general myself and I still had a good time watching them all have fun.We also took advantage of Hurricane Harbor. A few of the slides were closed which made the lines of the ones that were open very long. 45 mins for a water slide just isn’t worth it to me.

Amanda W — Google review

First day of the new 2024 season. The Rookie racer is awesome my granddaughter was right at the height requirement and she loved it. On a bad note Pandemonium broke down in the middle of a ride so we didn't get to go on it and the Justice League wasn't open.

Do W — Google review

I'm going to brag on your staff! Everyone was super friendly and helpful when I didn't know where to go to activate my season pass! The rides that were open were fun and just what this working mom needed to remind myself why I work so hard. The rides batman, boomerang, and fireball had the most fun people as operators! They really kept the energy upbeat and silly. I wish just once that Mr.freeze would be working when I go as I've been for years and manage to have never seen it up and functioning. The games are challenging but still fun to do even when you miss every shot like me lol. I can't wait to go again and again this season! Thanks for keeping me young at heart and giving my kids the gift of amusem*nt.

French T — Google review

I always get the memberships for my family and pay monthly due to being on a fixed income and the payment plans are very good. I have been going to six flags since I was a little kid and now I take my kids and we always have a blast. Do to staffing issues over the last 2 years only certain rides are open but it's still a blast.

Angel K — Google review

Fun place to let loose and enjoy with family and friends. The food and drink options are pricey but that's any amusem*nt park. Rides were alternated back and forth to what was available to ride, I'm not sure if it was short staffing that caused this. It would be nice to see more water refill options throughout the park though. Great time overall.

JD O — Google review

Six Flags is a must-go on your summer break. The food might be a little overpriced but it has many restaurants near it that you can leave the park at any time and go eat for cheaper. Long lines under the sun so make sure to stay hydrated and to put sunscreen on every two hours or so. Also make sure to arrive early and go to the mr freeze ride first because the wait for that ride is insane so the earlier the better. If you have a flash pass waste it on this ride!! And most importantly have fun, stay safe, and be kind!

Noor I — Google review

Great park. Clean and inviting. New and fun old coasters. Nice layout and organized. Parking is at front gate. We got in fast and hit ride after ride.

Duke E — Google review

Overall this Six Flags is pretty decent. We came on Wednesday during summer and the crowd was not bad at all. The food is overpriced but they do have lots of places to cool off and get out of the heat. There could be a few more bathrooms or signs to bathrooms but otherwise this was a good, safe, fun, experience. We purchased all of our tickets passes and parking online. I do recommend doing that to save money.

Kelli B — Google review

Early in the season, you can tell some kids have never had a job before. All in all great start to Spring 2024! We had fun! We visit the main park and water park about 10 times a year.

Martin T — Google review

Expensive. Kids had an absolute blast. You know when the kid you have doesn't sleep in the car falls asleep on the way home. Wish I has worn different shoes too. Raft ride left my shoes soaked and that never really resolved itself

The S — Google review

I always loved going to this thing park as a kid. Now I get to take my kids to it. The lines are usually really long on the bigger rides, I would recommend getting the flash pass if you can afford the extra money. The Batman and Mr freeze are one of my favorite rides including the log flume also, if you plan on going more than two times for the year I would suggest the season pass, you also get food discounts and merchandise discounts with that and premier parking and also access to the water park. The water park is always really crowded into this hard to get on the slides. Overall a very good theme park.

Kevin S — Google review

Lower tier six-flags park, and with great america being my home park, obviously being better, this is just not even comparable. Just don't go in expecting the smoothest rides, American thunder is pretty good though, comparable to thunderhead at Dollywood.

Colby S — Google review

The rides are amazing but, the everything else is absolutely horrendous. My family attempted to get food and it took an hour and a half in between getting off our ride and getting food. They had multiple restaurants closed even though the app said they were open. There was also multiple advertisem*nts for mobile ordering despite there not being mobile ordering available. We had to run around the park looking for an open restaurant and then 45 minutes in a line despite it only being a couple people long. The employees were incredible slow. And I not only work in food service but I WORK AT A THEME PARK this service was embarrassing to watch. The prices were also outrageous with most things being more expensive than disney world prices They also added a dollar charge on every transaction because...? When we eventually did get our food the portion sizes were extremely small the majority of the food was cold in the fries were burnt and tasted like old oil. We ordered a footlong hot dog when we received it was extremely dry, the bun was not cut so the hot dog wasnt in the bun, the hot dog was nowhere near a foot long it was slightly bigger than a regular hotdog, it was also just low quality with my family all agreeing they would rather have a gas station hotdog. Although the rides are amazing everything else in the park disappoints but actively pisses me off.

Peter P — Google review

Took a look at the weather said it wasn’t going to rain but it did so it wasn’t really fun. Had about an hour to go on rides. The park never really opened up because of the rain. Never got my refund but got an email saying l can stop by and get in for free next time I go back.

Fanta C — Google review

Staff was excellent dealing with a major ticket scanning issue. Bought tickets in August for Fright Fest and all 6 tickets were scanning as invalid. Had to wait in a very long line to speak with guest services who printed out new tickets which in total took up 45 minutes we could have been in the park. Then we had issues getting our fast passes into the Haunted Attractions. Again, tickets scanning as invalid. Every Haunted Attraction took anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to get into because our tickets wouldn't scan so the fast pass was useless. Thankfully we ran into Shaun at Jingle who sped up the process a little bit when we went into Slaughterhouse. I will not bother with a Fast Pass again.

Holly C — Google review

Park was worth the drive and price of admission. Rides were mostly well kept, but they could use some TLC. (Paint, refreshing, ect)The price of food and drink within the park was the real issue. The cost of 30$ got me five20-oz water bottles. Lunch was around 20$ a person, and snacks ran an average of 10$ a person. Highly recommend bringing cash to avoid any card usage fees. Security seemed lack luster at best. Parking lot needs a new coat of top finish, but they did have electric car charging stations. The biggest disappointment of the day was waiting over an hour for the Hall of Justice ride just for it to break down when we were next in line to get on. (Still a far better experience than Universal Studios).

Ski R — Google review

Weather excellent today with very few waits more than 15 minutes which is fast! Great rides and entertainment this year. Get your season passes and come see! Lots of fun for all ages😎 a few water park and a few rides were not open. The fireworks were awesome! Excited both sides and traffic was minimal.

J C — Google review

Really fun overall! The rides were fun, the food was very overpriced though. One slice of cheese pizza was $17.50 while a pepperoni pizza was $18.00

Adriana V — Google review

Plenty of coasters and other rides. They have a kids area with rides for the smaller kids who are not tall enough to ride the bigger rides. Lots of places to grab a bite then back to the rides! There is a decent size arcade. Can’t forget the water park for those hot and humid Summer days! We never leave the park without having a big ol turkey leg and for dessert a funnel cake! And as always, a great place to bring the family!

Randy T — Google review

Had a great time bringing Coca Cola Spice food truck to St. Louis Six flags!!!! Mr. freeze was one of the best rides I’ve ever done and this is my 6th six flags across the U.S.

Anthony P — Google review


St. Charles Historic District

Historical landmark

Sights & Landmarks

Historic Walking Areas

I love visiting this charming, historic part of Saint Charles. The Christmas Traditions event is so enchanting and really puts visitors in the Christmas spirit. The local shops carry such unique gifts and products, some of which are handmade that you won't find elsewhere. The local restaurants, cafés, bakeries, ice cream parlors and coffee shops offer great cuisine and dining experiences, some with relaxing, scenic views along the Mississippi, and the local bars offer lively nightlife. You must visit historic Saint Charles--what a lovely place to visit!

Vipila B — Google review

What a great place to walk around and explore on a nice day. The historic district has many small boutiques and shops housed in old buildings original to the beginning settlement of St. Charles. It is a lovely area.

Logan S — Google review

The setup around Christmas is great. Lights, music and the vibes makes it a great event!!

Rishikesh N — Google review

Went here a few days before Christmas and it was the cutest! Carolers, roasted chestnuts, horse drawn carriage rides. Christmas oozed out of every corner and it was a delight!

Kristyn S — Google review

Old St. Charles is quaint and full of historical charm. The shops range from cute and quirky to artsy and beyond, with something for everyone, and there are many nice dining options along the entire length of the brick-paved streets. Great place for a lazy stroll and a day full of fun along the Missouri River.

Path F — Google review

A good mix of history, shopping and food. Nice flow, but car traffic can be intense at times. It would have a total different feel if there was no auto traffic, because you can't loose yourself in the time period with a late model car going by.....

George S — Google review

Mostly bars and restaurants, little culture or creativity. Definitely not worth more than a 20 minute drive to get here. The street and buildings are cute...but that's it. Lots of towns have that charm but with more to offer.

Evan K — Google review

I absolutely love this area. All the stores are definitely worth the drive. Wear good walking shoes, and check out all the stores. (Gets busy on weekends and good weather.)

Jenny L — Google review

I like to visit St. Charles Historic district and walk on Main street. On this place, a lot of small souvenirs shops could be visited. The unique architecture and atmosphere could be seen from attached photos.

Plamen K — Google review

I love coming here at any time of the year, this place is always thriving with new people and new attractions. I especially love halloween season! Rain or shine they always say and they mean it! Perfect place to go when you just want to get away from everything and take a nice stroll down this beautiful historic district. The riverwalk is even a HUGE plus! Just make sure to pay attention to weather and the river for flooding, but besides that this place is a wonderful area to just go to, to get out of the house. Will ALWAYS recommend!

Emily S — Google review


(116)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (53)


(1399)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (54)

Katy Trail, St Charles, MO 63301, USA


Saint Louis Zoo

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (55)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (56)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (57)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (58)

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Zoos & Aquariums

The Saint Louis Zoo is a world-renowned institution and one of the top zoos in the country. It features animals such as penguins, bears, and elephants, as well as a train ride. Admission is completely free for visitors, but some attractions are ticketed.

What a great time! This was for my sons class field trip. The animals were all out, not hiding in the back. I love that people have to make reservations to be there. I think that helps so it is not so crowded. So much better not walking into people every time you turn around. Was able to get some great pics of the animals. Enjoy!!

Courtney P — Google review

The zoo is free, but the parking is $15.We started our day with a behind the scenes giraffe tour. I posted a tour review under the link for the giraffes.We also watched a mini sea lion show. It was a mini show because they are practicing for the full length shows that will start in a couple of weeks.The zoo is kept clean, and the people who work there seems to really love their jobs. Most of them were very happy to share so much information with us about the animals. Many of the buildings are historical, with a few that were built for the World’s Fair.The exhibits had information for each animal. I appreciate the numerous signs asking patrons to not bother/harass the animals, and a phone number to allow anyone who witnesses concerning behavior to report it.I would love to see most of the animals in bigger enclosures. Even if that meant they had fewer varieties of animals. I did appreciate that most of the exhibits had a wide variety of live plants and trees in them.Our funnel cake was delicious. The gift shop staff was very nice. We loved our visit!

Tammy B — Google review

The most beautiful and fun part of the St. Louis zoo are the gorgeous native wildflowers in bloom! I loved to see interesting pollinators at work. Great idea to start replacing the stinky fuel trains with electric trains. I prefer the train ride connection around the elephant house as opposed to the stinky train rides through dark tunnels. We were expecting to see more sights from the train and we can't recommend the added expense! The penguin and puffin indoor exhibits were a fantastic way to cool off from the heat and sun. They are so amazingly cute! I loved walking through the butterfly enclosure for close encounters with a nice variety of butterflies. The grizzly bears were fascinating to see eating what looked like frozen blocks of food. They showed their intelligence using various strategies to break apart the food blocks. I was deeply sad to witness the tiny enclosure for the polar bear and wish it a happy and free life in a better, more wild place. I hope that it can be given more room to move, swim and be free. 🐻‍❄️ This zoo would get a higher rating from me if it weren't for how upsetting it is to see our cramped polar bear friend trapped and sad.

Melinda G — Google review

What a day! We have been to this zoo over a dozen times, and it never gets boring. The additions for various animals and new habitats make it a fun time. The zoo is all about learning and entertaining for all generations. Whether it's the dinosaurs or the penguins or any other species. It's a good time for all of us.

Anthony F — Google review

As a St Louis resident, the STL zoo is my number one favorite place to hang out in the city.Whether it’s busy or slow, hot & humid or cold & rainy this is always the place I am always drawn too.If you are just visiting the city the zoo needs to be on your list of places to visit.It has 2 entrances and both are easily accessible. It’s free to enter and there is so much to see. Every person who works here is friendly, knowledgeable and works to create a great experience.The facilities are always clean and there are so many vending choices that there is rarely a wait. You can also always bring your own picnic in and eat in the grassy field areas in the middle of the park. It’s a nice quiet space with picnic tables and lots of grass to get away with your group for a bit and eat or just chill for a bit.If it’s super hot or cold you can always count on enjoying the bug house. It’s indoors and it’s wonderful for kids. Then at the end you can walk through the temp controlled butterfly dome which is just amazing.Seriously do not hesitate to visit this place, it’s a true gem of the city.

Day J — Google review

Great zoo. We were traveling through the area and stayed an extra day based on the recommendation of friends. We were not disappointed in the least. We spent the day there with our 3-year old and had a great time. The zoo has a great layout and is very clean. Staff was also very helpful and friendly.

Bill M — Google review

This is an incredible zoo! I mean just wow. It’s so thoughtfully laid out and beautiful. I live in Kansas City and frequently visit the zoo there and although the St Louis zoo is smaller in size it somehow feels bigger. Very well planned out and maintained. The dinosaur area was a huge hit for our 3 year old and a pleasant surprise as we didn’t know about it before, definitely worth the little extra money. Will absolutely visit again.

Brett S — Google review

I love the St. Louis Zoo! It’s really the perfect size where you can see everything in one visit but there is still a lot to see. The Penguin exhibit is one of the nicest I’ve ever see and definitely my favorite of the exhibits and it was the only place besides food vendors and gift shops that we ever ran into lines even when there tickets were sold out. If you’re going during busy times- weekends, holidays, spring break, summer break I’d definitely recommend making reservations ahead of time. It also took us about 45 minutes to park on a nice day so keep that in mind parking when you’re planning your day at the zoo.

Amanda M — Google review

Beautiful zoo! And it is free! They charge for a few of the attractions but they are geared more for smaller kids (Dino, train, petting stingray.) The bird house was one of my favorite exhibits. We also loved the penguin exhibit and how close we were able to get to them. It felt like we entered their habitat, but without disturbing them. Oh, and the Grizzlies! Really, a great zoo.

M D — Google review

This is one of the best zoo in the US. This place is huge. It’s FREE. Only charge $15/ vehicle for parking. It’s a lot better than Washington DC Smithsonian zoo. Each habitat was well maintained. Animals were healthy and happy. Be sure to bring good walking shoes. We spent about 3.5 hours here. And walked about 4 miles. We wanted to see all of them. And for us the highlight was definitely penguins exhibit. We got to see them so close. This is by far my favorite zoo.

Wind N — Google review

Fantastic zoo!!! If you plan on seeing the whole thing, I would highly suggest planning for a whole day there as the zoo is huge!!! The dinosaurs are worth the money, super cool, and the kids loved it! The train is nice but you're not allowed to bring any stroller on which can be difficult when you have small children. This zoo is so much fun, and is great exercise!

Savanna S — Google review

Amazing! If you love penguins, you have to go to this zoo. It's free to visit, but $15 to park. For $8, you can get a wristband to ride the train all day long. It is great for traveling between sections of the zoo, especially on a hot day.

Nikki S — Google review

Free zoo! Visited on Labor Day weekend (Saturday at 11 AM). It took a long time to get parking and it was hard to find spots (there is a fee to park). A lot of people parked across the bridge and walked.It was very hot out so many of the animals were sleeping. We were able to bring in reusable water bottles and a few snacks.The butterfly room is really special. I would recommend going early in the morning.

Gwenevere M — Google review

What can I say. You can't beat free. But for real this zoo was amazing. I wish I had more time to visit all the exhibits. The park was clean and wasn't overcrowded when I went. They have a huge selection of animals to look at. Plenty of spots to sit down and eat and of course gift shops . I'll definitely want to come back if I visit Saint Louis again. It's a great spot for family trip.

Jonathan D — Google review

This is a beautiful zoo located in Forrest Park! It was very clean and had wide, accessible paths. Staff were very friendly and accommodating. We went on a Monday at opening. It is free to get in and view your favorite animals!! I would check the website for the things that cost money. There is a mini train that encircles the property that does have a fee, for instance. Parking at the site is $15. My husband and I parked at a free lot, near the art museum, that was a 5 minute walk away! Loved this place!

Amanda C — Google review

We loved going to the Zoo! Growing up in San Diego we always loved the San Diego Zoo so it was a fun experience and see another large Zoo. Free admission is amazing! Buying the additional attractions is a fun plus for those who want a few extra things to do. The wrist bands made it easy to walk into the extra attractions without having to keep track of tickets. It was clean and well kept. If you are a member of the Zoo the attraction tickets are 50% off. If you are a member of any local Zoo they will honor the 50% off as long as you show the active membership. I didn't know that until I walked up to the window to purchase our tickets, so that was a bonus! We went during the Halloween season and the decorations were awesome! We ate lunch at the Lakeside Cafe. The lines looked long but they were pumping food out quickly. The standard kid friendly options are available and some adult options as well. They did offer alcohol, limited selection but it was offered at a reasonable price actually. The food wasn't crazy priced either, but what you would expect from any fast food place in 2023. Getting around was easy even when it got congested with people. It was a cooler day when we went so the animals were active and out playing. Overall it was a great experience all day and we will definitely make our way back to spend more time looking at all the animals.

Natalie C — Google review

This is a beautiful zoo! The vibrant metal art really bring a happy vibe throughout as you're walking through the grounds. It was pleasant surprise and to enter is free! I would definitely recommend this Zoo. I think due to the time of year (late March) much of the food places were closed - but there were tons of options! Parking close is $20 but there is also a lot of street parking if you don't mind walking a little. I look forward to visiting again!

B N — Google review

This zoo was really good. We had some of the best animal experiences we have ever had with the penguins and polar bear. We went on a weekday and the weather was cold. It was not busy and the animals were active. We would happily return or recommend to others.

Douglas H — Google review

Nice zoo. Wasn’t crowded at all. Very hot out would recommend bringing personal fan or coming on a cool day. Gift shop items were reasonably priced. Also if you choose to touch the sting rays be aware of the fact that there Is no soap to wash your hands with. Everything was good except for the fact that you still need to pay for refills with the souvenir cup otherwise great experience.

Kyliebella — Google review

This free zoo is such a gem. I absolutely love the penguin exhibit. It's cold! There's also a very cool area for children to play and have up close views of animals along the Primate Canopy Trail. There's free street parking or paid lots.

Bonnie R — Google review

Loved our time there! Even though a lot of the animals were MIA this time of year and it was under 40 degrees out, but the ones that were out and about were so fun to watch. Parking was $15, but free admission! That’s amazing that such an awesome zoo is free to the public.

Mel P — Google review

What a great zoo! It was truly a beautiful set up and maintained zoo with plenty to do! The admission was free for the entire family which is a huge plus, and there are a few paid attractions in the zoo which were worth the money, but entirely optional. The food was tasty and prices fairly. The animals looked to be well taken care of and had nice big enclosures. The zoo was huge and had much more to do and see than we were expecting coming from a smaller city with a much smaller zoo. Spent 4 hours here and honestly could have spent even more time to see and do everything. If you enjoy zoos at all this is absolutely a must visit if you're in the area!

Adam T — Google review

We’re from Las Vegas and absolutely LOVE this zoo! It’s FREE ADMISSION and placed in a gorgeous park setting. Food is great, employees are always super nice, and the zoo is large! Lots of wonderful animals to see. If you’re in the area, it’s a MUST visit attraction❤️

Gigi O — Google review

Keeping in mind that I have only been to this zoo... I can never get enough! We are annual zoo members to the St. Louis zoo, we enjoy supporting their various conservation efforts, as well as their animal variety. We, as a zoo family, have watched many of their enhabitants grow from babies alongside our own growing family. They have a lot to experience and have many "pay to experience" options as well such as stingrays and giraffe feedings. We love that our annual zoo sippers can be reused year after year, so everyone has their own favorite color and animal. Their parking is reasonable for a family or large group, but they offer free nearby lots as well. They have many accessibility options like wheelchairs, scooters, strollers, and sensory kits, making it fun for the whole family! They have a ton of food options and misting fans to cool off in the hot summers. If you haven't been, I recommend going at least once to see all that the zoo offers.

Ariel C — Google review

This is a high quality free zoo. I was surprised with how good it actually was. Staff seemed knowledgeable and although it was busy on my visit-lines went by quickly. Parking at the official zoo parking lot cost $15 but I would rather pay that then drive around forever trying to find a place. I always wish animals had more space at every zoo- but I think the upkeep of this zoo surpasses many others I've seen. Great place to pass an hour or two.

Lexie M — Google review

We love the St Louis Zoo for many reasons. Most recently, we visited for event called Animals Aglow. The animals, of course, are the best part. The atmosphere is always wonderful. They have some great events the whole family can enjoy, such as Boo at the Zoo and Christmas lights. Last but not least, the admission to enter the Zoo is free.

Dale D — Google review

The St Louis Zoo is one of the best zoos that you will ever visit. It it free to get into the zoo. You can pay for parking, or you can park for free on the street or museum parking lots. The animals are so well taken care of, the enclosures are always clean and you can tell that a lot of work gets put into them. You can bring food or buy food there. The zoovenir cups are a great deal. It's under $2 per refill, any time you come back. The animals are pretty much always easy to see. The kids always have such a great time. I HIGHLY recommend a visit or 3 to this zoo. After you're done, take the path near the south entrance, across the highway and visit Turtle Park. It's very unique and super cute.

Alli D — Google review

I wish I had more time to spend here when we went! First off, its free!! Can't beat free! There are so many amazing exhibits and works of art featured here. My family had a great time venturing around and checking out all the animal enclosures. Will definetly be making this a regular place to visit when in St Louis!

Jayme B — Google review

What a great experience! There were some animals not out yet, due to the temps, but overall it was fantastic! Definitely recommend this Zoo! The sea lion show was fun and my kids loved it! After 5 hours, we still hadn't seen it all. We will definitely return to finish seeing all the animals.

Joshua D — Google review

Beautiful zoo. Lots of amazing animals that all look very well taken care of. Had a wonderful time here. Also very nice that it is free so you can come visit even if you're on a budget

Conner A — Google review

FREE ZOO! Thanks to a local tax that supports museums the St. Louis Zoo charges no admission fee. I've visited since a child but it's been a while.Some of the same charm remains with upgrades added. Plan on walking a bit.You can ride a train(about $15) which will take you to the different sections of the zoo exhibits. The train has a wheel chair access car. Pictures are just not good enough. This zoo is worth the visit.Parking is $20. Some parking spaces available on the streets with an added walk.

Keith B — Google review

Beautiful zoo! Lots of animals, inside and outside. Great layout, many volunteers able and willing to guide. Many interactive exhibits for the kids. Fantastic way to spend a day.

Raphael V — Google review

Amazing zoo, the best part was how the animals were active all through and the ample space that they were allocated. It was a real treat to see cheetah, tiger, rhino, elephants, etc. The zoo is big and beautifully maintained. The metal sculptures throughout the zoo added to its beauty. The zoo is free to visit but one needs to pay for parking. Free parking is available on streets, but you would need to walk for about 10 mins. It's worth visiting again :-)

Rajesh B — Google review

We have been to many zoos.. San Francisco, Sydney Aus, Phoenix, San Diego...All are good. However, there is something special about STL.Perhaps like Forrest Park being established for 1904 worlds fair gives it charm. The constant updating really shows.Highly recommend a visit. Wander around the grounds on a nice spring day. Charming. I grew up coming to this zoo, and it is amazing.Plus, there is no admission charge.Check out some pics below. There is not enough space for all we have.

HeartzinAZ — Google review

We went on Good Friday the last time we visited, so it was packed. When it's not as packed it is even more enjoyable. The animals are well taken care of and the zoo is clean! And free entry is so nice.

Carrie — Google review

Always an amazing time at the zoo. They were all out and about during this trip. It was even feeding time for some of the big cats. The penguins were even more social than usual here. On a nice day with nothing really to do, the Zoo is always a great choice.

Mike B — Google review


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City Museum

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Performing arts group

The City Museum of St. Louis is an impressive performing arts center made entirely out of found objects. It provides a fun and frivolous setting for artists to exhibit their work, while also being a serious architectural and artistic project.

This place is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! If you get a chance, go! Doesn't matter if you have kids or not. The art is wonderful and the kids had an absolute blast! So much to see and do. My kids and I spent 4 hours here and I feel like we barely scraped the surface. The cave system is awesome. And all the slides take it to the next level!

Heather M — Google review

Amazing place for everyone. Toddlers to bigger kids to teenagers and adults. You could spend hours here and keep finding amazing things. The food isn't crazy experience either so you can spend the day here. They were super great with our large group over the weekend. We had about 90 people in our group and they were super accommodating and there were no issues.

Jess F — Google review

This is the most amazing museum we've seen. It is a total immersive experience that bring you from one world to another completely different world. It has an aquarium, and many indoor and outdoor playground, plus an open rooftop. It is literally a playground for both kids and adults. What are you like to climb and crawl, or just walk without any strenuous moves, there is always a path to explore all the hidden gems in this museum in ways that you are comfortable. And it has so many spaces and so many ways to see things that you can spend days getting lost in these world. And even if you come back again and again, the experience can still be completely different. We highly recommend this as a must visit if you ever come to St. Louis.

Michael P — Google review

City Museum is one of the hardest places on earth to describe. It’s fun for kids and adults alike to explore this massive building with all sorts of oddities, places to crawl and explore, and climb. You might be crawling through narrow spaces on your hands and knees or suddenly exploring caves. They have an outdoor area with massive metal structures to climb as well as a unique rooftop area (open seasonally during the warm months) with things that you must see to believe.I highly recommend getting knee pads for just about anyone who is going to explore anything here. You have to explore and play at your own risk and be cautious. If you do have kids with you, it will be easy to lose them as some slides go between floors and it may not be quick or easy to catch up.The space is well maintained and the staff is generally very friendly and helpful when needed. There are snacks available on the second floor and there’s a bar on the third floor. They have lockers available to rent and it’s worth it to have a place to stash items since you will work up a sweat and it may be easy to lose valuables.This is one of the most unique places I’ve ever been to and something that I’d consider a must visit attraction for anyone coming to Saint Louis for the first time. Don’t skip this and take your time exploring since there’s a lot to see.

David K — Google review

Such a cool place to check out! I went in with no idea what to expect and came out in awe. So many different cool things to look at and stuff to climb on. Definitely a cool place to bring kids but a lot of fun to do as an adult as well!

Malachi K — Google review

I truly love this place. If you go to St. LOUIS, the City Museum is a must-see/do! Since college, I've enjoyed exploring this multi-story playground filled with amazing works of art and pieces of St. Louis. I had the privilege of bringing my kids for the first time and they had a blast.

Angie G — Google review

You have got to take your children here! I visited as the parent of adult children. I wish I had taken my kids here. This place is amazing. Be sure to give your kids a quiet break every once in a while because it’s really overwhelming for little ones. The employees are polite and thoughtful and knowledgeable. There’s something for everybody here to see or enjoy. The views from the rooftop are nice. The young man running the Ferris wheel day I visited was very entertaining and really seemed to enjoy his job. I wish someone would check on the antique cabinets because items are falling off the front of the shelves. I’m looking forward to returning

A. — Google review

Such a cool concept. A beautiful and strange interactive experience that was just as much fun for me as it was for the kids. Only thing that prevented this from being five stars was the rooftop closed during our visit, after we had bought tickets for it, due to heat/lack of staffing before we got up there and they do not offer refunds, only rain checks. Since we aren't from the area (and I'm sure a large number of other visitors are not local) there's no way we'd have been able to come back.

Sara S — Google review

What an absolutely awesome experience for kids and adults! You have to be fairly nimble but there's fun to be had from all. Even just walking through and checking things out is pretty neat. One of our favorite Parts was the seven story slide, it was really fast and an absolute blast! Parking was easy and a good time was had by all. The only negative that I can really think of is St Louis is not nearly as nice overall as many big cities I've been to but, of course, this has nothing to do with the quality of the museum.

Matt D — Google review

Love this place! The most extreme climb is definitely on the rooftop. If you’re coming for a single day then just get the roof pass and do it. Such a fun place to spend hours, always something new, food, everything to stay entertained.

Adam K — Google review

This has got to be one of the most unique places I have ever been. Literally everywhere you look is a place to climb or slide. A lot of this place is mosaic tile that is absolutely beautiful. We spent around 3 hours here and didn't get to see the whole thing because of how massive this place is. We have a 3 year old that would not sit still, he had to see and explore everything. There are endless thing for kids to do here. Unfortunately we were not able to get on the roof because of weather, but we still had an amazing time. Id recommend this place if you have kids and want to see something like you've never seen before. I cannot say enough about this place and how much fun we had, we will definitely be back!

Jason J — Google review

If Mad Max had a Kids Palace this would be the destination!! What an adventure. So much climbing and birth canals secret tunnels!! make me wish I had knee pads and a headlamp. There is so much to climb!! Then Slide! It’s one big cavernous Jungle gym! Your inner child will be revealed and there is even an old school pinball section.We didn’t get a chance to see all the outdoor activities like the Ferris wheel school bus etc… because it was winter;(

RayView — Google review

Amazing experience for kids! Tons of activities and experiences for all ages. It was a little nerve wracking to let my 3 year old go into the tunnels not knowing where they end up. But since he was with family I let go a little. I highly recommend bringing headlamps for the kids (great job by their Grandma). Also make sure to write your phone number on the wristbands. Our kids got a little lost and went to the info desk and they called us right away. Lots of food and drinks on every level. I wish there were as many coffee options as there was alcohol on every level. We didn't get to explore the roof activities due to the weather. Definitely worth the money for a day's worth of fun!

Alexandria T — Google review

The City Museum is unique in the way that it feels like intentional chaos. It’s almost like an interactive art museum. The playgrounds/ climbing/sliding structures are very unique. Most of them go from one floor to another (I think there were a few that went between three floors). The day that we went the museum was packed and with the play structures being so big and behind walls and going floor to floor, it was extremely stressful trying to keep up with the children with our group. If you are expecting an organized, learning environment for kids, this is not it. This isn’t the kind of museum that has different learning stations, everything just randomly turns into something else. You go from a winding metal structure for kids to climb on to a wall of antiques with no explanation. The one real station I saw amidst the chaos was a toddler area where some big kids had taken over and there were no workers to be seen. We were there for several hours and I only ever saw one worker. There’s no one there to help parents FIND their kids when their kids go down a slide when the sign says it ends on one floor but actually ends on another. There were also several things that stood out as red flags to us as being safety concerns/ not up to code.Maybe it’s not always as busy as it was the day that we went but it was stressful as the parents trying to keep up with kids that go up a set of stairs that go behind a wall and it takes you 5 minutes to find where it comes out.I will say that the food from the restaurant we ate at was good. (Alcohol available- and after spending time in that museum- I can see why.) 😅The gift shop souvenirs were about as random as the museum which was kind of funny. My aunt and I joked that the t-shirts in the gift shop should say “I survived the City Museum with all my kids.”

Hannah T — Google review

The most redeeming quality of this place is all of the stuff that has been kept out of a landfill. Props to the artists who’ve created a fun place to explore.My 80s kid at heart did appreciate that there was a lot of space for free play, climbing, exploring.But… There were WAY too many people in the facility. My husband commented that this may have been where Covid originated. I understand that they are making $20-30 per person, so packing them in makes more money. But limiting the number of people would increase the quality of the experience so much more.Gift shop idea- sell headphones or ear plugs!!!It felt like half of the facility was food places, gift shops, and kiosks where you can spend more money.There appears to be plenty of space in the building that isn’t being used. I’d consider visiting again if they open up new spaces to explore. Otherwise, I most likely won’t return.

Tammy B — Google review

This place is so special! It's unlike any other attraction you've ever been to. There is just so much to see and explore, I feel like you can keep going again and again and you'll find something new every time. it's great for all ages - we were a huge group from ages 2-13 plus adults and everyone had the best time. The ONLY thing I will tell you is all the nooks and crannies make it super easy to get lost so you do have to keep a very careful eye on your kids, including knowing where they are going to end up when they go down a slide. But it is absolutely worth the extra effort. We love this weird wacky wonderful museum!

Rachel S — Google review

Whoever said this place isn't for adults must be old or boring!! 2 adults in their 30s had a wildly fun time for nearly 5hours! The roof is underwhelming, you don't need to pay more for it. But the inside (and outside) are a blast. Be sure to find the 10story slide (it's kinda hidden in what feels like a boiler room). The circus was cute, and the aquarium had some interesting fish. My only comment is that the seahorse has a sign about how they mate for life and dance with their partner twice a day... but there's only 1 seahorse! I really wish they would adopt another one because that's heart breaking. Oh and your knees will be sore after climbing all of the steel tubes!

Bollens — Google review

My son had a good time. He is 10. He definitely saw it is a cool adventure. If there was a way to ensure he couldn't be taken or hurt without my knowledge, I could have let him run free a little more but I felt like I'd lose him if he got out of my sight because this place goes on and on! Lol. So I was overprotective and followed him around. Every thing was really cool. Unfortunately after walking thousands of steps to reach the top they said you can't slide with a small bag. I had to bring my bag to be able to pay for our way in, etc. So that was unfortunate after walking so many stair cases. Maybe a sign at the bottom saying no bags allowed? 🤔 it was hot, but overall the place is very cool and very fun for a kid to explore. We may come back some day and try again when he's older.

Meredith S — Google review

So much fun. And so big. You can explore for 8 hours straight and not see it all. There's so many little surprises and nooks and crannies. A great place for kids to go and get some of their energy out.The halloween decorations are a nice touch and makes for a spooky good time.

Derek W — Google review

This place is incredible. It's nonsensical. I don't understand any of the why or how. It's like Dr. Seuss came back from the dead and took up welding.It's incredible fun no matter your age. There's stuff you can climb on. There's stuff you can climb through. There's places you won't fit. You'll probably get lost. Your kids will get lost. You'll leave with a different set of kids than what you started with. It all somehow works out in the end.There's not much to say other than bring some knee pads and have fun in this gem of a place. This place is the best thing St. Louis has to offer.

Greg E — Google review

First off this place is extraordinary, it is fun even for a 16 to 30-year-old, I wasn't expecting to see a grown adult have fun inside the caves and all the places you can crawl. It's a place where you can learn and have fun at the same time. I would recommend it for any age. The only thing I recommend for families with kids is that SUPERVISE YOUR KIDS, and know where they are at all times, YOUR KIDS CAN GET LOST IN THERE.

Malakh C — Google review

Whether you buy your tickets in advance, you pay a convenience fee which is $2 a ticket or you can buy it at the window. Wait a little bit and pay a little extra which evens out to what you would pay online. Kids absolutely loved it. I just set them free and let them go explore. We spent 4 hours and we left the museum to eat lunch and then we were able to come back in and play some more. There are bathrooms on every floor, and food vendors as well. They had a variety of food to choose from around $10 and up. We Chose to have a picnic in the parking lot, Beside our vehicle. Parking was $15 for the day.

Rachael E — Google review

Great museum with a variety of displays, bars, and restaurants through its several floors. Most of the museum is climbing stairs, tunnels and caves. There are more slides than I could count and some decent several floors.This place is ideal for active children and is less ideal for older or sedentary individuals.There was a live performance tasty was interesting. Solo circus.

Will O — Google review

This place is an amazing place to visit. We didn't get to do much of the outdoor equipment, so try to plan to come on a nice day. If you want to do everything you better plan a day for this. It's massive inside!Kids of all ages are welcome here.... And I stress ALL ages. Even the grown up kids, that have their own kids. Just plan to run and climb all over the place. Adults can climb most everything without an issue. There are narrow areas, but fairly easy to squeeze through. It's a good time!

Bryan H — Google review

There is so much to see and enjoy at this place. It really was so crowded that it made it difficult to enjoy. I was lucky to be able to sit down for the circus. It was enjoyable. It's fairly easy to lose your child in the tunnels because I really have no idea where they end up or come out. If you don't follow your child into one of the many random holes.. then be prepared to spend most of your time searching for them instead of actually enjoying your time there. We got to enjoy one of the slides that were outside. Honestly, I haven't been down a slide in probably over a decade.. until today. It was exhilarating! I wish i could have been a lot more in shape, 10 years younger, and here without kids.. and probably with a max of 100 people there.. then it would have been Amazing! Also face painting $17 come on? The only thing we ended up buying in there was a Maple the dog plushie from the circus, and that goes to a good cause, so it was well worth it! This place is also Very warm.. so dress light.. but not so light that you stick and squeak all the way down the slide.

Catherine M — Google review

I used to come here when I was a little kid. I remember it being one of the craziest but most awesome places I had ever been to. Now that I’ve visited it as an adult I have to say that little kid me was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! I have never in my life been through a more endless and fascinating place like the museum’s cave system. It can be a tight squeeze sometimes, but the sheer wonder of it all makes it worth it! You see one little crack in the wall, something you wouldn’t normally ever consider a pathway, but when you peek in you realize it’s a tunnel that leads deep into the walls and high above. There are a million endless routes, all of which bring you to one awesome lookout or another. I HIGHLY recommend you bring your kids here, even teenagers and adults can get a kick out of the place, you just have to be willing to explore a little! (Although if you are claustrophobic or have a fear of the dark, this place’s tunnels are NOT for you!) the outdoor metal structures are also loads of fun to climb and get a good view of the museum, so I would suggest visiting on a day with good weather! Although, I will warn that you may want to bring a packet of antibacterial wipes, as you’re going to be on your hands and knees touching and squeezing through all sorts of stuff that a million people have touched before you, so even the non-germaphobes might want something to clean up with!

Not M — Google review

A haven for artists….which is both good and bad. Good, because it’s a very creative, interesting space. Not so good because they apparently don’t apply common business principles. For example, it took 35 minutes to park. Why? One entrance, and one person taking $$. The wait to get in was another 40 minutes. Never mind that we bought out tickets online; that does not matter until you get into the lobby. Once inside, the long lines continue: for the restrooms, the slides, and best of all, for food. I was the fourth customer in line at Beatnik Bob’s and waited 30 minutes to order and receive my food. They had 3 people working in the restaurant. I actually felt bad for them. See my photo for context; it was taken immediately after getting my order. Finally, I find their security protocols completely lacking for such a large space. No metal detectors, no bag checks, no visible security officers. There were cameras, but it sure seems like you can bring in what you want, and I’m not ok with that. (Though I wish I would have brought in some snacks.)

Marc L — Google review

Absolutely perfect. I loved every bit (except the architecture and bug rooms). One of the first things we did was go to the circus harmony show. The cast did a amazing job. My favorite part was the aquarium. Didn't order food but the restaurants smelt awesome. The tunnels around the building have quite a few tight squeezes. Perfect place for children with tons of playspace.

Kriz S — Google review

Sooo much fun! Our kids had the best time and want to go back as soon as possible. It's a little intimidating at first since your kids essentially just disappear into this massive maze of tunnels and slides and crawl spaces. Once we were able to get over that fact and join in the fun with the kids, we couldn't get enough. We spent the whole day exploring the space and probably could have spent another day or two easily. They also have a small selection of lizards and fish in the museum - including "Dr. Fish" that eat the dead skin off your hands. Really weird, but also a unique experience!

Ryan S — Google review

We brought knee pads the second time and this was our second time much better with knee pads.Still love this place!Finally got tickets to the roof this time. Absolutely incredible place! Can't wait to see what else they add in the years to come.Absolutely love some of the repurposing they've done with the old pieces of equipment and etc.

Muttytruckster — Google review

The City Museum is an experience different from all else. I found it similar to The House on The Rock and Meow Wolf in the way that it is so crazy to behold. The size of this place is amazing, and every inch is packed with activities, art, and the main attraction, tunnels. Everywhere you look, you see a metal tunnel, or a hole into the wall, or a massive tree with metal surrounding it, just waiting to be climbed. Although some tunnels are a bit of a squeeze, there are almost always multiple ways to get to any given place. Both adults and children were exploring, climbing, and being active in this marvelous place. We spent 8 hours exploring and I'm sure we still didn't see everything. There are almost no words for this place, and I would recommend this place with the absolute best of my ability. Keep in mind that I didn't even mention all of this amazing place, there are so many activities and hidden crannies.

Hazel Z — Google review

It was very busy. (forgot about the existence of spring break) lol! I love the creativity and trade skills on display to create such amazing pieces and the fact you can touch and interact is a dream for me. I loved being able to touch the designs and feel the work. You definitely need knee pads if playing in the caves! My inner child was so happy here, to feel pieces of time and the re-purpose of them into new yet respectful ways to inspire new generations. ❤❤❤

Lynn K — Google review

Not adult friendly for sure. You can only enjoy it with kids and even then, I wouldn’t bring my child there. Some parts are definitely dangerous. There were barely warning signs or instructions anywhere even though there were clear safety hazards. Some areas were pretty disgusting too. If you’re walking around and not touching anything, some parts were cool to look at. My friend had a good laugh when I hit my head on one of the slides so that was fun! I would definitely not recommend it as a St Louis must. And definitely not worth the price.

Mia M — Google review


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750 N 16th St, St. Louis, MO 63103, USA

(314) 231-2489


The Gateway Arch

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (72)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (73)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (74)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (75)

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Sights & Landmarks

The Gateway Arch is an iconic monument in St. Louis, Mo., commemorating the exploration and settlement of the American West. The arch was built in the early 60s and is a massive 630-foot-tall structure topped with a striking metal entrance facade. The top of the arch offers stunning views of both the city below and the surrounding countryside, making it an excellent tourist destination for those visiting St. Louis with children. The Drury Plaza Hotel St.

Super cool experience! The pods in the tram are tiny but we got to ride in one ourselves, so nice to not have to sit in one with strangers. The door is glass which is awesome as you can view what the inside of the Arch looks like on your ride up and down. 4 min up, 3 min down. Husband is claustrophobic but was OK on the ride! Time at the top is short but plenty of time to take pictures of just look and enjoy the view. Our group was only about 11 people total so not crowded at the windows at all. The museum is interesting with lots to read. Cafe was expensive but food was OK. Tour guide for the tram was upbeat and friendly. The Arch was definitely the highlight to our trip to St.Louis! And the small state park surrounding the structure was nice as well.

Nicole P — Google review

It's cool to see. I don't know that I'd need to do it more than once. Buy tickets in advance. You can also check the website around 900a and see if they are any available tickets. I checked and got a ticket for the same day. You have to go through security as it's a national landmark. They have a museum area after that and other setups to learn about the arch and its history, there is a gift shop and cafe inside. Line up at your time... there aren't many people lining up until about 4-5 min prior to the scheduled time. You stand in line for a while before you get to go back. There really isn't a benefit because you get assigned a group 1 through 9. You sit with your group in the pod up and down...maximum of 5 people

Emily A — Google review

Great place to visit! Lines all ran smoothly and it was an orderly transition from the check-in to the top and back down. Some unique history all the way from out greeting to a little movie to the facts projected on the doors that let you on to the tram. 4 minutes up and 3 minutes down. Yes, the tram is small but you can see the inside of the arch via the window/doors on the side. They allot the group 9 minutes at the top which is more than enough time to get some great photos. I’d recommend the movie on the building of the arch as it helped to make sense out of the architecture and the construction. The museums in the area were also very informative. Highly recommended.

Bryan B — Google review

This was an awesome experience. I’ve visited the museum before but was finally able to ride to the top today. The trams are claustrophobic though so if you have issues with that then this might not be for you. If you can do it however, it is so worth it. On a clear day, the views are incredible! As someone with sensitive ears, they did feel a little uncomfortable during the ride up and back down. You only have 10 minutes at the top so you should promptly start taking your pictures and what not upon getting off of the tram. Be sure to check out the museum and gift shop as well!

Christian S — Google review

I had never really wanted to visit the Arch but I thought I'd give it a go and I was pleasantly surprised. A beautiful museum to see before you have to purchase anything at all. Definitely go to the top of the arch. Amazing views. And if you get there at noon you can see the shadow perfect between the two legs of the Arch!!!

Oliver S — Google review

Wonderful experience! It was cool driving through town and seeing the arch get bigger and bigger as we got closer. Then to be standing under it was amazing. The view from the top and museum were fabulous. The tram ride was faster than expected. We’ll worth the time and Money!

Bonnie D — Google review

We had the chance to visit a couple of times. It has an incredibly beautiful atmosphere. It looks so beautiful from the outside. It makes me happy every time I see it. The museum is incredibly beautiful. There is a very beautiful narration. Everything is simple and technological. The main problem here is going upstairs. It's incredibly claustrophobic. Unfortunately, you can't find a satisfying window when you go upstairs.

Mehmet Y — Google review

Worth doing it to check the box, but not sure I’d feel the need to do it twice. The whole thing is about $15+ per person to take the tram (a claustrophobic Ferris wheel ride staring at concrete) up to a small room to look out tiny windows. I had more fun taking pictures for tourist families than I did staring out the tiny windows. Cool view, but a little anticlimactic for the price. The museum looked cool, but unfortunately we were in a bit of a rush and didn’t get to check it out.

Michael M — Google review

I came to the Arch as a child and my son is now 10 years old so it was time to create the memories with him. He had learned about the Arch at school and now he's been able to witness it first hand. Overall it was a great experience. A little crowded and had to wait for a chance to get my son up in the windows to see the sights and get photos of him. A security lady asked us to leave as I was grabbing a couple photos we had waited on other people to move on, for my son's memory book. I explained to her we had to wait on all of the other people to be able to look out. Maybe she was having a bad day. Regardless the trip was nice and the other employees were all super nice and professional. The landscaping and surroundings were all beautiful.

Meredith S — Google review

It was such a cool experience to see in person. It's a lot bigger than I expected. We went there early in the morning, and there was no one around, so we got a lot of time for pictures and just enjoying the arch. By the time we did the sightseeing outside and went up into the arch, we were done by 1130 or so, and it got busy quickly. Would recommend if you are able and around the area.

Tara M — Google review

The Gateway Arch is an amazing work of engineering and design. The tour was good but the narrator spoke so fast I could only understand bits and pieces of the story. The ride to the top was awesome and the view was incredible. They really could use an updated version of the videos though. I felt like I was sitting in an elementary classroom watching an old documentary. Not a good feeling. The parking was much to far from the entrance and the signs were poorly placed. I have bad knees and back. I park with a handicap tag but could not find the parking for handicap. The parking cost was too expensive as well. If you fix a few things mentioned you could easily reach a five star rating. All that said, I do recommend this business. It is worth seeing.

Palomar 6 — Google review

Really enjoyed the place. I wasn't able to go up due to the number of stairs to get to the tram and then at the top, but it's got a wonderful park outside. Inside, the museum is well-designed, there's a dining area, a movie theater that shows stuff like the 1970s documentary, and my favorite: A VR experience that has you fly through a painting showing small scenes of a moment in time. It's very well done and feels like a ride.Outside of the Arch, the place is very accessible and the staff is very friendly and helpful (like most national parks). You do have to go through a metal detector, but it was very efficient when I was there.

Hope M — Google review

Should be on the to-do list for everybody visiting St Louis. The Arch itself is huge and you can go up all to the top. Tour guide Sandy was awesome and very funny. The museum is just as impressive as the Arch itself. The history and development of St Louis is clearly explained. Well done. Museum itself is very clean and modern.

Jochem L — Google review

Well done National Park Service! I bought tickets online about a month ahead of time. I was able to have the tickets on my phone. We arrived about 30 to 45 minutes ahead of our tour time to allow for the security check. At the appointed time we were directed through the tour. The tour guides were courteous and very helpful answering questions. The views from the top are spectacular and for me, well worth the price of admission. The ride up and down is a little bumpy and the pod is a little claustrophobic, but should be no problem for most people. There is a historical museum after entry and before or after the tour that is worth a walk through. There is a concession stand of sorts as well as a souvenir shop. Overall, a great experience!

Robert J — Google review

Great experience. You go up a very small tram elevator and it's pretty cool. They have a small museum inside, obviously the gift shop, and a few places to eat inside. Would highly recommend if not afraid of heights and not afraid of being an enclosed spaces.

Ashley D — Google review

We went on a Saturday and it was fairly busy. We did the tram ride to the top of the arch and it was under $20 a person. Our son was free since he's a wee tot. You enter at the bottom and go through a security check(similar to at an airport). Then you can walk around and learn all the history facts. There is a little cafe and gift shop in that area, as well. If you have a ticket for the tram, you continue on to the next area and guides put in groups. The rest is a quick history lesson then an even quicker ride to the top. You get around 10 minutes to look out of little windows at everything around you then you hop back in your tram and head down. It's a really quick experience but also a neat one. The trams are quite small and fit 5 people snugly(see video). If you're claustrophobic you might consider skipping the tram. If you park by the water, be prepared to climb several flights of stairs. We did it taking turns carrying our 40lb son and the thigh burn was real😅

Desiree L — Google review

I didn’t even realize you could get to the top till we saw the tiny dots that were actually windows. Was hesitant to go the top at first, but totally worth it! You don’t even feel like you’re that high up, cause the structure is so secure.What was even more amazing is if you put your compass in front of the plaque, you’ll find that the Arch points exactly West and East to the degree! What an amazing place!

Augusto W — Google review

The park around the arch is a peaceful place to spend time for couples, family, alone, or friends! The location is walkable from downtown. It is right by the river.There are paid parking lots, but the street parking is cheaper. The area is safe.Bathrooms are inside, at the bottom of the arch. You can pay to go up a tram to the top of the arch, which is a unique experience with cool views. There is also a free museum that you can walk around and learn a lot of history, a cave, and gift shop.

Stephanie — Google review

This is one of my favorite place to visit. It always amazes me with its beautiful and unique architecture. We could go up the arch. Better if you buy tickets in advance online. You need to go through the security check. There could be line depending on the crowd and time of the day. However queue passes fast. There is a museum after you pass through security, which is beautiful. You could enter either of north or south entrance to take tram to top of arch. They also got a decent cafeteria inside if you are hungry. I recommend one should take this tour and go top of arch. It never fails to amaze you. I love going to St. Louis because of this Gateway arch.

Ranjitha R — Google review

I have had the opportunity to visit St. Louis the last 3 years in a row and every time I land I go right to the ARCH and walk the park! Depending obviously on the weather, but the last 3 times it has been amazing!! I still have not gone up the ARCH on the elevator, but it is on my to do list. There is something about hanging out in the national park and enjoying a bit of history!!! This super conductor definitely is a cool part of America. Look it up and read about it and I promise you will be fascinated. Today the lawn were beautiful and the skies were amazing!!

Patrick K — Google review

I have driven through St. Louis a few times but never actually visited until this weekend. What a great place! The Gateway Arch was great. The views are spectacular and really gives you great sight lines and visuals of the city and Mississippi River. The museum is also very nice, did not have food but the cafe looks nice. The staff was friendly and helpful and we had a great time.

Bryan S — Google review

Amazing place to visit with a lot to do, it's interesting to see the engineering that went into making the Arch. A lot of history and a beautiful museum to visit as well. I definitely recommend checking it out if your in St. Louis. Great place to bring the kiddos

Tom H — Google review

The trip to visit the St. Louis Arch was an experience that truly surpassed any waiting time. The awe-inspiring sight of the iconic monument towering over the cityscape made every moment of anticipation worthwhile. However, navigating through St. Louis to reach the Arch was an entirely different story. The route we took felt unsafe, with dimly lit streets and questionable neighborhoods along the way. Despite the breathtaking beauty of the Arch, the journey to get there left us feeling uneasy and cautious. While the Arch itself is a must-see attraction, travelers should exercise caution and plan their routes carefully to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit to St. Louis.

Joseph C — Google review

We were in Missouri for the solar eclipse, so afterwards we went up to St Louis, cause we all wanted to see the arch. And it's very cool and impressive. When I was a trucker I passed by it innumerable times, but seeing it up close is much better. There was a cool little park outside, and the view at night is excellent. You can get inside easily, but if you want to go to the top you should purchase your tickets in advance, because they limit the number of people that can be at the top at a time. Also, you have to go through park security to go to the top, but its very quick. If you're claustrophobic you probably won't enjoy going up, but you can look out at the great view from the top. And they have a nice gift shop. Personally, I enjoyed seeing it from outside the best, but it was cool going to the top, and I don't regret it.

Pat C — Google review

Absolutely wonderful experience and you get so much more than you expect. It's not only an amazing overlook of St. Louis and the Mississippi river from above, but there's an amazing historical (museum) exhibit underground and a really informative guide of the design, construction and engineering of the Arch and it's interior carriage transportation.Well worth a visit and they lots of different ticket options, but just the entrance and rid-up was only $17 and really good value IMHO.

Jack M — Google review

the arch is cool, the park is pretty, you get to see the river, city hell, downtown. Very pleasant place to walk. Its just disappointing that the museum and the tram close so early. Would have been nice to have gone up there during my layover. Why not have rides up and down at sunset? Or at night when you can see all the lights? I think people would really enjoy that.

Bronson A — Google review


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St. Louis, MO 63102, USA

(877) 982-1410

I'll never travel to Pigeon Forge without this trip planner again

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Lotz House Museum

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (87)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (88)

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Historical place museum

Sights & Landmarks

Lotz House Museum is a historic house museum in Franklin, Tennessee that has exhibits about the history of the Civil War and German immigrants.

If you are interested in American history you will enjoy touring his house. The man who built it was a wood worker and he used this house to showcase his talent. The staircase is beautifully made as well as many other details in the home. The house was located in the middle of the historic Battle of Franklin. There are still bullet holes in the house. They don’t allow photos to be taken inside. They have a gift shop if you would like to purchase a souvenir.

L F — Google review

We visited the Lotz House this week during the Christmas/New Year Break. Our tour guide was Thomas and he was fantastic. Trust me, this tour is worth it and if you’re lucky enough to get Thomas as your guide, you will have a great, educational and entertaining visit.

Chris S — Google review

Definitely different than any other guided tour we've taken. Chuck was great, he made it fun for everyone. He was engaged with his audience and made it personable for all, we were in a larger crowd too-5 or 6 different parties, around 12 to 15 people total. Very impressed.

Kathleen B — Google review

Great tour and very informative. Our tour guide was Chuck and he did a great job. A lot of interesting information about such a tragic event. If you love history this place is a must

M G — Google review

My family and I really enjoyed the tour of the Lotz House. The house is very nice with many excellent battle artifacts and antiques. Chuck, our guide, bought the whole place alive with what I feel was the best narrative history of the home, Lotz family, and the events of the battle. He was captivating.

Dan M — Google review

Passionate tour guide (Kelly 🙌) was very knowledgeable, and unlike many other historic home tours weaved the history of the area and Battle of Franklin into the tour! Would highly recommend if visiting Franklin.Date: 8 January 2022Standard adult admission: $12 (discounts available)

Gary B — Google review

Great tour for the history buffs and those that enjoy viewing historic buildings! Tour guide was hilarious and very knowledgeable about the surrounding civil war battles (could point out where your state's regiments were off the top of his head) and what happened to the family living in the house. Beautiful period furniture and wallpapers make you feel as if you stepped back in time.

Justyna J — Google review

What a tour we had with JT!We learned alot and there were many details that he shared that were above and beyond other historical tours we have taken.Don't miss touring the Lotz House if your in the Franklin TN area.

Ryan Z — Google review

Such a beautiful history rich home. Our tour guide, Chuck, made the experience even better - answering all our questions about the house and the battle of Franklin.

Christy R — Google review

Truly awesome tour! I've taken both the Ghost Tour and the regular day time tour. The Ghost Tour is on Saturday nights after normal hours. For this you need to get your tickets in advance but it is worth it! Our guide Kelly was very knowledgeable about the Ghost that occupy the home. She shared stories, photos, video and recording of paranormal events. A couple of weeks later I went back for the history tour which is during the day. Our guide Chuck was so good and had so much knowledge and history to share. I learned so much about the Lotz family from the tour,if you're in the Franklin/Nashville area you should try to take the time for the tour you will be grateful you did

James B — Google review

We did the haunted tour. Was pretty amazing. Some of us on the tour even smelled cigar smoke! Our guide/host was the best!

lil206sweetie — Google review

Our tour guide was not only very informative, but also made it fun. There was a lot of very cool stories and artifacts there.

Tammy G — Google review

The gift shop person and the 2 guides we met were very accommodating and friendly. We enjoyed our tour and really appreciated all the beautiful antiques. The Lotz family history was interesting to hear.

Laurie T — Google review

Chuck our guide was great. He painted a picture so real it was like we were there. We want to go back again on our next visit to TN.

Lisa S — Google review

We visited the Lotz House on 3-17-24. Our tour guide was Kelly. She was awesome. Both my grandkids, 11 and 8 loved it. Kelly answered their questions and told stories that they could understand. My granddaughter said Kelly was so good and loved her.

Regina B — Google review

Great experience. Our tour guide was JT and his knowledge of the original owners of the home plus knowledge of the history surrounding them and the battle was incredible. He is very animated with his telling of the history which makes you feel like you were actually there when battle happened. Well worth the trip!

Jacqui M — Google review

This evening my 13 year old daughter and I took the Women’s History Tour at the amazing Lotz House. I’ve been on Kelly’s day time tour of the home before, so I knew it would be great, but I was absolutely blown away by the evening tour! She is incredibly knowledgeable and easily brought to life some incredible women of Franklin, as well as a few others who weren’t from the area, but have had a great impact on our country. I really appreciated how she talked about the seemingly mundane aspects of life that relate to all of us today, to sharing some of the fantastic stories that were these women’s’ lives and experiences! On the way home, my daughter couldn’t stop talking about what she learned and how much she enjoyed the tour-and coming from a teenager, I think that alone speaks volumes! I grew up in Franklin and tonight Kelly gave me a new appreciation and love for my hometown. So thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us this evening, Kelly, and I sure hope this tour is an opportunity that more people will take advantage of, whether they live in the area or are visiting!

Kristin M — Google review

JT was an amazing tour guide! I walked away really having an appreciation for the history and his historical knowledge! I give this tour an A+++! If you're in Tennessee tell your Uber driver to drive you to Franklin for the Lotz House tour. You will not be disappointed! They also have a small bit impressive Civil War gift shop! I can't wait to return!

S R — Google review

3 stars because We got stuck with Kelly. The history of the Lotz house and the house itself was great. Our experience not so much. From the beginning with just paying for our tickets she was smiley and bubbling but also passive aggressive in her tone and wording. We saw one price oone but she was telling us a different price. We had our children with us who are big into history and do so well at these types of events. We visit a lot of houses/museums and never had an issue. They asked her a few questions. It seemed to have been a bother to her. She was so passive aggressive it was almost unbearable. Even other adults on the tour couldn’t believe how she responded.She told other people in the tour not to touch or lean on anything even against a solid wall (which we get) but yet she leaned on wall after wall as she talked. As an adult I asked her a question which I turn she gave a very passive aggressive and stupid answer to a question I didn’t ask. Had she listened and heard what I was asking, there would have been no need for her comments. If it was not for the “all sales final, we would have asked for a refund and left.”She also kept putting her hands on my kids and touching them. So weird for never having met them.We overheard the other tour going on and that gentleman was fantastic. He also chatted with us before and after and was so great!If you go, I would ask for the make tour guide. Especially if you have children.

Amanda L — Google review


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1111 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN 37064, USA

(615) 790-7190


Ryman Auditorium

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (93)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (94)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (95)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (96)

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Live music venue

The Ryman Auditorium, known as the "Mother Church of Country Music," is a renowned live performance venue located in Nashville, Tennessee. Formerly called the Grand Ole Opry House and the Union Gospel Tabernacle, this historic 2,362-seat auditorium holds a significant place in entertainment history.

I toured the Ryman by myself today waiting for a friend to fly into town and it was a wonderful visit. The staff is really friendly and knowledgeable and it was a neat feeling to walk into a room with such history. They play an informative video to start (don't skip it) and then the rest is self guided. You can get your picture taken on the stage steps and you get a copy for free in the gift shop! I highly recommend going.

Dana D — Google review

I enjoyed the $30 tour. It includes a video that wraps around you. Displays of clothing worn by many of the greats, both old and current and framed play bills. You can walk freely throughout the auditorium which also let's you see where the techs work. A free photo is provided that is taken on the stage. The employees were lovely and happy! The gift shop is quite affordable. Definitely a worth while adventure. If you choose not to venture inside there are several things to enjoy for free outside.

Ashley — Google review

Always love the Ryman! Of all the venues in Nashville, this is my go-to place! Much more intimate setting and there's no bad seat in the house. I've been to other venues in town but this is absolutely my favorite and always will be. The sound is absolutely incredible. They don't call it the mother church for nothing! It's also amazing the variety of artists that come there. I'm so glad it's one of the buildings that have been restored and still in use! Parking is easy with a parking garage directly next door and several across the street. There are actual church pews that you sit on but you can also bring a cushion. I've never been to a bad concert there! Can't wait for my next trip to the mother church!

Barbara S — Google review

Really glad I stopped for the guided tour of the auditorium. There is so much history in one place it’s amazing. If you like country music then this is the place to start. It’s really cool to see the videos and the outfits that were created by and worn by many stars of the past. The dressing rooms are particularly interesting with so many pictures of the stars who have entertained there. It’s fun to have your pictures taken on stage and the gift store has many different kinds of gifts that are all related to the Ryman.

Examiner 0 — Google review

Fantastic shows both Friday and Saturday. I love the residency program it makes my drive more affordable when I can catch multiple shows! The staff as always was outstanding the lines for concessions and bathrooms moved well and we're not outlandish. My balcony seats were outstanding and the sound top notch. The best at any venue I've been in. The place was clean also. Nice that they have a band in the courtyard while waiting to enter. Bravo! My wait time to get in included me showing up an hour early to get a Hatch Print. I always meet music lovers so I don't mind.

Mark D — Google review

We visited the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN in February and it was a fantastic place! We purchased VIP tickets and our guide, Ken, was fantastic. He told us all about the history of this great place and took us backstage, in the dressing rooms and on the stage. The same stage the likes of Minnie Pearl, Charlie Pride, Bill Monroe and Loretta Lynn, to name a few, performed on. It was the fifth place of the Grand Ole Opry, from 1943 to 1974. The Ryman is a historical building and any music lover would love to see it. It was a Bucket List thing to do and it was an awesome experience.

Terry G — Google review

Ryman is fantastic intimate venue! Saw Van Morrison and can't think of better place. Built in 1892 (?) it has beautiful architecture inside and out. Was originally a church, great acoustics, and still has wooden benches. I lucked out and got end of row padded seat, lol. Highly recommend for any artist you want to see.

Martin S — Google review

This was a very nice venue that truly gave me and my husband an intimate listening experience with the musicians on stage. We were just there to see Father John Misty and we were amazed at the acoustics, how sitting in the balcony we had a great view of the entire stage, and the workers there were all very friendly and welcoming. I liked the wooden pew style seating and while it was a tight squeeze and we were packed tightly in our row, the show quality was worth the social discomfort. I would be happy to see any musician on this stage again.The stairs are quite narrow though and while walking up them I tripped onto my face so perhaps be warned. Still, solid 10/10 experience.

Maria — Google review

Did the self guided tour. Beautiful old church turned auditorium with tons of history. The tour features a short video explaining the history, exhibits with clothing worn by inductees, with more history, and a photo on the stage is included.

Rachel W — Google review

We completed the self guided tour on a Sunday and it was an awesome experience. Right from the amazing video introduction through to the cool displays, to the auditorium itself.You can't help but get caught up in the emotion that the multitude of stars would have felt and still no doubt feel to this day when walking through the Ryman and taking the stage.I would happily recommend a visit to the Ryman to anyone that has an interest in music.

Martin M — Google review

Loved the history. Took the self-guided tour and it was worth every penny. Really enjoyed being in the place where so many got their start. If you like history, or country music, or both, add this to your list of places to visit.

Laura J — Google review

The history in this building is really neat - but let's talk about the physical experience of attending a show here. Very often the folks who perform are doing so to a sold-out crowd. This church was built when humans occupied much less space than they do today. If you are 6 foot, it will be painful because there is no room for your knees. If you are even simply moderately sized, you will personally extend over the allotted space for your "seat". And even if *you* don't have long legs or happen to be a thin person, if you have the misfortune of being in a row with a couple other larger folks and your row is full, everyone will be squashed, because they are church pews and many sections don't have any type of seat divider. I know the pews are historic and we want to keep them historic, but the venue DESPERATELY needs to realign the spacing. Charge more per ticket if you have to, but I want to be able to take a full deep breath without every inch of my side body touching the stranger next to me. It's *genuinely* worse than any old, teeny tiny Broadway theater seat in NYC, and I have been in some bad ones. The positive: The acoustics in the venue are great, the bathrooms were clean and modern, the staff is kind. I appreciate that you can take in your beverages to the show, but I had people who spilled their open cup by kicking it on the floor and it dripped down into my space so my floor was covered. Nowhere to put your bag if the seats are all full and the floor is covered in red sticky liquid. ☠️

Kailey P — Google review

We didn’t know what to expect when we came for the tour but it was very nicely done. The short movie and effects was very well made. The exhibits were quite minimal though and it isn’t advertised well but you can take a free photograph on the stage! It will be taken by a photographer for you, printed and available to pick up in the gift store. The gift store was also reasonably priced.

Dawn C — Google review

Really interesting history! I took the guided tour and although the price might seem high, it was well worth it. I learnt so much about the Ryman Auditorium and the whole experience was really interactive and really made the history come to life. It’s a must see if your are visiting Nashville!

Arianna L — Google review

This was such a great place. After we entered the Auditorium, we were directed upstairs to a movie theater. This was a film on the Auditorium and it's history. Amazing story. During the film, I now understood the importance of the place and how many things came and went. Have a good one.

B J — Google review

We had a fantastic experience at the Ryman auditorium! I took my team to the haunted tour and we all had a blast. The tour was filled with historical facts as well as spooky stories going back to the early 1900s. We got to see dressing rooms, authentic costumes from BB King, and even under the stage. We were also very pleased that everyone in our group was provided a photo at the end of our experience for no additional charge.

Justin L — Google review

We went to see two shows on two different nights and both experiences were great. The Ryman was a clean and well organized venue. Entry was simple with little security. The sound was incredible. Crystal clear and at a volume that did not require ear protection. The only downside was the seating. Hard wooden pews were not very comfortable. In spite of that, I'd love to see more artists performing there.

Edward L — Google review

The Ryman Auditorium is an essential stop for anyone visiting Nashville, even if you don't have tickets or there is no show that day, it's worth stopping at. I say this because it is located in the heart of downtown Nashville, surrounded by a vibrant and safe environment full of wonderful retail shopping and all kinds of dining.I went to a concert this summer and got tickets for the front row of the balcony. They were the most amazing seats, and I got them for about $100 each! There was nobody to stand in front of me or block my view, and my buddy and I had the time of our lives!With it's rich history, our band opened by saying that it was a dream of theirs to play at the Ryman, and then proceeded to put on the best live show I've ever seen from them (and I've seen them play live 11 times before). In summary, if there IS a show, GO! If not, stop by and take pictures of the statues outside before continuing on to the surrounding attractions like Printer's Alley (the main street for all the bars and pubs). I recommend staying in a hotel downtown. You can walk everywhere with ease. Everything is close and safe, and you won't have to worry about drinking and driving.

Elliot S — Google review

Bucket list checked. Concert at the Ryman. Abraham Alexander opening for Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors. The best sound quality I have ever heard in a concert venue. So much history. The front row of the center balcony, obviously, are incredible seats. Lots of leg room. It's the only seats I can speak for though. We traveled from Michigan for this.

Alan L — Google review

The Ryman Auditorium is such an amazing venue! The history in this building is unbelievable. So much talent has graced the stage over the years. I have seen many shows over the years here. This particular concert was Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade on Halloween 2023. So much fun! The crowd was definitely into it. The sound was amazing (I could feel the bass through my feet) and the light show was spectacular! The staff were super friendly and even though the lines were pretty backed up getting in, everything flowed smoothly and we weren't in line too long. I can't wait to see more shows here in the future!

Jeremy S — Google review

First tour on our last full day in Nashville. Our tour guide, Drake, was very friendly and knowledgeable and provided a great experience. We got to see inside four dressing rooms(no pics allowed)since there were no performances that evening. Walked on stage and was truly in awe of the history. So glad they saved this historic building! We got a short tour of Johnny Cash’s last tour bus too which was included with our ticket purchase.

Don C — Google review

I had a ticket to a show in the evening and decided to take the self-guided tour earlier in the day. I bought my ticket I site and not in advance. There was just a short wait for the tour to begin. thoroughly enjoyed this experience. They show you a short film to start on the history of the building. Then you take yourself throughout the building. They had some artist memorabilia showcased and you get a free picture of yourself at the end of the tour - free print and then $5 to purchase a digital download. The staff/volunteers were all friendly and knowledgeable. The Johnny Cash bus was on-site and that was accessible with your tour ticket.The sound and energy during the show I saw that evening was incredible. I highly recommend taking the tour and seeing a live show here!! I’m sure I will be back! Also - I had purchased a seat that said obstructed view at the end of an aisle (section 3 - row M) and I can assure you my visibility was not that obstructed.

Miss V — Google review

I went both to the tour in the morning and Vince Gill Amy Grant Christmas show that night.The tour was great and well worth the extra time I. The movie alone 3D made me feel like I had got my money's worth. Getting a picture is fun. Great walking around seeing the memorabilia. Amazing place. The show spoke for itself!! Not a bad seat in the place. Great experience. Friendly staff. Gift shop nice too.

Joe W — Google review

Watching a show at the Ryman is special, there's no denying that. We went to see the Black Pumas in April as it's one of our favorite bands. Eric is an amazing entertainer! You can't beat the acoustics of the Ryman. Drinks are easy to get with two concessions, although getting to your seat can be a challenge (which can tend to be uncomfortable if you sit too long). We will be back!

Mark H — Google review

Walking into the auditorium was an experience that I'll never forget. To the effect of chills and goosebumps just thinking about all the history that has been made in that one place by so many. The most humbling feeling you could ever imagine. Sitting on the old pew and just taking it all in was just amazing. I can't imagine what it must feel like to stand on that stage in that building and do what you love. Something I've always dreamed about.

Appliance R — Google review

We went to see Amy Grant and Vince Gill's Christmas Show. We were extremely pleased with the ease of getting in even though several bus loads of people were in line as well. It was great being in this historic building. We did have a column in our view but it did not diminish the entertainment or our evening at all. This was our first visit to the Ryman for a show. We had toured it many years ago. We drove in from the Lexington, Kentucky area and would definitely do this again. Vince Gill and Amy Grant were great!!

Sandra C — Google review

I went here for a show (The Infamous Stringdusters + Leftover Salmon) while I was in town and it was so fun! I didn't have time to do the tour beforehand, but hopefully next time!The acoustics were unreal 😍.Although...maybe ear plugs would be a good idea. It's a perfectly intimate setting and so cool to be in the same space where so much country music history took place. I LOVED the pews - was worried we would be super cramped but we had plenty of space and it wasn't uncomfortable. Our seats were in the balcony (halfway back) and I was worried it wouldn't be as good so far back, but there really isn't a "bad seat" in the place (although I read ahead that the acoustics sitting toward the back underneath the balcony aren't quite as good).Wonderful experience and can't wait to come back.

Lauren H — Google review



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Nashville's lively country music scene can be found in the bustling Downtown area, which is home to numerous honky-tonk bars along the main street, Broadway. Visitors can enjoy big-name concerts and backstage tours at the historic Ryman Auditorium, or explore artifacts from Johnny Cash's life at the nearby museum dedicated to him. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum offers hands-on exhibits and audio tours for those interested in learning more about this genre of music.


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Nashville, TN, USA


Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

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History museum

Specialty Museums

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum showcases the rich history of American music through its collection of artifacts and interactive displays. Situated in downtown Nashville's vibrant District, this attraction brings the city to life, especially at night. Alongside the famous honky tonk bars, visitors can explore shops, restaurants, and historic music landmarks. Just a short distance away is Centennial Park, which offers unique features such as a full-scale replica of the Greek Parthenon.

This place was so cool!!! We budgeted one & a half hours based on the recommended time. I wish we would have planned on a little bit more time. It was so interesting seeing costumes & outfits country stars have worn over the past several years. Loved seeing how fashion has changed & the details in the clothing. Martina McBride section was one of my personal favorites. Definitely recommend but make sure you budget enough time before tours, if you are doing tours.

Chirelle P — Google review

This was an experience that I will never forget in my entire life. I think I was most excited to go here over anywhere else in Nashville. We purchase tickets in advance and therefore were allowed to go straight in. You start on the third floor and work your way down to the first floor where the exit is. I thought that was very smart. The displays were incredible! I love older Country Music and they did not disappoint. I would love to come back here with my kids one today. I know they would love it as much as I did. The gift shop was awesome too!

Amber W — Google review

If you're a music fan of any genre, the Country Music Hall of Fame is a must-see. Lots of history and stories. We also did the RCA Studio B tour. So cool to be in the studio where iconic songs were recorded, ie from Elvis, Dolly and many more. Sitting at the same piano Elvis played was very surreal. Highly recommend!!!

Josh H — Google review

We took the kids through the museum on our vacation and we had a great experience. Wonderful exhibits and history. Would highly recommend this. Tickets seem to average $30;a piece at any museum so if you have to choose, this is the one!

Thomas S — Google review

Not at all a country music fan (except bluegrass) but I thought this was a great museum. I learned quite a bit, they have some absolutely amazing artifacts, especially musical instruments, great exhibits, some hands on stuff. Really, really enjoyed it and I probably will explore country music outside of bluegrass because of this visit. If you like guitars, they have a fantastic collection to drool over, especially Martin and Gibson.

Robert M — Google review

This place had some really cool things in it and so many things to look at! It had outfit of what the singers wore in their most popular songs and the records and everything! It's just an amazing place you have to visit if you're ever in Nashville!

Cierra R — Google review

Really spectacular collection of memorabilia. It's time to add Billy Ray Cyrus!If you are a fan or a fanatic! This is a spectacular museum. They are adding some really neat current items which includes interactive and kid friendly items and hands on activities!!We spent a couple of hours + here and watched the presentations, recorded a song and made a poster.The gift shop had some cute and reasonable Christmas ornaments.If you have a student or are an older adult they do offer discounts on site.Take your own water, they allow carry in bottles. We paid over $3 for one there.

Kelli K — Google review

Listen. If you're in Nashville you MUST go to the Country music hall of Fame whether or not you like Country music. It's spectacular. Blows that other museum in Cleveland away. Always a rotating exhibit when you enter. We saw one for Bill Anderson. Two levels of amazing artifacts documenting the history of Country music from the 20s/30s through today showing the rise fall and eventual rise again of the genre of music. The guitars are amazing. Outfits and stage wear even better. Several cars including Elvis's limo and the TA from Smokey and the Bandit. Make sure you pay extra and go over to RCA studio B. It takes and hour and is absolutely worth the additional cost and bus ride over. I've been here twice and would come back another 10 times if in Nashville.

Richie P — Google review

It was alright, nothing blew me away. If I were a huge country fan, it probably would have been really cool. The whole 3rd floor is the beginnings of country.. the second floor being the more modern era. There were a lot of artists, in my opinion, that have made bigger contributions to country, yet they were not found anywhere in the museum (or it was one item). It was a lot smaller than I had expected as well. Highlight of this stop was Bajo Taco.

Brianne S — Google review

Nashville is all about country and blues music, and this museum is a great way to explore a lot of the history and upbringing of the country music scene.There are 3 floors to the museum and each one is layed out well so that it is easy to navigate and plenty of room. I'm not a big country music fan, but I very much enjoyed browsing through the museum learning about the history and see many of the artifacts that made country music what it is today.Highly recommend booking the first visit of the morning so you can get in before the museum gets crowded.We also booked the museum tickets with the Hatch Show Print and RCA Studio B combo package. It can get a little pricey to do this depending on how many people are in your party (about $75 for the 3 together), but it was very worth it.

Neil H — Google review

Visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville is a musical pilgrimage that any country music enthusiast should undertake. Nestled in the heart of Music City, this iconic museum is a sprawling treasure trove of the genre's rich history.As you approach the building, you're struck by its sheer size. The museum is a colossal three-story structure, with a distinct design that evokes the grandeur of the country's musical heritage. The modern architecture seamlessly blends with the surrounding historic district, making it both a beacon of the future and a guardian of the past.Once inside, the Hall of Fame doesn't disappoint. Its vast collection covers the full spectrum of country music, preserving the legacies of legendary artists from the earliest roots of the genre to contemporary superstars. Exhibits showcase costumes, instruments, and personal artifacts of icons like Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and Hank Williams, connecting you to the heart and soul of their music.To ensure an optimal experience, arriving early in the day is advisable. This way, you can beat the crowds and soak in the exhibits at your own pace. It's also wise to purchase your tickets online in advance to bypass the lines that tend to form, especially during peak tourist seasons.A trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame is not just a museum visit; it's a journey through the soul of America's music. It's a place where you can stand in awe of the legends, feel the rhythm of history, and understand why country music is such an integral part of the nation's cultural tapestry.

Scott P — Google review

Recently updated exhibits spread out smartly to accommodate large numbers without feeling overwhelmed. Recommend the audio tour for more information that's different from what you can read on the exhibits! Fully accessible regardless of mobility. Small theatres so you can sit and rest at intervals throughout (3). Enjoy!

JL M — Google review

To be honest, I'm not much of a country music fan - but when in Nashville, right? The collection at this museum is vast, and you could easily spend hours here. Being a bit of an outsider to the genre, I would have loved a little more context for many of the displays, but maybe that's on me.

Alyssa, W — Google review

A very well designed performance venue! Right from the entrance, this place had a good vibe, which to me, sets the stage for a well rounded, enjoyable evening. The gals at the information desk/will call were quite upbeat and helpful. Then you go through security - which didn't feel nearly as intimidating as so many other venues do, even though you must empty your pockets before proceeding. The ushers on each entrance all had a warm welcoming presence, and were very helpful. I saw The Dixie Dregs and The Steve Morse Band, and was seated literally above the drums, so being a drummer, I was in heaven! I did check out the sound at several other locations throughout, and it was very good everywhere, not to mention, every seat in the venue, is good viewing as well. The biggest improvement that could be easily made, would be to aim the speakers slightly more flanged for better clarity in the uppermost seats as well as a bit more definition on the low end, to bring it together a little tighter and punchier. Perfect otherwise!

Todd M — Google review

What a great place to visit. Beautiful collection of music stars of artifacts, instruments and costumes. Well worth the visit for everyone to enjoy Country music's artist and history. There are shops inside if you want to purchase items for gifts or other merchandise. Don't pass this up!

Patricia C — Google review

This is a MUST DO! when your in Nashville!! We had a great time learning all about the history of country music and all about current country music!! WOW! so much cool stuff! What a fun time! We paid for the guided tour and that helped a lot and I definitely recommend it. It was just a simple device that you put in the number of the display that your looking at and it tells you all about it. They have the Elvis limousine in there and so many other cool things. Go check this place out it is so cool!

Eric S — Google review

Fun experience with lots to look at. There are interactive things as well as items to view of all sizes and types. Lots of history for those interested, and easy to walk through as fast or as slowly as you'd like. Plan on at least an hour to walk around and maybe longer especially if you're a country fan. There's a nice gift shop as well as a snack stand with lots of seating indoors and out. A lovely place to spend a hot Tennessee afternoon.

Christine D — Google review

My family and I loved learning the history of each Hall of Fame musician and songwriters! Our kids discovered that there was proof that a lot of the music they listen to now was and is richly influenced by so many in the Country Music industry and not just something we told them to expand their music choices. There is also some fun interactive games and a recording studio that you can save and email to yourself that the whole family will have fun with.

Tonya O — Google review

This was my 2nd visit, a first with other people in the party. I enjoyed that exhibits had changed since I had originally been there, which had only been 5 months prior. Having exhibits that change on a regular basis will keep people wanting to continue to visit.I saw things through fresh eyes, as this visit my child was with me. Country Music Hall of Fame is FULL of interactive things to do for children (and adults). The music petting zoo was a highlight!

Kristin D — Google review

Nice collection of all things country music. Worth a visit if you like history. Exhibits were good. Audio devices are worth it as it was crowded and allowed me to stand away from exhibits while others bunched around to read the info in the exhibit. I enjoyed the video and audio items the most. The interactive portions were a creative touch.

Jeff W — Google review

This place is absolutely amazing. If you are into country music, or just music or history in general, then do yourselves a favor and go and check out the Country music hall of fame. They have so so many incredible exhibits and musicians that are featured in this huge and expansive building. So many incredible artifacts that are on display. The sheer history in this building is absolutely fantastic.

B A — Google review

Wonderful museum, lots to see and learn. Warm welcoming staff. I would recommend going on the studio B package with combined tickets. Free transport to and from.Highly recommended for all country and Western fans. Extra plus they have one of Elvis car and smokey and the bandits car. Highly recommended.

Tina T — Google review

I don't know much about country music. I am here as a pure tourist. It's a great place to visit when you come to Nashville. It covers almost famous country music singers in history. Briefly introduced them and also displayed their stage dresses and instruments. There is even a recording section to let you play around. A nice place for all ages and families. I had a good time here. Recommended!!

Peng H — Google review

I learned so much about music visiting this place! It was so cool to see the history of music and how a lot of instruments came about. Definitely a must visit place when you’re in Nashville and buy tickets ahead of time because the line could get really long. The Taylor Swift room was pretty cool, and Eric Church has his own street. The music booth was pretty cool being able to sing in a studio is sick.

TheonlyCEF — Google review

The Country Music Hall of Fame Museum is a must-visit destination for anyone who appreciates the rich history and cultural significance of country music. The museum is home to an impressive collection of artifacts, memorabilia, and exhibits that showcase the evolution of country music over the years.Walking through the museum, you'll find yourself immersed in the world of country music, from its roots in folk and blues to its modern-day stars. The museum's exhibits are beautifully curated, offering insight into the lives and careers of some of the genre's most iconic artists.One of the highlights of the museum is the Hall of Fame Rotunda, where you can see the plaques of the artists who have been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. It's a poignant reminder of the impact that these artists have had on the genre and music as a whole.The museum also offers a variety of programs and events, including live performances, lectures, and workshops, making it a dynamic and engaging experience for visitors of all ages.Overall, the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum is a must-visit destination for music lovers and history buffs alike. Its dedication to preserving and celebrating the legacy of country music is truly commendable, and I highly recommend a visit to anyone visiting Nashville.

Lady C — Google review

I grew up listening to the old country music with my Pop Pop and transitioned into more recent country in my adult years. This place has it all. I loved getting to soak up the history and actually see what I'd consider lost artists in this fast past world. I'd give it 5 stars on one condition if there was NO TAYLOR SWIFT. She faked a country accent and has no place there. Completely ruined my first impression when her big, annoying name was the first thing you see whenever you get off the elevator. It's disrespectful to the other country music artists who worked hard to get to where they're at. She has a place, but not at this museum.

Kendall M — Google review

This was a fun experience! I really enjoyed the memorabilia from the older generation of country artists. There was a big section on new artists, but I didn’t know any of them. The video showing the history of country music in television and movies was phenomenal. It’s a great museum and a must-see if visiting Nashville.

Elizabeth D — Google review

Went on Dec 22nd. Purchased tickets online and paid the extra $5 for the audio player. I'm a 52 yr old man who has listened to country music since I was a baby. This was my first time in Nashville, and I was very eager to visit this museum. The history of country music was well represented. I would have liked to have seen more of the blues influence, but I get that it's a different genre.The displays were done very nicely, and the entire museum was impressive. If you go, get tickets online... it'll get you in much quicker. If I were to do it again, I would not rent the audio player.

BigMan S — Google review

“Will the Circle be Unbroken ” the best ending and beginning. Just a taste of my adventures because you have to see it,hear it,and feel it for yourself in Country Hall of Fame and Museum. We did a self guided tour. I loved the exhibits! The only thing I will say make sure you are on time for the tour because they presale tickets!

Ariel — Google review

So, i am not a giant country music fan. This is still great museum with loads of interactive displays, videos, and loads of detail in every display. If you're a country fan, it would be easy to spend 2 to 3 hours here. We spent about 1.5 hrs wandering through. I would not suggest it to younger kids unless they are music history fans.Heads up, if you walk past the gift store, there are at least 2-3 places to have a bit to eat. The lobby restaurant was packed on our visit and a bit of a zoo.

Grant I — Google review

Great place for country music history, spent 2.5 hours here. They offer an audio tour for an extra 5 or so bucks it gives extra info about each display.Its deff worth it.they have a gift shop also that was nice. The park across the street with the walk of fame is a bit dicey though. a lot of homeless panhandling going on ...id skip

Kevin S — Google review

Worth visiting if you're a country music fan. I found the displays well done and not overly done. The video presentations were great - a bit long for some, but fans will appreciate it.

Greg M — Google review

We actually had a great experience here. The Taylor Swift experience I think was sold more than was it was, it was quite literally a smashed guitar and maybe two outfits. But the rest of the visit was great. My favourite room was near the end where you can (for free) record your own voice over popular country music tunes and send to yourself.Lots.of history, very clean and well laid out. I would recommend.

Andre B — Google review


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222 Rep. John Lewis Way S, Nashville, TN 37203, USA

(615) 416-2001


Grand Ole Opry

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (116)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (117)

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Live music venue

Concerts & Shows

The Grand Ole Opry, renowned as the authentic country music hub, is a must-see for enthusiasts of this genre. Established in 1974 to serve as the permanent residence of the world's longest-running live radio broadcast, it offers visitors the opportunity to embark on either self-guided or backstage tours. These tours present an array of distinctive memorabilia and intriguing behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the stars who have graced its stage.

I loved this tour so much!!! It was really cool to see all the backstage things for the Grand Ole Opry. The dressing rooms were really interesting to look at. They seem so simple but in my head, they were a lot fancier than they actually are. Most of them don’t even have their own bathrooms. Our tour guide was great! He told us which celebrities saw which dressing rooms. We were able to go on stage as well. I really recommend this tour & hope to one day see a show there.

Chirelle P — Google review

First time to the Opry, and I was not disappointed. Really no bad seat in the venue. The sound and acoustics are great. Be prepared to spend a hefty amount if you plan to drink. Domestic beers were $10.The presentation of everything is immaculate. The venue really goes above and beyond to make this a wonderful experience. There is a 15 minute intermission to allow patrons to use restroom or get food and drinks.Buy your tickets as early as possible. Tickets prices go up closer to showtime, even when seats are the same or further back or to the side. Fee additions are what you expect. You shouldn't need to worry about parking as there is a big open lot in front of the venue that is shared with other local shops. They will make it seem on the website that it is mandatory (or at least imperative) to buy a parking pass.My wife is a huge country fan, as I am more of a casual listener. Regardless, I still had a blast watching live music.

Jon F — Google review

Wow. I had no idea How Much Fun!! Great venue. Great entertainment. The host is funny. The musicians are fantastic. Really enjoyed the music and the atmosphere is amazing. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Driving was no issue and we got back downtown with no problem. The mall next to it looks Huge. I’m sure you could spend the whole day there. Get your tickets soon. They go fast and now I see why. Everyone had a great time. Enjoy 😊

Examiner 0 — Google review

My friends and I went to a country music tour at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville for a bachelorette party. It was both thrilling and memorable. As our first time immersing ourselves in the heart of country music, the electric and heartwarming atmosphere provided an ideal setting for our brides. The rich history and undeniable charm of the Grand Ole Opry truly enhanced our celebration.The highlight of the evening was the backstage tour, which allowed us a glimpse into the magic behind each performance. It was both exciting and deeply moving to walk the same path as legendary country music artists, creating a wonderful memory for our group.A massive thank you goes out to the Grand Ole Opry and our tour guide for making this event so special.

Thuy-Linh P — Google review

The venue is nice and you can see fine from anywhere. We were in the last row and didn’t have any problems. The seats are like church pews. They were comfortable. The show itself was entertaining as well. They had a variety of acts and each performed for around 15 minutes. It was nice to have them changing frequently. That way if they have one that you don’t like much it will switch out in a few minutes.

Ryan B — Google review

Wow! What a classic venue. You can feel immense talent that makes this a huge showcase for young/upcoming, current and ageless superstar performers. The Customer Service was great, even moving us and others down to closer seats. They keep things moving and in-between the MC is great. If close you have to check this out country fan or not.

Brian F — Google review

What a amazing experience. We did the Circle room, Opry and post show. I could not find any reviews on the Circle room(premium lounge pass) but we enjoyed having a place to be before the show, drinks and munchies included until intermission is over. Included a photo and a guest drop in. Shout out to Maddie & Q! We would do it again. The Opry...wow! That was an awesome experience. We didn't know performers really, but do not need to. What an amazing show. The comedian was spectacular, the up and coming performers were outstanding and the Opry members were wonderful. I cannot say enough about all the staff we encountered. They made our experience so much more. Very friendly, helpful and they all loved their jobs & the Opry. We sat in section 4, row G. I would absolutely want those seats again! No watching screens. Thank you Grand Ole Opry, what a great night!

Michelle B — Google review

I enjoyed the show! We had upper bowl tickets and one of the hosts offered to move us to the lower bowl because there were 2 men in our seating section and we would not of all fit together...so moving to the lower area was exciting and a plus!! So thank you for that. The grand Ole Opry is so beautiful inside and a great place to see a concert!!

Amy K — Google review

I was in Nashville for a few days and saw the Opry Country Christmas show. I purchased a ticket the day before at the ticket office. The venue is top-notch. It was easy to find my section. My seat was on the upper level but I could still see just fine and there were plenty of screens for a more up close view. Pew seating but it’s cushioned…plan to stand up or move out of the way if you have long legs and anyone in your row needs to get out. The ticket price was reasonable considering the number of artists performing. Concession stands sold food: snacks but also packaged salads, sandwiches and pizza. Alcoholic drinks were available. I had water and pretzel bites. Restrooms were easy to find and no long lines. I parked across the street at Opry Mills for free - that’s just a short walk. The show was entertaining and had audience participation. I did the backstage tour on a previous trip and recommend that at well.

Miss V — Google review

Great place to visit when you're in Nashville. It is a major part of the country music scene history of the town. There are always great shows, I caught one on a whim, but was able to see country music legends and members of the Country Music Hall of Fame play.Tickets were reasonable, and I got great seats last minute. There is also a huge mall across the street with lots of shopping, a giant Dave & Buster's, a steakhouse, an aquarium restaurant, many other food options, drinks, and more. The whole Grand Ole Opry is a destination in itself, what's a big resort hotel right next to it, tons of parking, the mall, and obviously the theater.

Constantino P — Google review

We couldn't believe how close we were to the stage, but I don't think there is a bad seat in the house. They also have big screens to watch the artists up close. There was a good variety of the Old and the new music. We even got to listen to a hilarious comedian, although many of the musicians made us laugh too. Seats were comfortable, bathrooms clean and the staff were very friendly and helpful. Food and beverages were also available to take to your seats to enjoy. Don't miss it! Every show is unique.

Katrina Q — Google review

We enjoyed our visit, show and post tour. We saw a country classic show. They change up the shows so they have different people in different days of the week. It was a great venue with only 4,400 seats and there's not a bad seat and you could move around with ease because it wasn't overly crowded! That made it very nice!!The show flowed well, Larry Gaitlyn did an excellent job hosting and it was a fabulous show that made you feel right at home!The post tour, a behind the scenes look at what goes on backstage. was excellent as well! It's a solid 45 minutes of going through were the singers enter, quite a few dressing rooms and going on stage. Note, this tour was all standing.The shop was large and had a variety of items but it was expensive.A must see for any music fan! We definitely will take an opportunity to visit again!

DElightful P — Google review

At first I was a little concerned with selecting the $55 "cheap seats" but that's all that was available when we decided to go. I was relieved to see there is no bad seat in the house! It is such an intimate setting. We will definitely be back!

Wendy S — Google review

I had such an amazing day at the Opry. I took the Women of Country Tour and David was a wealth of knowledge on the women who have and currently call the Opry home. The show I attended was just so great. It was awesome to be able to share my first time at the Grand Ole Opry with Kasey Tyndall as she stepped into the circle for the first time. After the show, I took a post-show backstage tour and once again my tour guide, Michael had so much to share with us. Even though I had seem some of the backstage earlier, Michael had different information to share and I got to see different things. Getting to see where they filmed HEE HAW was so awesome as I remember watching that show with my Grandma, who is the whole reason I love country music. This was such a great day and I cannot wait to be back.

Antoinette H — Google review

I saw Dashboard Confessional and Counting Crows Monday Aug. 14, 2023. Absolutely amazing concert in a beautiful, historic venue. It was my second at the Opry, and I will definitely be attending more concerts there. The only negative is if you are in the 30 sections of the balcony it's a very steep angle to see down to the stage. Otherwise, it's a wonderful place to see some of your favorite band.

Corey G — Google review

Psychedelic Furs and Squeeze. The college self is very happy. Great venue, full of Nashville vibes. It was odd to be there for something other than country music. Free and plentiful parking was a treat. Short walk and lots of benches and places to sit if you arrive early for a show.

Jody T — Google review

We were in town on a business trip and got to tour the Grand Ole Opry. Such a wonderfully unique experience! The tour guide we had was fabulous and entertaining- she made sure to cover the history of the place with a nice flair of fun.The video they showed made me tear up, you can really tell it's an honor for someone to be invited to join as a member. We got to stand on the stage and it's unbelievable! I definitely recommend doing this tour and I can only imagine how awesome a show here is.

Daydreanne L — Google review

My recent visit to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville was nothing short of a sensational experience. From the moment I stepped inside the complex, I was enthralled by its grandeur and warm Southern hospitality. The architecture, both inside and out, was a testament to the rich history of country music, and it felt like stepping into a musical shrine.One of the first things that caught my eye was the large gift shop, filled with a wide array of country music memorabilia and souvenirs. It was a country music lover's paradise. I couldn't resist picking up some unique keepsakes to remember the night.The Grand Ole Opry complex also offered numerous dining options and places to grab a refreshing drink, ensuring that guests could enjoy a delightful meal or quench their thirst before the show. The convenience of having all these amenities within the complex made the evening even more enjoyable.But what truly made the night remarkable was the size of the arena. It was just the right balance, not too big, ensuring that no matter where you sat, you had an excellent view of the performers on stage. And what a show it was! The tribute night featured Garth Brooks and several other country music legends, leaving the audience in awe with their extraordinary performances.My visit to the Grand Ole Opry was a memorable experience. The exceptional complex, a vast gift shop, various dining options, and an intimate arena made it a night to remember. If you're a country music enthusiast, this iconic venue in the heart of Nashville is an absolute must-visit. It's a place where the magic of country music truly comes alive.

Scott P — Google review

This is a wonderful venue to see great entertainment! The seats are Pews. *If you have any back issues the seat will get uncomfortable. Intermission is a great time to move and stretch while standing up.When purchasing Tickets for a show also purchase Parking. It makes it so easy to walk/use a walker /wheelchair under the lighted covered walkway to your vehicle and leave. Traffic moves really smoothly too.As you can see it’s decorated beautifully for Christmas. So much to take in. The Opry Mall is close too if you want to go out to eat or shop prior to your show.Alcoholic beverages are served at the bars set up in the foyer before a show and during intermission.Restrooms are located on the far right inside. The Restrooms outside on the far left are available to access before entrance inside.There is also the Axis Shop for purchasing tickets, the Opry Gift Shop along with The Roy Acuff House close by.You will not be allowed to enter until the entrance time. If it’s cold or rainy the Gift Shop or Mall are close options to wait.

Tammy L — Google review

We have been to Nashville many times, and never attended the Grand Ole Opry. Wow! We missed so much. This time we were guests of one of the acts (Shane Smith and the Saints), and the show was amazing! Great venue! Great show!

John R — Google review

Wonderful evening at the Grand Ole Opry. The show was fantastic. Larry Gatlin was a great host, very humorous. Loved him singing with his brothers. He really shared his deep feelings for how precious it is to sing at the Opry. He was so warm and welcoming to the new singer Mae Estes. Chuck Mead was great, lots of fun tunes. It was amazing to hear Leona Williams and learn about all the songs she had written. The Bellamy Brothers were fabulous, they did all there No. 1 hits, so much for to sing along with. The whole show was warm and comforting, like you were being entertained by family. It was my first Opry show, hopefully I will get to go again one day. It's a long way to go from Montreal, Canada. 🎵🎸🎶🎵🎸

Kathy A — Google review

All I can is for King & Country! Awesome experience and best concert where the sound was on point! Christmas time is always magical, but this had me in awe. There were so many sunshine moments on this trip, and I'm glad to have chosen to spend my Christmas here for 2023.

Melissa R — Google review

We had great seats and the view was awesome!! Thought it was a bit pricey but changed my mind... Was well worth the price!! We also did the after show backstage tour!! Also worth it!! You get a photo op on stage in front of the mic so bring or wear what you want to be seen in!! Get experience!!

John ( — Google review

It's difficult to explain how fantastic this show actually is. I'm not a massive country music fan, but, when in Nashville, we figured we should go. I'm so glad we did. It was a fascinating mix of big stars, up and comers, and forces behind the music industry that we'd never heard of, but turned out to be highlights. If you don't recognize the line up, don't let it dissuade you from going - our group thoroughly enjoyed everyone.

James M — Google review

Was a wonderful moving experience. Great backstage tour seeing all the dreasing rooms and areas the entertainers hang out. The theatre and stage was impressive. So much history and information. Can't wait to see a live performance. I do recommend getting tickets in advance. We just showed up but had to buy tickets for a later time or next day.

Dawn B — Google review

It is everything and MORE!!We grabbed the circle room experience in addition to our seats and it was amazing!A couple even got engaged in the circle room while we were there. It was light hors d'oeuvres and beverages, a commemorative photo and an intimate conversation with a grand ole Opry member.The Opry itself is iconic for a reason. You can feel the history and energy in the room and seating is amazing. Just looking around as they taped the television portion, it is soon forgotten when the performers take the stage and share their gifts.I can't wait to come back and see my next Opry show!! It is truly special and worth all the hype!!

Kelli K — Google review

What a great night! It's not cheap, and I think the earlier you book, likely the better prices you get.But I was surprised with how the whole thing worked. Multiple artists, 2-3 songs each, really good pace - we loved it.The atmosphere is great, although where it loses its 5th star for me - if you are sitting in the higher rows,.it wasnt quite loud enough. The view was great but I could hear conversations around me better than the music. The other thing, the on air advertisem*nts is kind of gross. I've never been to a show/concert where they are saying between every act, "and today's event is brought to you but (xx) because when you are in need, trust (xx), it's the #1 (xx) in America". Cheesy and weird.Did get to see Don McLean sing American Pie, Adam Wainwright made his debut, Connie Smith, but I think our favourite unexpectedly was Riders in the Sky. Cute, witty, funny and great.

Andre B — Google review

Wow! So many great performances all on one stage in one night! For best seats, buy tickets when you are planning to visit. We bought these tickets on Saturday for the Tuesday show. We were close by off to the side. For the best view, sit in the center where the performers are most of the time. Traffic is ridiculous as there is one way in and one way out. Give yourself plenty of time!

Terri C — Google review

This is our 3rd visit to the G.O. Opry. If we lived closer I'd go to a show there every month. It's a small intimate setting and the crowds are always respectful. No one is yelling, whistling, or standing up in front of you like at typical concerts. There's not a bad seat in the house. Acoustics are spectacular! Can't say enough Great things about this special Iconic experience. We love the Grand Ole Opry! It makes me want to move to Nashville!

Kay C — Google review

This was very awesome. We loved every minute. My teenager laughed and smiled quite a bit so it has to be great. I would highly recommend this to all. We liked the shop and the back stage tour. Which is take it or leave it but Connie was great. Wonderful stuff going on here.

Eric F — Google review

We stopped by for a tour of the Grand Ole Opry and it did not disappoint. It is a beautiful facility and the history is so rich. The tour guide was so knowledgeable and they take you back stage to see the unique and stunning dressing rooms. It was a wonderful experience and we are so happy we went.

Emili W — Google review

I'll never travel to Pigeon Forge without this trip planner again

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I will never travel to Pigeon Forge without this app againAvailable on the App Store


National Corvette Museum

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (130)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (131)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (132)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (133)

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History museum

The National Corvette Museum is a car museum located in Bowling Green, Kentucky that features over 80 Corvettes from across the lifespan of the car. The museum has interactive exhibits and allows visitors to get behind the wheel of a Corvette stimulator. It is a great place for families to visit and learn about Corvettes history.

I was honestly surprised how much fun it was. I'm not a huge fan of cars, but there were some seriously impressive cars, but also great displays and artifacts in the museum.My husband and father-in-law absolutely loved it and they are why we went.The tickets were not too expensive and worth what you got out of it.I particularly enjoyed the sinkhole exhibit.I probably could have spent longer at each exhibit, but we were a bit pressed for time. I'd say give yourself at least 2 hours to go through the whole tour.

Erin G — Google review

This place is beautiful. We didn't get to see the private collection, and I wish they had some sign at the check-in desk that have the hours of when they are open. Also the cafe was closed (closes at 3p) when we went and I was looking forward to doing that too but they weren't open.The Museum has a wonderful collection of corvettes over the years. They deliver their timeline beautifully. TCM also shows their entire sinkhole collection and history of everything. They have a special room. It's magnificent to see. You really feel the energy from that day in there. It's displeasing to say the least. But, wonderfully put together.There are lots of photos of the different era cars on the Google page, however, I clicked the snap button on my favorites.I did check out the brick engraving and that's $125 to do that, but gets shared after a while due to weather. However, they do have nice octagon shaped bricks inside and those are $250 for non members and $200 for members. This would make for a better option if you would like your legacy to live on for years to come.

Sharon G — Google review

The experience was a great learning experience for the history of the corvette. Well worth the stop for car enthusiasts. My kids enjoyed some of the interactive exhibits. The corvette collection is fantastic. So many I would love to own. Also the sink hole exhibit was interesting and educational. The children did the simulator and both were frustrated with the steering of it but both were glad they had done it. Probably just a one time event for me..

Shawn C — Google review

Great place to visit if you find the history of the Corvettes interesting.The cars in the museum are impressive, and the proteges Corvettes are amazing to see in person!You can take a guided tour or walk through the museum at your pace.What an amazing place to visit in Bowling Green, KY!

Michael G — Google review

You don't have to be a Corvette nut to absolutely love this place, but it helps to love cars!! A superb museum with everything you need to see and know about Corvettes. The main lobby is also the delivery area for people to collect their new cars, so you get to see the absolute latest cars too. There's also a great exhibit about a sink hole that swallowed a load of cars from their collection... very interesting.

PM B — Google review

Great experience, learning opportunity, and eloping history of one incredible design of an automobile. Gorgeous vehicles displayed elegantly with a good flow of exhibit. Shop is also very well equipped with unique gifts and brand items. Go see for yourself.

Marlena K — Google review

I grew up in a Corvette family, so this was a must to stop and see. It just happened to be on our way home from vacation. We added a night in Bowling Green to be able to see this and Mammoth Cave. The history is fantastic and the cars are oh my!! Both new and old, fantastic! If you love cars or Corvettes, then you need to stop here! I did purchase my tickets online ahead of time. They do say they are food for 1 year from the purchase date as long as it is not a combo ticket. We went on a Monday morning and it wasn't super busy yet.

Tracey — Google review

This place is awesome. What a treat to visit this museum. They have a lot to offer. A lot of beautiful,rare cars are on display for your viewing pleasure.The sinkhole was an incredible event that took place here a few years ago. It's all fixed now and you can visit worry free.

Sean M — Google review

Very nice, but there is less there than I expected. I was there about an hour and saw everything I wanted to. There are lots of corvettes from every era, and a few good displays about design and production. A sinkhole opened under the museum a decade ago and they had a good exhibit on the sinkhole and recovery.The cafe is very good, and miles ahead of most museum cafes.

Dave H — Google review

Wow!!! This place is amazing! What a great job of preserving and presenting the history of the Corvette. The displays are immaculate. The entire museum is very well lit and all the signage is easy to read. I did not know that they had a cave collapse that wrecked eight cars. I couldn't stay as long as I wanted, but I'll be back SOON!!

Stan A — Google review

Very cool and informative tour of the factory. No phones, cameras or recording devices allowed. We also toured the museum and saw the sink hole area. That hole is crazy deep.My favorite Corvette paint job was the shark.Went i the gift store and surprised by how reasonable the merchandise was.Gene was great, hell, they all were great and informative.

Christa — Google review

What a great place for my corvette loving teen. The exhibits are top notch, easy to access and interesting. Easy to walk through. Wheelchair accessible. Very cool place. Get the simulator ride for 10 dollars worth it. There is a bit of a wait for that when busy waited 30 min. Eat the the Stingray Cafe. Chicken and waffles 🧇 😋 stingray burger 🍔 victory burger a1 z1 burger yum . Bourbon cake 🎂

Sharon J — Google review

Visited 7/23/23 nice museum. Cost to much money to enter. $18 adults & 14 & under is free. Many different vets to druel over the old & new. They did great with the history

Ebonyeyes — Google review

Really enjoyed our visit. We also did the plant tour, which made the trip more than worth it. The museum was very cool with lots of unique Corvettes to see. It doesn't take too long to see everything, though. The restaurant was also quite nice.

Peter S — Google review

Definitely one to mark off the bucket list for people who love to travel and learn. They have made several updates since the last time I came. I loved that they added stuff for the younger kids. Definitely will be back!

N&N C — Google review

Good museum and not just for fans or owners. A bit pricey for what you see but it’s inline with similar museums.Make sure to really say you want a plant tour and check your receipt. We got booked a museum tour instead. They made it right but we had to come back another day.

Jean-Francois D — Google review

You need to go visit this place if you like cars.We decided to add the guided tour to our ticket. We thought it would add more to the experience. Wow, were we correct. Our tour guide, Jackson, was amazing. Although he was young (19 to 21, we guessed), he knew so much about the history and construction of the Corvette. Jackson worked on the assembly line, as did his father and grandfather. You could tell his love of the Corvette. With 3 generations of knowledge, Jackson was able to bring in personal stories to the tour, not just dry facts. We loved every minute of our tour.The museum is extremely interesting. They have Corvettes from 1953 to today. The displays are well thought out and the descriptions well written. It isn't just a bunch of cars lined up like a car show.

Valari R — Google review

Great private tour. Well informed docent. Excellent exhibits put together in a highly understandable fashion. The cars on display were of high quality and possessed distinctive pedigrees. I’m so glad that we took the time to tour this facility.

Mark N — Google review

It's a great experience for all ages. I have gone to the museum numerous times, and I have fun every time. The exhibits are cool and interactive. The theater is a great option to have a seat and experience Corvette history. I recommend stopping at the diner that's apart of the museum as well.

Corey M — Google review

Really enjoyed the museum.We arrived later in the day (after 2pm), but still managed to make it through before 5pm.Definitely a notch off my Bucket list!

Randy J — Google review

This place has a little something for everyone to enjoy! My husband and teenage son loved the cars from top to bottom and from the inside out! The younger kids loved designing their own car and seeing it displayed on the big screen! The girls particularly liked the different scenes of cars displayed during their various eras. The sink hole has its own special displays, which was fascinating for everyone! We were tight on time, but we’ll be back!

Augusta N — Google review

The family and I had a fantastic time at the National Corvette Museum! We drove the Cprvette simulator and designed our very own vettes!! So cool! The cars were amazing the there was so much his history. We will definitely be backbat at some point.

James Z — Google review

3.9.24Our final stop before heading back to Michigan! Guess you could say we saved the best for last. The museum was super cool and has so much to see. There’s also go karting available at the tracks, but we didn’t do it since it was cold and rainy. Definitely do if you get the chance though! And the little restaurant inside is AMAZING.

Samantha C — Google review

Great place to visit for car lovers and just a hour north of Nashville. Interesting collection and history, plus a look down at the sink hole that swallowed millions of $ in vehicles a few years ago. Even got to see some buyers take delivery of their new cars. Affordable

Laura R — Google review

Had a great visit to the Museum. Glad to see that they were open on Sunday and went with my 2 sons. The place is very well kept and modern. They had a restaurant, library and archive (not open), gift store, stimulator and of course the main museum. We loved the Education center and all the interactive activities within. It kept my 8 and 4 year old entertained and excited. The 'shrine' to the cave-in was awesome and informative. I do wish they left a bit more of the cave-in exposed but probably couldn't for safety reasons. All this along with the awesome, historic Corvettes made it a trip to remember. We plan on returning.

Adam — Google review

My boyfriend and I went to visit for the first time on his birthday weekend. We had a really great time. We loved the seeing the authenticity and beauty in the cars and learning about them and the people that made them. We were a little disappointed that when we went some of it was closed off because of renovations. But we still had an awesome experience and cannot wait to bring our kids!

Johnica E — Google review

One of my favorite places on earth! We enjoyed the factory tour beforehand which was somehow even more impressive than the museum. Give yourself a few hours to really enjoy every bit of this extensive collection.

Thomas O — Google review

Loved it here. Lots of information and history. Great exhibit including the sinkhole incident exhibit. Little section with interactive kids to draw their own corvette to get shown on big screen and other interactive displays

dsofia1023 — Google review


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350 Corvette Dr, Bowling Green, KY 42101, USA

(270) 781-7973


Mammoth Cave

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (137)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (138)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (139)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (140)

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Nature & Parks

Caverns & Caves

Mammoth Cave, situated in central Kentucky, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve. It boasts over 400 miles of explored passageways, making it the longest known cave globally. Visitors can embark on a self-guided 30-minute tour to experience a glimpse of the cave's wonders. Winter is an ideal time to visit as it is the least crowded period, and the cave maintains a constant temperature of 54 degrees year-round.


(4244)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (141)

Kentucky 42259, USA


U.S. Space & Rocket Center

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (142)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (143)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (144)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (145)

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Museum of space history


The U.S. Space & Rocket Center is a museum dedicated to space history with exhibits and artifacts from throughout space exploration. It has both indoor and outdoor exhibits, as well as a simulator ride for kids and adults, so visitors can explore the universe from close up or step back in time to experience what it was like to be an astronaut.

I went yesterday April 3rd. It was awesome beautiful weather. There were a lot of people but you couldn't really tell it except from the parking lot. There is so much space and places to visit that it was extremely enjoyable. If history is your cup of tea, I highly recommend a visit to this place. It is great for all ages. I even noticed they had motorized scooters you rent if you couldn't walk long distances which I thought was thoughtful. Everyplace seems wheelchair accessible. So do go and enjoy yourself.

Andrea L — Google review

Fun place to learn history of the US space program. It’s expensive for a family to come here so plan accordingly. They charge for almost everything interactive once you pay the $30/ea. entrance fee. I get it that they are privately funded so they have to charge to get in. The kids loved it and I loved coming here as a kid myself. The restaurant is a rip off so plan food accordingly.

Rick L — Google review

The tickets are $30 each for entrance, but are 50 percent off on weekdays in February. There are additional charges for many of the activities. The Saturn V is the biggest attraction included with the admission ticket and there are free tours at scheduled times. The tour was worth it. We only had 4 hours on hand to spend here and wish we had more. There's the moon rock, NASA Lunar module, Mars 2020 Perseverance with Ascent vehicle and helicopter, the Apollo 16 command module, the mobile quarantine unit and many other exhibits that should not be missed. Near the building are gravesites of Miss Baker, the first squirrel monkey to go to space and come back alive and her husband.

Seeta — Google review

A well worth stop. Anna was a great tour guide. She took me on a vivid hour tour with great presentation of the space exploration history. The display was vast and educational. Too bad I only had 2 hours.

Sean — Google review

The people who work here take great pride in their history. It was great to see all the authentic pieces. We enjoyed the ability to climb into some of them and feel what it was like to be an astronaut. We also liked walking through the replica of the international space station.They have many experiences that are not included in the admission price. So go check then out first before you decide which ones to choose. The place is showing its age.

Harper V — Google review

Wow. Just wow. What an experience. This place did not disappoint! We did 2 planetarium shows: The Sounds of Space and Cosmos and co*cktails. We had the amazing opportunity to speak with two WOMEN who are engineers for NASA. The gift shop employees were super knowledgeable and friendly.The only confusing part was there was no honorable mention to Katherine Johnson (Hidden Figures). It would have been great to see a dedication to her.It was a great experience all in all though.

Bobbie H — Google review

So many things to see and do. I bought tickets online, which is highly recommended for any of the activities (there were only 3 spots available for flight simulator the day before). Neat to see everything. Very well organized and maintained. Lots of friendly staff. On-site restaurant is a bit expensive.

India V — Google review

Core memory! Went with high expectations, and they were fulfilled! I kinda wished I lived nearby so I can make this an annual trip. I would also recommend the rides (especially the MaxFlight and VR experience). Stuff was also super friendly.

matomitev — Google review

I had a great experience here, learning about the space rockets and of course walking the grounds around the static displays. Take about 2.5 hours to walk and read of its uncrowded like the day I went. Also there were rocket scientists present for you to talk to. The hands on portion where you get to control some of the games was really a nice touch. I definitely recommend a visit.

Xavier O — Google review

Our day at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center was an absolute dream! The abundance of free parking made our visit hassle-free. 🚗 The center seamlessly blends fun and learning, engaging us in rocket science, mathematics, aerospace, engineering, and technology through hands-on building activities. 🌌📚 The myriad of benefits exploring the center offers makes it a perfect day of education and exploration. Highly recommend for families seeking a unique and enriching experience! 🚀🌟

Mike M — Google review

Fantastic museum! Interactive and fun, I definitely recommend. I've been here twice in the last few years and really enjoy the Saturn V rocket museum. I mean, how amazing what we did in the '60s! If you've not been here before, it's something you can do and roughly 4 hours and see and literally do everything including have food. You can see the whole place in probably 90 minutes if you rush through everything.

J. B — Google review

Awesome experience!! Great permanent exhibits, and several temporary ones that change up a couple times a year. This month, they had a really cool Guinness Book of World Records - Science of Play exhibit in the main room! It was so much fun!! There were dozens of different games and challenges for kids of all ages to interact with. I highly, highly recommend going to the 8K Planetarium movie "Our Place in Space" !!! (Tickets are $10-$12 each, but its worth it!)

Laura C — Google review

Even if you're not a big space fan this place has something for everyone. Tons of specs program things inside and out. Old rockets and spacecraft, astronaut items, a real moon rock, the capsule from Apollo 16, and tons of play areas for kids. Such a cool experience to stand under the Saturn V and think of the historic missions it powered. We took our two boys 7 and 4 and they loved everything about the place. You will not regret seeing this place in person.

Corey T — Google review

Not only was it INCREDIBLE to see REAL space crafts that went to SPACE, but a HUGE thank you to the employee who helped me when I got lost. My phone had died, so I couldn't find my family and ended up having a panic attack, but the employee who helped me was so kind and calm and helped me find my way, and I have nothing but appreciation for them! So, 5 stars for both an incredible experience of getting to see and learn all about some incredible space missions, but also for the fantastic customer service!

Serenity P — Google review

It was an amazing place to spend the day with the family. Super busy but we were able to easily do everything we wanted. The planetarium was so incredible. I would definitely recommend it while you are here. I can't explain how extraordinary it is to see.. my daughter kept saying it was out of this world 😁

Marie F — Google review

This was a great family experience and educational as well. There were many interesting and interactive exhibits to see. This is a museum that will take you a couple hours or more to view, but is very worth the trip.

J ( — Google review

My visit to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, was an unforgettable journey into the world of space exploration. This center is not just a museum; it's an educational powerhouse that provides an immersive experience into the history, science, and future of space travel.As you approach the center, you are immediately struck by the imposing rockets and space artifacts on display, creating a sense of awe and excitement. The grounds are well-maintained and provide an excellent backdrop for the incredible exhibits inside.The museum houses an extensive collection of space artifacts, including a Saturn V rocket, which is a marvel to behold. Walking beneath this giant is a humbling experience that really puts into perspective the scale and ambition of space travel. The exhibits are thoughtfully presented, with informative plaques and interactive displays that are both educational and engaging.One of the highlights of my visit was the space shuttle simulator. It gives you a glimpse into what astronauts experience during a space mission, offering a mix of thrill and learning. For younger visitors and the young at heart, this is a particularly exciting feature.The center also does an excellent job in educating visitors about the history of space exploration, from the early days of the space race to current and future missions. The displays are comprehensive, covering various aspects of space science, including astronomy, astronautics, and the technology used in space missions.For families with children, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center is a fantastic destination. The interactive exhibits, hands-on activities, and educational films make learning about space fun and accessible for all ages. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to answer questions and share interesting space facts.Another aspect worth mentioning is the Space Camp programs offered at the center. These programs provide a unique opportunity for kids and teenagers to engage in simulated astronaut training, which is both educational and inspiring.The U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville is a must-visit for anyone interested in space and science. It offers an enriching experience that is both educational and entertaining. Whether you're a space enthusiast or just curious about the final frontier, this center will not disappoint.

Mike T — Google review

This place is awesome! I was here alone and spent about 2.5 hours, if I had my kids I would have been here most of the day, really cool to see the ISS exhibit and be able to walk under some of the huge rockets

Richard M — Google review

C'est une visite sympa et intéressante qui dure environ 3h30.Malheureusem*nt, beaucoup de choses sont en mauvais état et à rénover. On voit que le premier bâtiment est ancienEt il y a des travaux en cours qui semblent être faits de manière un peu anarchique.2 attractions étaient fermées sans compensation financière. Il y a des simulateurs à payer en supplément et le planétarium est aussi en supplément ! Alors que le prix d'entrée n'est franchement pas donné !C'est quand même une visite éducative pour petit* et grands mais un prix un peu moins élevé serait plus juste.(Translated by Google)It’s a nice and interesting visit that lasts around 3.5 hours.Unfortunately, many things are in poor condition and in need of renovation. We see that the first building is oldAnd there is work in progress that seems to be done in a somewhat haphazard manner.2 attractions were closed without financial compensation. There are simulators to pay extra and the planetarium is also extra! While the price of entry is frankly not cheap!It's still an educational visit for young and old, but a slightly lower price would be fairer.

Nadège ( — Google review

If you are in Huntsville Alabama you need to come to the U.S Space & Rock Center. I loved seeing the Saturn 5 Space ship and they have a airplane simulator. The G Force ride was very fun but can get you dizzy. There is also a really expensive gift shop if your interested.

Drew 9 — Google review

The whole place was great. I wish the Space Shuttle was back atop the tank. The Planetarium was AMAZING! The guy that did the show for us was funny and gave the crowd an option for "A boring normal planetarium show" or a "Fun and up close and personal and informational experience with the planets." This was almost exactly one year ago, but he did such a good job that I still remember the funny jokes he made up. "I mean, Uranus is the butt of all jokes." I wish I had thanked him in person, but all these months later, I thank you to whoever made that the best experience ever!

Abigail J — Google review

Such an educational, fun museum. There is SO MUCH to see and do. There are so many interactive things for kids and adults to do. There is so much to see, watch, and experience here. We even got to speak with a rocket scientist who has been doing this for 52 years.It's hard to even summarize the experience. Truly, our nations space history spread out. Lots of walking but worth it.The staff is friendly and efficient at answering questions. There are so many restrooms and easy wheelchair access throughout. You could spend a whole day exploring and finding more facts and information. There are outside exhibits and indoor ones. There are tons of picnic tables outside, and there is a cafe with indoor seating as well.Wear your walking shoes and take lots of pictures. It is something your guests will talk about for years to come.

Tea S — Google review

First time visiting. Overall we had a good visit. The four of us was little less than $90. I feel like it’s overpriced, and the food was also overpriced for what you got. So that’s why it has 4 stars. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at some exhibits. There were construction going on so it looked a bit of a mess outside. The kids enjoyed themselves. The employees were friendly and helpful so no issues there. The facilities were clean. It’s wheelchair, stroller friendly, with a mom and baby restroom. I would come back, just not anytime soon. Maybe when the kids are teenagers.

Thai K — Google review

Our family had such a great time visiting the space & rocket center. The staff were all so friendly and knowledgeable. We did the planetarium and although I study space for my degree path, I learned quite a bit about the planets in our solar system. There was also a playground for my 7 year old to play in for a bit before heading back to our hotel. So far it's been the best part of our first time trip to Huntsville.

Cris — Google review

Very cool facility with lots of interactive stuff for children and adults to do. The outside grounds as well as inside the buildings are loaded with artifacts and space travel items. Loads of history on this campus. I would recommend family and friends to come here.

Cameron W — Google review

Quite a cool place to explore - but only if you have a bit more than 1 hour we had (so we ended up just checking it out from outside and then the me gift shop). Not the cheapest but quite large, also with a large gift shop with quite a cool selection. Seems quite kids-focused, great option for families.

&Tilly [ — Google review

Amazingly large museum with lots to look at and do. Admission includes rides & simulations. The staff was kind & helpful, there was someone always nearby to ask questions.

Krissy C — Google review

If you are a space nerd like me, you will spend all the money, and you will regret nothing, even as they’re renovating right now. One general adult admission ticket was $30. Took about four hours of light sightseeing to cover the museum and the Saturn-V building. This could have easily been the whole day if I went deep in all of the exhibits. They also had actual aerospace engineers wandering around the Saturn-V Instrument Unit display you could ask questions to. (That’s the kind of thing your entry fee is paying for.)Didn’t get to the planetarium this time. Will try for next time. They also have lots of hands-on stuff, and simulators to try out (at an added charge), which I did not partake this time, but looked really cool.Gift shop got me for about $70 in merch on the way out. Very good quality merch, including my new favorite (USA made!) stainless steel water bottle.I’ll happily come back if life brings me back to Huntsville.

Ted M — Google review

What a Great place to spend the Day! So much to see and things to do that are apart of the general admission. There is a number of things that are extra but we didn't do them and still enjoyed the day. 5 year old Grandson loved it. Lots of outside things to walk around and see. The parking is free. There is a gift shop and food court as well

Pamela O — Google review

This is a decent place to bring young children for an outing. I came during the week so it wasn't so crowded for the most part. Planetarium show was okay, wasn't as exciting as we thought. But worth the $10 while there. Good amount of information regarding space and replica models.

D B — Google review

Great experience with kids! Plan to stay for 4-5 hours if you have tweens or older. There are some renovations happening on the rocket display(s) outdoors, but there is still plenty to do during a visit.There are several ad on experiences that I would say are worth it. The most bang for the buck is the max flight simulator. My family all loved this experience! The multi-axis trainer was also a big hit!Save a lot of time to explore the Saturn 5 building. It is amazing.There are a few outdoor rides that are available for patrons as well.

Linda H — Google review


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(3267)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (148)

1 Tranquility Base, Huntsville, AL 35805, USA

(800) 637-7223


Jack Daniel's Distillery Visitor Center

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (149)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (150)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (151)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (152)

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Visitor center


The visitor center at Jack Daniel's Distillery offers guided tours and exhibits historical artifacts. It is highly recommended and provides excellent service. Visitors can purchase tour tickets online or on the day of their visit. The dry county tour option is available, with an opportunity to buy a tasting ticket for an additional cost per person. The highlight of the experience is the humorous and knowledgeable tour guide, Ms Kim. Overall, the tour is superb and highly praised by visitors who often leave with purchased bottles in hand.

This was very entertaining and informative visit. Our tour guide Brandy was awesome and funny. We did the Dry County tour with our seven family members. She made the whole story interesting so that you remain attentive all the time.The Visitor Center was welcoming and impressive and our anticipation of great tour started from there itself. This is not just an industry but an important piece of the history and heritage. This is very inspiring story of Jack and how he made the most popular whiskey in the world.I have visited this distillery many times in the past but I still enjoy it every time. We always bring our guests here to show them important places around here. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the bottling department running or charcoal making process by burning the wood during any of our visits.Overall it was fun experience with some history and some whiskey making process. Must see this oldest distillery of United States.

Ashok P — Google review

Very detail in history from the past and into the present. I also loved they have a wall of this African American family when they started working for the company and still going into today. And telling us that its spring water , corn , wheat and barley for the making of whiskey. It's so natural and fresh. (I think I'm right on the ingredients. ) It was amazing I really enjoyed it. I believe I will drink more of Jack Daniel's whiskey more now that I see how it's made they put love and care into the product and also to its employees from when it started to even now. God Bless Jack Daniel's in your company and employees keep doing what you doing. Thanks for honoring the employees and the Green family. You are recieving the blessings from God for what you do and the employees return it back to working there. This is how a company should be run in this day of age. Thank You. 😊🙏🏾😊🙏🏾

RA B — Google review

The tour of the Jack Daniels distillery was the highlight of our Nashville vacation. It's a beautiful hour and a half drive through horse and cow farms, hills, dales and gorgeous country. Even though my husband is a Tennessee Squire and gets free tours, we chose to pay $35 each for the Angel's Share tour for the tasting. Everyone says their tour guide was the best, that a testament to Jack Daniels hiring process, because Bob, our tour guide, was the best. : ) . For $7, we also chose a JD slushy during the tour. Mine was Lemonade and JD and my husband had the regular JD and co*ke slushy. Delicious! We thought we'd purchase some special bottles and ship them home only to find out it is illegal to do so. Heehee. Our only option was to pack it in our luggage but since we already had new cowboy boots : ) to pack, we had no room. Just as well, because the prices were almost triple than our prices back home in CT. We questioned why the prices were substantially higher and was explained about the dry county thing, prices reflect that. After our tour, we walked to the town where there is shops, restaurants, bakeries as well as a Harley Davidson store. Overall, wear comfortable shoes as you'll do some walking. Overall, you gotta do the tour if you're in Tennessee.

Judith D — Google review

My visit to the Jack Daniel's Distillery was truly exceptional, exceeding all my expectations. From the moment we arrived, Anthony, our guide, made sure we felt welcomed and comfortable. His deep knowledge and passion for the distillery were evident from the outset, adding an extra level of authenticity to our visit.Anthony led us through an informative and entertaining tour of the distillery facilities, sharing fascinating details about the history and process of crafting the legendary Jack Daniel's whiskey. His enthusiasm and charisma made every step of the tour exciting and memorable.Overall, our experience at the Jack Daniel's Distillery with Anthony as our guide was nothing short of exceptional. His professionalism, knowledge, and engaging personality truly made the tour unforgettable. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking to delve into the rich history and exquisite craftsmanship behind one of the world's most iconic whiskeys.

Isvel S — Google review

Loved this tour. Price is great and worth the drive from Nashville. We aren’t drinkers but it was so neat to learn the history. Our tour guide was Sean D and he was great, funny, informational and full of interesting facts. Would definitely go again and ask for him. Thank you Sean D for making our time great!

Kristy C — Google review

Visiting the Jack Daniels Distillery was an all around amazing experience that I highly recommended for everyone; whiskey drinkers or not. This was the starting point for our tour, but there is a ton of interesting history to learn about here before the tour even starts. This visitor center is quite new and it is well laid out, meticulous clean, and staffed with friendly, helpful staff. The tour itself was phenomenal! Rich in history and detail. Our tour guide - and I wish I'd gotten her name because she was absolutely outstanding - was so knowledgeable and instantly had an answer to ever question asked; and there were a lot of questions. I unequivocally recommended a trip to Lynchburg if you are anywhere near the area. You will not be disappointed.

Joshua J — Google review

Made reservations in advanced estimating an arrival as we drove up from Georgia. We arrived earlier than expected, but they were able to move my reservation to an earlier time. I believe Anthony was out guide, and he was very knowledgeable and entertaining with the information. Highly recommend the Flight of Jack Tour, worth every bit of the 90 min tour.

Jason G — Google review

It was my first time visit to any distillery. Great friendly stuff. We selected the angle tour and it was amazing. They showed us in detail how the worlds best whiskey is made. The secret water was the best cool place. So lucky we could see the water flow. Tasting area was also great setup.You get to take the tasting glasses home as souvenirs but their plastic glass.I wish the coster were strong material as the once they gave us were paper.They also showed us single barrel bottling area.Visited the gift store and overall great experience. Thanks for the tour.

Kavita T — Google review

My guided tour was Amazing being lead by a very talented and knowledgeable X Marine, Brian R was the BEST! I truly appreciate his dedication to his craft and the company he represents. He made the tour fun and interesting. A wealth of knowledge about the distillery business and process. I was also very fortunate to meet Ms Kathy at the Tenn Squires Asso who helped me reinstate my membership and shared information about the association and my future participation. So cool that being able to share my experience and being welcomed into the community from the 1980’s was such an honor for me. Thank you to all the amazing people who made my day full and rewarding.

Examiner 0 — Google review

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience! I think it was chiefly due to our amazing guide Justin aka Juice! Even before our tour started and Justin knew we were part of his tour he had stopped to greet us. We were looking at the family tree of Nearest Green and Justin identified people he knew and some fun facts about them. Justin was so friendly, jovial, and informative. His wit, warmth, obvious experience were second only to his passion for what he did and where he did it. You should DEFINITELY put this on your list of things to do while in the area!

Sharon E — Google review

Americana. History. Whiskey. Hospitality…. it’s all here at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery and Visitor Center in Franklin. We made an impromptu visit on a Saturday afternoon and were able to get on the Angel’s Share tour without much wait. I do recommend advance purchase for tickets if you’re planning a trip to the area. The main parking lot and runoff parking area, are well-maintained and staffed with plenty of parking for those who need handicapped access. A shuttle is available. The restrooms in the visitor center were extremely clean. Staff at the ticket desk were very hospitable and helped us find the tour that was right for us. It was a warm afternoon and we appreciated the option to purchase a frosty beverage for our walking tour. Our tour guide Lea was knowledgeable and courteous, could be heard very clearly. The ambience for the whiskey flight sampling was comfortable and fun.

J S — Google review

Absolute worth every penny. The service was great. If you can buy your tour tickets online. I did see some people get tickets the day of. We did the dry county one but you can still buy a tasting ticket after for 15 bucks extra per person. Our tour guide Ms Kim was the best part of my whole trip! She was beyond amazing and sooo funny! The actual tour was superb! Can’t say enough great things! I walked out with many bottles that I bought after the tour!

Willie R — Google review

This place is one of the best distillery tours I went on. We took the Angles share tour ( pre booking is recommended) and we had lots of fun. It was raining a bit and weather was perfect so we don’t get tired in sun. Our Tour guide Debbie was amazing and she explained us the history of Jack and distillery perfectly. There process of making whisky is almost similar to everyone else except a little bit of new process which I saw only at JD distillery, which was amazing.The tour starts with smelling the amazing slit whiskey and it smells heaven. Then Debbie explained us the history of Jack and how he started making whiskey. He had an interesting history and glad he succeeded in it.Overall the whole tour was amazing.We had a sample tasting at the end of tour and we got 5 samples to taste. They had different flavor profiles and tastes to it. It was fun to taste them and know the difference.There is a shop on-site where you can buy the bottles and customize couple of bottles. I wish they had accessories on-site to buy also. But they do have a hardware store that sells JD merchandises, they do close at 5pm though and we missed it.Overall this was an amazing experience.

Akshay R — Google review

Great tour. Our guide Michelle was very knowledgeable and friendly. It was a great tour explaining the history of Jack Daniel's and the distilling process. We also purchased the Angel's share tour. It was nice to have the tasting and explanation about the different varieties.

Genell M — Google review

We did the Angels Share tour and it’s outstanding. I’ve been on maybe 10 different distillery tours and this is up there, it’s very well done. Tasting room is also incredible! Only downside and I’m not gonna knock them for it, is the bottle shop onsite is MINIMAL.

Andrew H — Google review

My visit to the Jack Daniel Distillery in Tennessee was made truly special by our enthusiastic tour guide, who proudly represented the distillery as a member of the second generation working there. Their passion and knowledge shone through during the entire tour, adding a personal touch to the experience.However, there was a downside that families with toddlers should be aware of. The tour does not allow strollers, which can make it challenging for parents with young children. I wouldn't recommend it for kids under 4 who still rely on strollers, as there is quite a bit of walking and stairs involved.Despite this drawback, the highlight of the visit was undoubtedly trying their signature Jack & co*ke. It was nothing short of awesome and provided a perfect way to conclude the tour. The blend of Jack Daniel's whiskey with the classic cola was a delightful treat.In summary, the Jack Daniel Distillery offers an engaging and informative tour, led by passionate guides like ours. While it may not be the most toddler-friendly excursion due to the no-stroller policy, it's an excellent choice for adults looking to learn about the history of this iconic whiskey and enjoy a fantastic Jack & co*ke along the way.

Chau T — Google review

My experience was wonderful! We chose The Angel's Share Tour. Our tour guide was Anthony. He is probably the best guide in the distillery. He was super friendly, attentive and funny. At the end of the tour, I asked him for a photo, and he agreed to take one with me! We went in August and the tour started at 10:45 am sharp, we had a whiskey tasting and then we went shopping for souvenirs. We were in Lynchburg for almost 4 hours, it is a charming town. We would have stayed longer but we already had a tractor party booked. Go to this beautiful place, you will not regret it!

Geraldine A — Google review

Angel's Share tour with Ashley (funny, informative, welcoming, answers any question asked!!!) was outstanding!!! Very informative for those who know a lot or just a little about the distilling process. The walk was great, just be ready for some stairs! The tour capped off with a tasting, which was very nice even for someone who gravitates to bourbon! The whole experience was awesome!

Benjamin H — Google review

I along with my wife took the "Flight of Jack Daniel's tour" during labor day weekend last year and we have become fans of this place.I say this as a tee-totaler that this place should be a must visit on your list if you are ever visiting Nashville. Here is the summary of our visit there:-- Location: This place is about 3.5 hours from Atlanta and 1.5 hours from Nashville. The funny part is that the distillery is part of a dry county where drinking in not allowed *wink*wink*-- Tickets: While we did the flight of Jack Daniels tour which is 1.5 hours long, there are many others available which are both with and without wine tasting. We had 6 different wine tasting - only a sip of their finest world famous whiskey. Booking in advance is a must--- Tour: The tour was amazing as so was out tour guide. I forgot her name but she made sure to answer all the questions, explain the process with her wit and jokes all the time.--- Value for Money: An absolute banger of a money. We paid $30 for the tour and it was totally worth it.Since the visitor, I have become their unofficial promoter and I promote the place to all my friends.I cannot recommend this place enough for the tour, the vibe and the history of Jack Daniels :)

Sunny S — Google review

we loved our visit to the Jack Daniels distillery, the guide was excellent and took us through all the stages of whiskey making, in addition to several stories about the life of Jack and the workers who produced this classic whiskey. The tasting room is worth the detour in itself. Take the Jack and co*ke Slush or the lemonade, it's worth the price and you can't change your mind and take it at the counter.

M. R — Google review

We had a wonderful time on our Angel’s Share tour! Our guide Morgan was incredible. He did not rush us, he was very informative and knowledgeable about everything Jack Daniel’s, had a great sense of humor and answered all of our questions. He was very thoughtful in discreetly asking us if one of the people in our party needed any additional assistance due to some mobility issues and the number of stairs throughout the tour. Definitely recommend this tour, even if you don’t drink like me.

Jesica G — Google review

What an amazingly fun and informative tour! The sheer amount of knowledge our tour guide, Matt, has in his head was dazzling! I have no doubt that if I were to take another tour with the same man, I would still learn something new! The nearly 2 hour tour went by far too fast. We could've spent the entire day and still needed more time to take it all in. Truly, the only part of the tourbi would change would be the length of time spent... we would have loved to be able to spend more time with Matt and have been able to take more time at each stop of the tour. We will be back! And don't forget your whiskey trail poker chips as you get your map stamped.

Y N — Google review

Jack is my poison so I was excited to do this tour for my birthday. My tour was the Angel tour for 9:15 a.m on April 6th. My tour guide was Kim who is absolutely AMAZING!!! She made the tour fun, she has a very bubbly personality but not the annoying kind. Kim is funny, very informative and just all around great personality, she loves her job and you can tell. Our tour started off with a short bus ride where we got off to start the tour by foot, and get a slushie (if you purchase one, which I recommend you do). The grounds are absolutely beautiful, with a lot of photo opportunities as you can't take photos inside. Kim walked us through the history of Jack himself, how he started making the whiskey, who helped him and so much more. I love history so to hear how it all started and to see where it is today is absolutely amazing. At the end we did some taste testing. The taste testing was very interesting because as much as I like Jack I stick with what I know, so to taste the ones made of rye was new to my taste buds. After the tour we went inside to look at our picture that was taken before we went in and we were greeted by Jeff. Jeff helped us with purchasing our picture, and explained to me how the personalized branding for a bittle worked. I went and purchased my bottle of gentleman Jack, paid for it and went back to Jeff where he helped me finalize the branding portion. Jeff was very pleasant to chat with and very helpful when it came to all of my questions. I recommend this tour if you like history and love Jack. Take a tour with Kim, you're guaranteed to laugh and learn all at the same time. I'd definitely do this again.

Stephanie W — Google review

Fantastic tour! Juliet was our tour guide and she was very informative, funny and patient with us. Whiskey tasting was also outstanding. I learned I am not a single barrel enthusiast! The landscape was breathtaking as well…very well maintained. Even on a rainy day, this tour is worth it. Highly recommend visiting and take it the tour.

Scott K — Google review

The tour is amazing, really quick, really educational, some history, some how a long living brand starter and how it is surviving among all those years and being sold all over the world. And a business school model lesson . And Jed was AMAZING and fun to talk. Definitely a good experience.

Sylvana Y — Google review

Came out for a group work trip and we all went on the tour. The tour was great and Anthony was an awesome guide. Altogether the tour with the tasting was just over an hour and a half long but we were also one of the last groups for the day. The walk was maybe a half mile and there were decent stairs, but nothing terrible. Majority of this tour is outside, so prepare accordingly.

Aric S — Google review

Due to mobility issues and my husband in a motorized wheelchair, we had the modified tour which made sure there were no stairs involved. We were the only 2 people on the 1:35pm tour today and it was incredible. Our guide, Debbie, was the absolute nicest, most knowledgeable guide we have had and treated us with care and dignity. She really made our tour special. It is a very interesting tour and would highly recommend...

Jacqui M — Google review

We visited the distillery on 2/24/24. We did the Angel's Share Tour, our tour guide was Kyle. Kyle was a fantastic tour guide, he was funny, energetic, and knew so much great history about Jack Daniels. We were so surprised at how big this distillery is, the property is so beautiful! At the end of this tour, we got to sample five different types of Jack Daniels from the barrel. We'd recommend visiting this distillery to anyone!

Adrienne F — Google review


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133 Lynchburg Hwy, Lynchburg, TN 37352, USA

(931) 759-6357


Unclaimed Baggage

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Second hand store


Huge venue selling unclaimed airline luggage, including clothes, jewelry, bags & electronics.

We heard about this store a while back and finally went there, and we were SO GLAD we did! First we were greeted by a very friendly and helpful employee, Rachel Barnes, who explained to us where all the different types of merchandise were located and made us feel very welcome. Then, after finding out it was our first visit to the store she gave us a coupon for two free drinks in the café! That was a very unexpected and welcome treat since it was afternoon and we were just saying we could use some caffeine!😜 She was over and above awesome!👍⭐️☕️ And the store was pretty amazing too, there was so much stuff to look at, we will definitely be back to explore some more when we have more time. We were curious about how it got started, so we googled it on the way home and really enjoyed reading about the history, quite a story!

Denise M — Google review

I can see where some people would enjoy this store. In my opinion, they are seriously overpriced big time!! I like to shop and don't hesitate to pick up a good deal but this store didn't ring my bell. When I walk around for 90 minutes and purchase 1 item (under $5), something is wrong. My husband has been wanting to come here for years and we finally made it. It looks like a Mall Store filled with mostly used overpriced items. I was talking to a sales lady and she told me it takes a long, long, long time for anything to go down in price. Another sales lady told me 70% of the items are unclaimed freight and the other 30% are new stocked items. It just wasn't what we expected. I thought we would walk out with several shopping bags of items. If you making a special trip from a long distance be prepared for a lot of sticker shock. To avoid disappointment, I'd only visit if I was in the area. Anything used that is offered here, you can find elsewhere used at a cheaper price. Signed....... a long time picker.

Miss C — Google review

Kinda a cool place. There’s a nice variety of stuff here. They have a map to show you where each category is in relation to the next. If you take some time and really look through things I bet you can find some good deals. Clean and organized- at least when I went in Oct. 2022.

Kathryn ( — Google review

This place has everything from books, clothes, electronics, musical instruments, sports equipment and pretty much anything you can imagine. There is a small museum and a separate bargain basem*nt building. It was something unique to visit and experience.I rated it low because their prices were way too high, especially when it came to electronics. The things that were cheap were old and outdated. We were there for several hours and didn't buy anything.

Will G — Google review

I had heard about this store for a long time and was very curious. I happened to be in the area visiting friends and we went there. It had some nice items. I was able to buy some women’s and men’s clothes. If you are a serious shopper, you should allow a couple of hours to browse everything. The men’s clothing is in a different area from the main building so you need to check out before moving between buildings. Some good bargains.

Beth C — Google review

It’s like going to a large thrift store with lots of clothes with original tags on them. The separation of the size’s seriously lacks. When I went to my size I found children sizes all the way to swallow me sizes. They need to really work on that. I did however get a great pair of Beats Studio Buds for $69.99.

Vicki E — Google review

A huge disappointment...I should have read the reviews before my planned trip. They are all point. I actually agreed with all the lowest stars reviews. Was a waste of my time really. A big huge overpriced thrift store.I think they should tap into probably selling the stuff in luggages...and make the items be mysterious...that would be cool...matching the name of the place. Then u get what u get...the disappointment wouldn't be on them at that point...but what's in the trunk...because baaaaaby...no way was half the stuff worth the prices I saw.Small dining area was closed...except for coffee and sweet treats. That was also disappointing as we were in the middle of nowhere and my kids were hungry. Turned out...the city area with lots of dining options...was actually nearby.But...higher than expected prices...not cool stuff....just your regular thrift store stuff.Staff was A+ five stars. Very kind and attentive.Store was neatly organized and clean.Love the biz idea...just ain't going back.

Shawna L — Google review

I’ve been to Unclaimed Baggage dozens of times throughout my life, as I grew up about 15 miles from Scottsboro. The place can be a little overwhelming, it is huge, tons of merchandise and new items added daily. This doesn’t even include what is available through their online store. You can certainly find some great deals if you look hard enough and a lot of good deals but don’t get caught up in the marketing as some of the prices are just ok and can be found for a better price elsewhere. They have everything you can imagine, clothing, electronics, shoes, books, toys and more. If you have never been, you need to go at least once. Except to spend about a half a day and I recommend going on a weekday as it is packed on Saturday. When planning your trip remember, they are not opened on Sunday.

Richard E — Google review

Always love going here. Great bargains and neat items can be found. Very friendly employees. If I wasn't so far away I'd visit more often, but I enjoy spending time there and browsing. I believe it took me a couple hours to do the whole store and outter building. Worth going too!

Linda B — Google review

I went to visit unclaimed baggage with my cousin for her birthday. Visiting unclaimed baggage was on my wish list because of the museum that hoggle resides! It was awesome to see the puppet in person, I never knew how large Jim Henson's puppets were, it was a great experience. Also I want to mention the prices for some of the items differ, but overall very fair prices, and there was a wide variety of different things to look at! I definitely recommend going here at least once.

Ariel W — Google review

We had a great time at Unclaimmed Baggage. It was a fun must-see. They had free lemonade and water. They had numerous shopping carts and bags. There are lots of photo ops and even the opportunity to paint a suitcase for foster kids. There are plenty of restrooms and also a cafe with some tasty banana pudding! There were a lot of namebrand items. Tons of jewelry, shoes, purses, and clothes galore! The book selection wasn't my favorite, but hey, they get what they get. If I went again, I would plan to go for 2 days instead of one. They are constantly putting out new stuff. Also, don't skip the museum! They have a basketball signed by Michael Jordan and a Jim Henson puppet from Labyrinth! Check the photos to see which one.

Heather W — Google review

Love this place. It's in the most obscure place, but worth the drive. Go early and hit the electronics place first. They have everything; clothing, shoes, electronics, sporting goods, jewelry, books, beach items, children's clothing, belts, bags, etc. There's even a bargain building out back. Don't forget to check out the unique museum. We'll be back! It's an adventure just to wander around.

Melinda J — Google review

The Unclaimed Baggage store is a place where you can buy people’s old luggage. If you do not claim your lost baggage after a certain time the airline sells it to this place. I was able to find clothes, jewelry, shoes and even iPhones. They have everything. I was also able to get a designer item. And there is no smell and everything is very clean. The bathroom is spotless. You can buy stuff for very cheap and it is definitely worth visiting.

Drew 9 — Google review

A very kooky, unique experience. My best finds we’re $3 gloves for winter, a $22 Lululemon sports bra and $5 sunglasses. Nice little coffee shop too!

Natalie C — Google review

Great experience. The staff was helpful. It looks like they're expanding and doing better. I'm glad now they're open till 8pm, I came by last year and they were closed. The museum is a nice touch. They even have a discount building in the back for 75% off..

Garrett R — Google review

Last minute roadtrip with my son and my sisters to Guntersville during this Christmas season, and it was a decent distance from home, not too far at all. This was not my first time visiting, but you never know what you might find. We found quite a few new designer items at less than half of the retail price. The bargain warehouse - not too lucky this trip as we left with only an item for our dog. But it was definitely worth the trip!

Thia C — Google review

Prices very close to retail on the electronics I looked at. Neat place I guess, but if it isn't on the way to another destination. Save your time and gas. But it's basically a goodwill with some nicer stuff.

Nic T — Google review

Fun little place! Definitely a lot to browse through. Tons of clothing but a lot of it is great quality for second hand. Some prices are a bit high but value on clothing is subjective. We were able to find men’s insulated carhart overalls for $25, which I consider a win!

Candice M — Google review

We didn't know what to expect, but we have been very curious about this store. We finally visited the store and was not disappointed. It was mostly clothes, but you may be surprised by what you may find there. To see our adventures subscribe to SIMPLE LIFE BIG ADVENTURES on YouTube.

Scotty T — Google review

Honestly. Unclaimed baggage is out of there mind on some of these prices. Anything that was a Jordan shoe or AF1 was really over priced. I didn't take a picture of every pair of shoes. I would have been there all day doing that. Lots of electronics like Apple and Samsung items over priced. It's a ok place to shop for clothes. Sunglasses out of the question. Name brand sunglasses any where from around $88 to $250 that are used. Seems like I remember it being a much different place years ago. There are some good deals. Overall shop at your own risk.

Matt M — Google review

The family and I stopped by Unclaimed Baggage on a road trip through the area. We found some great deals on Oakly Sunglasses, a dooney and bourke bag, kids' clothes, and a pair of awesome Nike shoes. They had a deal going for 25% off clearance items. The place was busy but not crazy crowded. We arrived early and were gone by 11am. If you can stop, it's worth a look around.

James Z — Google review

Inside and out it is decorated well. The prices were weirdly very high. I expected thrift store prices because the items are USED…but HAD NEAR RETAIL PRICES.

Robert K — Google review

I've been several times over the years and back when they were less known (before Oprah revealed and shared them with the world) they had much more friendly and affordable prices and still profited. Now it's seldom worth making the trip due to major changes and increases of their prices and becoming more about the money and less about the people!! That's not to say you won't get great deals it's just just fewer and further between. I've always enjoyed the times I've been if for nothing else you can always see some unique and different things!!! Happy shopping! 🛍️

Jesse — Google review


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Lookout Mountain

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (168)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (169)

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Mountain peak

Sights & Landmarks

Lookout Mountain, a historical battlefield of the Civil War, boasts scenic views, rock formations and caves for exploration. The Incline Railway on Lookout Mountain offers an exciting ride with its steep 72.7% grade that makes it one of the world's steepest passenger railways. Visitors can purchase a ticket package that includes the railway along with Rock City and Ruby Falls to save money.

I love it so much that I made it my home.There is more beauty here than you will have time to take in.

HelloI'm K — Google review

If you are looking for rock city and Google tells you to go down tower road that is the wrong way and address. Although that road is very off road and little streams and jeep worthy so if you are into that sorta thing go for it.The address is actually1400 Patten Rd, Lookout Mountain, GA 30750See my photos below. This place is a blast

Kenneth P — Google review

It's a must see! Definitely wish we had made this an entire day trip. I believe I remember a restaurant, but there is definitely and a little shop with snacks, souvenirs and a bar. There was even a singer/guitarist performing! We saw signs about a bird of prey show but time didn't allow us to stay.

Elizabeth B — Google review

An excellent trail and view at the top were highly worth it. I recommend using all trials to ensure you don't take a wrong turn.

Steve H — Google review

Was well worth the trip! Lots of fun family friendly amusem*nt. Phenomenal view once you get to the top. Definitely recommend! You have to pay to get in, and the trails were not as difficult nor long because there was so many beautiful distractions. Time flies fast here.

MzPebbles S — Google review

If you love Civil War history this is a must stop while in Chattanooga. The view is why I rated it 5 stars. Veterans get a discount to enter the military park. There are other sires nearby relating to civil war history that are worth seeing, especially the Gordon Lee mansion and battle of Chickamauga in Chickamauga Georgia.

Shad S — Google review

The fall colors on the way to the top of the mountain on the Incline Railway were beautiful!

M R — Google review

Definitely worth the trip. We drove up to the top and were glad we did.Lookout Mountain was great, such beautiful views.After that we drove around and were surprised to how many homes are up there.

Sherry K — Google review

Loved this place! My wife and I were in town for a softball tournament with our daughter. We had about 4 hours in between games which was a perfect amount of time to grab lunch at Big Rock Grill, see the rock city gardens, lookout mountain and the shops. Although we ate at the Big Rock Grill just inside the gate I would recommend holding out to eat at the Cafe 7 located right by the overlook (about halfway through the Rock City gardens tour). The view there is way better while your eating! This is a tour that anyone can like, all ages. All of the trails are paved and definitely easy to navigate, unless your in a wheel chair. There were quite a few tight squeezes that may be scary for those with claustrophobia but otherwise fun and enjoyable. If your in town do what the signs say.....SEE ROCK CITY!

J S — Google review

It's great place to get some fresh air and see some scenic views. The history here is something worth learning. We watched the video which was helpful in understanding the different informational posts. My only downside is that there is no railing for the steep drop offs. Other than that great location with beautiful drive to the top.

Bethany I — Google review

Absolutely loved it!! One of the coolest places I've been... great it you love nature. it was a magical experience!

Romanda L — Google review

Beautiful view. Suggestion visiting the place when the weather is not hot. October would be best time.

Novak S — Google review

This is a great family experience. You can even bring your dog on a leash. At the end, there is a winery that has some pretty decent ones. There’s a gift shop as well. Try not to walk through too quickly. We kind of rushed through without realizing how short it was. I love the lighting and the scenery. There was also a spot to stop and see seven different cities from one point. The waterfall is pretty, but you cannot get into it from this path. Follow my Instagram @rosadivina29 for more places I’ve visited!

Ashley B — Google review

My best friend, her daughter (who was getting married in four days), and I decided to take a day trip to Lookout Mountain. First, the drive itself is beautiful- especially during the season when the leaves are all changing colors. It’s almost unreal because it looks so picturesque.We dined at a Cafe in town then did the Lookout Mountain tour (along with some souvenir shopping!)😊This is one of the best places to visit for a fun day trip with family, friends, or just to get away! The sights are stunning, the other features offered along time tour are extremely interesting, and the history is amazing. I’m a huge history buff so I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the ‘See Rock City’ campaign- when over 700 barns were painted red then adorned with the ‘See Rock City’ logo.And of course I brought home the iconic birdhouse as my souvenir. Love it!The walk itself is very mild- anyone, regardless of fitness level- can complete the walk and enjoy every step!!! Multiple viewing areas (with chairs and benches) are available as well as other resting points along the way.If you haven’t been to Lookout Mountain, or is been a while since your last visit, definitely plan a day trip! It’s well worth it- I’m already looking forward to visiting again with my son and husband!

Christine C — Google review


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Georgia 30738, USA


Ruby Falls

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Sights & Landmarks

Ruby Falls is a 145-foot underground waterfall inside a limestone cavern in Lookout Mountain. It's one of the most stunning sights you'll ever see, and it's definitely worth the cost of admission. The elevator ride down is amazing, and the waterfall itself is enhanced with lighting and stirring music to make it that much more thrilling.

I came with my boyfriend and we enjoyed our experience! The tourist was very informative, the walk was not moderate, the views were stunning, and we left overall satisfied with the trip!

Siya P — Google review

Dougie D was our guide and it was well worth the entry cost just for him. He made the guided walk super fun, knew lots, and handled crowds and kids awesomely.If you’ve been to any caverns, it’s not much different except the waterfall here is a treat. It’s accompanied by a light show. The overlook is nice as well and there is a zip line option if you’d like. They also have a night guided option during certain months.Wear nonslip closed foot gear. It gets slippery and wet down in the cave. Also purchase tickets in advance they sell out fast. We went on Saturday at noon and it was sold out for the day, we had to purchase for next day tickets and return. Enjoy!

Tiffany H — Google review

Really cool experience, 1200 feet underground which you take the elevator to. The cave tunnels have cool formations with names on the signs near them (however, our guide didn't really say much about any of them), and the tunnels are lit with neon colored lights. Note: the pathway is pretty slippery, the ceiling is only about 5'11 ish high, and the light show at the waterfall only lasts 10 min.

Laurel D — Google review

Ruby Falls was such a fun experience. Buying tickets in advance is recommended, as well as arriving 10-15minutes early.Individual ticket prices (plus tax):Adults $25.95Kids (3-12) $15.95We visited on a Wednesday morning in June at 11am and had a full tour for our time slot. Parking is free but seems to be slightly limited. There were only a handful of spots left by the time we arrived that morning.The elevator takes you down approximately 260 feet (26 stories) below the surface. The path in the cave takes you deeper into Lookout Mountain, the farther you walk. By the time you reach the waterfall, you'll be 1120ft below the mountain's surface. It is also the tallest and deepest underground cave waterfall that's in the US and open to the public. Leo Lambert discovered it in 1928, after crawling for 6 hours/650ft and then walking/climbing an for an additional 11 hours, knowing that there was something hidden away. He then named it after his wife.It was an incredible and fun experience. I'd highly recommend visiting. If I'm recalling correctly, it took somewhere between 60-90 minutes for the whole tour, light show at the waterfall, and elevator rides.

Erin B — Google review

Such a cool cave walk, took our group about 90 minutes total. An elevator takes you straight down into the cave where you begin. The experience starts with a group photo that can later be purchased and a short video of who and how the cave and falls were discovered. The falls is on a timer, so when we entered it was dark and then the lights came on and it was sooo beautiful! Highly recommend!!

Lisa M — Google review

This was an awesome experience, the underground elevator, the caverns and the underground fall was worthy. Buy the tickets in advance, online is faster, there is no wait time. Tickets 25.95.

The A — Google review

It is a great experience indeed. The falls are deep in the mountain - to get there you walk through a cave with fascinating rock formations. Make sure you put Ruby falls on your itinerary when visiting Chattanooga

Urs S — Google review

Never seen a waterfall inside a cave before. This place is super awesome. There is like 15-20min tour inside the cave with the guide explain the history of it. The waterfall is a must visit if you are around Tennessee. Please buy the ticket online if you want to save your waiting time.

Gayan W — Google review

Walk up to counter to pay for the tour. You get access to the viewing tower and a guided tour of the cave and falls.You enter the cave via an elevator ride a couple hundred feet down, then there's is an approximately 1/4 mile walk to the falls through the cave.The cave itself is beautiful and the falls are gorgeous.Parking out front is easy and accessible for all.Discounts for military/veterans.

William ( — Google review

We stopped by here for a little stop to stretch our legs so we didn't end up going in the caves but we did go up to the tower to get a look at the view. It was a beautiful place to stop even if you don't do all the activities provided.

Kye G — Google review

I purchased our tickets online per their website recommendations and left about 1 hr in between attractions.WARNING!! That was way too much time! BUT they were very accommodating and were able to move up our reservations.Perhaps it has to do with the time of day or the day of the week. We had to push all our activities up by 2.5 hrs. With that said keep inmind that Ruby falls and the Zip line are on the same property.Our guide really made the cave walk a fun experience. Joe, was very personable, knowledgeable and had tons of insights about the falls and the area in general.We started at 12:30, with a group of 13 & that was the smallest group we encountered. We completed the tour at 2 pm (1.5 hr) total. We proceeded up the tower but not much to say as you can see it was a very muggy day.

Mag O — Google review

I visited Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, Tennessee and found the tour and cave experience to be nice, but I can only give it three stars. The tour felt quite rushed, with limited time to stop and take photos of the stunning formations. Additionally, the cave was quite crowded, and there were instances where one tour group had to pass another, making it challenging to navigate. Seeing the cave and the waterfall was cool, but the overall experience left me unsure if I would do it again.

Jonathan R — Google review

Ruby Falls is a must-visit gem for anyone in the vicinity. The underground waterfall is nothing short of spectacular, and learning about its fascinating history adds depth to the experience. The tour guides are knowledgeable and engaging, enhancing the journey through the caverns. It typically takes about an hour to reach the waterfall and return, making it a manageable excursion. I appreciate how formations are named based on their appearance, adding to the allure of exploration. For convenience, I recommend purchasing tickets online to secure time reservations. All in all, Ruby Falls offers an unforgettable adventure beneath the surface, making it a highlight of any trip to the area.

Kevin A — Google review

It was very beautiful with lots of interesting rock formations. We really enjoyed our visit. It is a little bit of a long walk and might seem longer because you’re welcome slow and some areas have low hanging rock. I think it might’ve been longer this time because the elevator was broken and we had to walk extra. Definitely worth a visit.

Kristen B — Google review

OK. The waterfall is magical and worth the visit. HOWEVER the group sizes are too big over 30 people per group. We were constantly stopping to let other groups pass. It was annoying and too many people in the groups to fully enjoy the experience. We preferred raccoon caverns. Just an honest review from our experience.

Jillian S — Google review

Ruby falls a nice experience. It was different and kind of cool to see the cave and the falls. In my opinion a little expensive to pay 25 dollars to go under grown to see a small fall with a lot of people for one hour and walk one mile round trip.

Gio M — Google review

Spectacular! Fabulous place for a fun date or a day out with the kids. Wear good walking shoes and bring a light jacket because it gets a little chilly down there.

Angela H — Google review

Lovely place to take a family trip to and enjoy something new. Drove up during the weekends and had a great time exploring the caves. The staff are competent and humorous and the overall location is easy to reach. Just be careful on the drive up the mountain, lots of sharp turns and speeding cars.

Avery W — Google review

Ruby Falls was an underground adventure like no other! As I descended deep into Lookout Mountain, I couldn't help but marvel at the wonders hidden beneath the earth's surface.The highlight was, of course, the stunning 145-foot waterfall, Ruby Falls, named after the discoverer's wife, Ruby. It's a geological marvel, with its underground formation dating back millions of years.Did you know? Ruby Falls was accidentally discovered in 1928 during the excavation of a cave. It's now one of the tallest and deepest commercial underground waterfalls in the United States.The guided tour was both educational and thrilling, offering insights into the cave's history and the fascinating rock formations. Stalactites and stalagmites adorned the cave like natural sculptures.Pro tip: Wear comfortable shoes for the tour and be prepared for some moderate walking. It's a surreal journey into the heart of the earth and a testament to the wonders of nature. A must-visit for explorers and history buffs alike! 🌍🕳️🏞️

Sahaj P — Google review

Ruby Falls was a really cool experience and I would definitely recommend it! The total tour is approximately 1 hour (underground). The walk is a little more than a mile round trip and is easygoing. It’s mostly flat, with some minimal stairs. I saw several limited mobility persons on the tour, although it was a longer walk and you could tell they were tired by the end. Minor limited mobility would be alright. Those who have difficulty with walking long distances should avoid the tour because it is walking for an hour with no stops to sit and rest.The falls themselves are beautiful. Depending on how dry or wet it has been (rainfall) will determine the strength of the waterfall.Some tour guides are really funny and point out great things. Try to be at the front of the tour or you’ll not hear everything and miss what is being said.I’ve done several cave tours and this was definitely worth doing. It’s a cool experience for kids too because it doesn’t take very long and there’s a lot to look at.

Jennifer H — Google review

Second visit to Ruby falls after 17years. I have better cameras now so took better pictures :). The experience has been pretty consistent so I would say nothing much has changed and it is good. There are zip lining activities which I am not up for. So adventurous ones can try

Chitrak G — Google review

We purchased tickets in advance, and upon our arrival, they were running behind. We had a bit of a wait before our group was called to board the elevator. Once we got down into the cave, we had a fun time walking through. However, we did have a big group, and we were towards the back, so it was very hard to hear. The falls were beautiful and worth the walk. I did feel like I was rushed through the tour, so I wish I could have had more time to embrace my surroundings.

Micanna A — Google review

They are open until 8pm. I have been here multiple times. It’s good for a one time visit and if you have not seen any other under ground caves. The staff and the tour guides are knowledgeable. I still wonder the source of water. I have never seen the water flow increase or decrease its always the same during my multiple visits. The stalactites and stalagmites are many. Worth a visit one time. Beauty of this place is it’s 260 feet below. Only thing disappointing is they really do not give enough time to spend and click pics at the main fall. It is close to a mile walk so can get a little for elders and people who cannot talk much.

Sydney D — Google review

Gwen was an excellent tour guide and we didn’t know what to expect. This was great! You literally go through caves to access a room of hidden water falls and so many natural creations! You need to go!!!

Tucker D — Google review

It was an interesting underground Falls, and the cave was interesting, but the tour guide literally runs you through, the only place you get to actually stop and take photos is at the Falls, but there are plenty of other interesting items in the cave that you miss. Groups can be upwards of 38 people and they do many group tours a day.

LaDonna H — Google review

Very nice to walk through, but because of the tight schedule the guides can't take care of handicapped people. We had a woman in our group who had a few problems walking and the overall pace was way too fast for her. The guide at the front of the group did not get it. So she had to suffer. There should be a concept addressing these people.

Eberhard B — Google review

We had heard about these falls and wanted to see it for ourselves and it's very impressive! It's fun to see different rock formations and the cute little names they have for each. We had a tour group of about 20 people, it can get kind of narrow, but I never felt claustrophobic. Seeing the falls at the end, it's actually very soothing to listen to. I do wish we had some more time to take pictures at that spot.

Guy L — Google review

Bought 8 am Tix, hoping to avoid crowd, and still had 20 or so on tour ( but it was Spring break?). Had a great tour guide, Emma ♥️. We have a slow poke, who required cane assist to walk, and they gave us time we needed. Mile walk to falls, hand rails available in parts, some slick but grooves in path, some steps, but mostly level (for a cave). Stories of discovery, formations and falls come with tour. Recommend to all who can manage a walk, great experience for young and older. Tickets online available. Cafe on site. Visitor center/gift shop. Observation tower. Kid friendly. Kennels on site. Zip lines closed when we visited, 🙄.

Nicole W — Google review

Decided to stop on the way to FL. Well worth the side trip. Really enjoyed our guide and the beauty of the caves.

John F — Google review

Great place overall but when I went here there was a baby crying so we didn’t really hear a lot of what the tour guide was saying but the our guide was awesome loved him but we went here last here on July 3rd, 2023. Recommend buying tickets in advance of course!!

Alice — Google review

2024-Feb. We arrived here on a Saturday afternoon. We previously bought tickets and reserved our tour time.There was a small parking lot in front of the entrance and more parking spaces on the side of it.We went through the souvenir shop. A restroom is located at the back. There is no restroom in the caves so better visit the restroom before you go. Also at the back of the souvenir shop is the electronic sign that shows the tour time that needs to fall in line. You have to go through the corridors under the e-sign because the actual entrance is at the end of the corridor, beside the restaurant.When your tour time is next, the staff will allow you to fall in line where our tour guide meets us. After an elevator ride, the tour begins.The cave is well-lit with different colored LED lights. The atmosphere is quite nice- not cold or warm. You are not allowed to touch any of the formations.There was also a flat-screen TV where you had to watch the history of the discovery of the cave.I believe it took us 30 minutes or so to get to the falls. We had to make a few stops to make room for the people who were heading back to the elevator.The cave ground surface has been cemented- flat in some areas and with staircases in other areas.The falls is spectacular. With the lighting installed, the visibility is great! The water under the falls is about 5-ft (according to our guide). She didn't mention how big that area was when it was discovered.After the falls, you get to see your green-screen photos. I believe it was $35+, with digital prints.We visited the castle after the caves. There is an elevator that will take you from the 1st floor to halfway up the tower. We only took a few minutes on top of the tower. There's nothing to do up there aside from seeing downtown Chattanooga.It was a good experience if you can stop by.Happy caving 😊 and give this review a thumbs up if it helped you in any way.

Cindy R — Google review

It's definitely something worth going to. Staff operates tours like clockwork and is all very polite and cheery. We took the slower paced tour and enjoyed our time. The hike there can be a bit rough for those who have issues walking, and tall people will be ducking their heads often, but the payoff during the hike and at the waterfall is worth it. Time is limited at the falls, so be sure to enjoy it and try not to spend the whole time taking pictures.

Albert B — Google review


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Chattanooga, TN 37409, USA


Tennessee Aquarium

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (182)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (183)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (184)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (185)

Mentioned on

+78 other lists


Zoos & Aquariums

The Tennessee Aquarium is a waterfront complex that showcases a wide variety of sea and river animals, birds, and butterflies. With interactive shows and cruises, visitors can explore two buildings: River Journey and Ocean Journey. River Journey features exhibits about the diverse fish and wildlife found along the Tennessee River as it flows from mountains to ocean. Highlights include playful otters and a seahorse exhibit. In Ocean Journey, visitors can enjoy a butterfly garden, penguins, sharks, and other ocean dwellers.

I love aquariums and this one did not disappoint. It is divided into two buildings, one for ocean one for river. It takes you through the museum in a specific path so you aren’t going in circles. The buildings are huge. But very fun to explore. My favorite part in the ocean building was seeing the sea turtles and my son loved the sharks and penguins. In the River building we both loved the giant river fish and all the turtles. He even got to touch an animal in its tank. Great family experience. The gift shop is even moderately priced

Evian L — Google review

We all know that if I rate this place any lower than this, it will be shuffled out of sight because negativity isn't popular on this platform.But here's the truth: it's underwhelming. If you've visited Florida, have been on any deep sea fishing trips, live near a river or spent any time near aquatic or riparian environments, you've seen all this and more. The best I can say is it does provide an adequate insight into water wildlife. If you have not been able to spend time near any bodies of water, it's a decent overview at best.The ocean section of the aquarium leaves you with the feeling of "that's all?"I CAN say that it's clean, well managed, and the staff is friendly. The layout and design is nice. It's relaxing and scenic. The buildings themselves are architecturally pretty. Beyond that though, it gets a ho hum shrug. If the tickets were any pricier, I'd say it's not a good value at all. For the current cost, it's a "fair" value at best, and that's being kind.The pics I've included are seriously the stand out sights. Sorry to be so honest, I can tell they work hard, but the true rating would be a two point five.

Ultra V — Google review

Great aquarium and very easily accessible. One of our group members needs easy access ramps to get to things and they had absolutely no problem getting to every exhibit in the buildings. The aquarium is very kid friendly and I highly recommend bringing children here. We saw the scuba divers playing rock paper scissors with some of the kids while they were cleaning an exhibit. There is so much to see to give yourself a few hours to experience everything. You have to get tickets in advance!

Lorantz R — Google review

I went with my kids and extended family. Let me tell you, it's a must to visit when in Chattanooga. They have interactive pools for touching fish. The staff was inviting and the place was very clean. Just go, don't even think about it. It's good for everyone.

Kory A — Google review

This was a fun experience! I have so many questions! I certainly got my steps in!The price of the tickets covered the River Journey. Both were very interesting and entertaining. Some parts are interactive.On this day the penguins seemed to protest our being there... they had their backs to us... (giggles) and the Otter didn't show up at all.I saw fish I'd never seen and I watch all things nature all of the time.Masks are required... however not enforced. All employees wear masks.Parking is tight because it's the only lot in the center of a business intersection. We walked from our hotel.The food. Food is served, or should I say sold near the aquarium. The place was dirty and well, we ate cuz we were hungry and thirsty... that won't happen again. And just be aware, see the pic, if you order a salted pretzel... a SALTED pretzel is what you get.The Aquarium and the river Journey are well worth the money. I do suggest you take lunch.

Paula D — Google review

This is a fantastic date spot! I went with my boyfriend and some of his family and we all had a blast. The journey is easy to follow and the experience is beautiful. It's clean, staff are friendly, and it's an overall interesting experience. The gift shop is expensive, but the tickets are well worth your money. The website is still terrible for buying tickets, but we got in quickly with no trouble at the ticket booth.

Mya S — Google review

Aquariums are always on the to-do list, and the one definitely didn't disappoint!We arrived without really looking online about the tickets, but when we got there, you buy your ticket for a certain time slot. So we had to wait 45 minutes to get in, but it was not an issue cause there is so much to do outside the Aquarium that the time went really fast!They have 2 different buildings, which are both extremely wheelchair accessible.They have 2 pools where you can touch the animals, a beautiful butterfly room, lots of interactive things to do with kids, and so much more.It's definitely worth the trip, and definitely worth the money!

Krystal R — Google review

A beautiful and educational experience. You can take the whole family, and there's something everyone will enjoy. There is a man-made creek out front, public access, and anyone is welcome to splash and play. The exhibits are spectacular, from glorious gardens and a butterfly room to the land of glowing jellyfish. I really enjoyed the river side, as it helps to teach our children about the place they live. There are several exhibits on being respectful to our planet. Most importantly, our 2 younger children got away from us in one of the areas with little lighting. The staff was awesome! They were ready to lock that place up tight the moment we told them what was going on. Luckily, the kids turned up about 30 seconds after that. It was very reassuring that the staff took it so seriously.Plus, you're in downtown Chattanooga! You can grab a bite to eat at any of the numerous delicious restaurants within walking distance after you tour the museum!Give yourself 3-5 hours to fully enjoy. We will be back. It's already our 3rd trip.

Magye Z — Google review

Little pricey but it's a great aquarium! The river portion alone is massive and the size of many other aquariums we've been to. Plenty of exhibits and fun for the family. Kids love the stingray petting exhibit in the ocean side of the aquarium!Recommend buying tickets in advance so you don't have any wait and have a spot ready for you.

Zach W — Google review

I have been to aquariums in 20 states. This was the first time I have seen a cold water river display. Very unique multi-tiered building. Freshwater side seems newer. Impressive. Perhaps my new favorite aquarium. Many species I have never seen. Saltwater side has one super large very clean tank that winds all through the building. A few impressive tanks on the salt side. But you are done before you want to be. The fresh water side is worth driving or flying in to see. We really enjoyed it.

Ryan D — Google review

Nice aquarium with plenty of interesting exhibits. Sadly, the penguin exhibit was being renovated so we didn't get to see any penguins, but everything else was interesting. The butterfly garden was very nice. The staff were very friendly and pointed out interesting things in the exhibits.

Sybyl S — Google review

We were actually quite late entering and we're not given any issues. We had a lot of fun. The exhibits are perfect condition. The animals all seem happy. I swear some of the fish pose!

Christi D — Google review

This is an amazing aquarium! It's comparable to aquariums in Florida possibly even better. I love that they have the exhibits set up to reflect the location. For example, the penguin exhibit is cold while the alligator exhibit is humid and set up like a swamp. I also like that they separate the saltwater and freshwater into 2 different buildings. It truly is a fantastic experience for the whole family to enjoy.

Brooke S — Google review

A very unique take on an aquarium but worthwhile. Some construction/renovation has areas unavailable. The seperation of fresh & salt water exhibits is good & gives time to enjoy, read about them & mosey along. The atmosphere & staff are very chill & helpful. The restrooms were well maintained and clean. The gift shops were also clean and organized.The staff that would provide insight at various displays were knowledgeable and courteous.We split the tour with lunch in between (we ate at Burger Republic across the parking lot from the aquarium & within easy walking distance. It is Veteran owned and operated and i highly recommend). I do suggest starting your tour in the freshwater exhibit as it will take longer to see. The saltwater exhibit is rather quick but take your time in the lemur enclosure, butterfly room and penguins. Lots of laughs to be had!Overall a great afternoon spent with family!

Mr. P — Google review

Our favorite aquarium we’ve ever seen! We drive almost 4 hours just to visit for a day trip when possible. We love how clean and how well the animals are taken care of. Today we got to see divers cleaning the tanks. One diver was so very sweet when he saw my autistic son holding a river toy and signed for a photo with him! That definitely made our day!

Mamanik13 — Google review

There are 2 buildings and a beautifully designed space in between. You start from the tops of the buildings and work your way down, so it is a very easy and accessible attraction. It takes about 3 hours to do both buildings if you don't stop to read all the informative educational plaques or try out the touch tanks. The River building does have more tanks to look at, but the Ocean building has equal amount of entertainment. You do have to pay for parking and there are lots of places around to go eat at afterwards. Great for all ages.

Solanine E — Google review

An absolutely wonderful experience! The freshwater exhibits are spectacular and they cover so many species. The saltwater aquarium is equally as cool and it also has a butterfly atrium on top

Kevin ( — Google review

Impressive! Parking could be tricky but we got lucky and were able to park on their lot. I’ve been to a lot of aquariums but this one is so well done. You really feel like you are experiencing the world under the water. Two buildings, one for freshwater (lots of local river info and rivers around the world) and the ocean building. The staff was feeding and explaining everywhere. Really allowed you to see the animals in action. Touch pool as well. Butterfly garden. Admission was around $40 for adults but well worth it for the experience. IMAX movies were available for extra fee.Also check out the Trail of Tears memorial and the river right outside. Lots of places to sit and enjoy a beautiful day outside.

Heather W — Google review

Customer service was very friendly at the front desk, we had to wait for the 1:00 p.m. tour, so we had 45 minutes where we walked around the outside and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Very nice view by the river made the time go by fast and we even walked through the gift shop and grab some concessions from the snack shack.The tour is beautiful, everything seemed to well kept, we enjoyed all of the exotic fish as well as all the information that is posted throughout the exhibit. My favorite was the butterfly exhibit, I was told that they had more butterflies in previous moments but I understand during the winter time they can't have a ton of butterflies out. But they were very nice and there were quite a few of them to watch.Highly recommend coming here, all the animals seem well taken care of and there wasn't as busy as I thought it was going to be on a Saturday.

Michael T — Google review

We really enjoyed our time at the aquarium, it was fun for all ages. We loved the crawl spaces, it made us feel like we were in the tanks. The collection of animals was diverse making it more interesting. We loved how the River building flowed and wished that continued in the Ocean building. Overall it's somewhere we'd visit again!

Christen F — Google review

Saturday crazy busy!! I looked online before traveling. Nothing said to purchase tickets in advance. We had to wait 3 hours before we could even schedule a time to enter the aquarium. On top of that, we had to pay 15$ to park. Ended up having to purchase tickets for the next day and come back because the next scheduled time would not give us enough time to view both fresh and salt water sides. We are not local. Hopefully, this will be worth the return trip tomorrow!!Follow up, we drove back to Chattanooga and visited both sites. We had to pay another 15$ to park. The salt water side was okay. The older fresh water side was very nice. I have to be honest, it was NOT worth 110$ for 3 of us, but it had been over 10 years since we had been. Probably will not return for another 10 years. The city was clean and there were a lot of places to eat.

Steve O — Google review

Fantastic Aquarium. The split buildings were a cool way to physically transfer you from Fresh Water to Salt.The Ocean bottom walk through was the best I've ever experienced. Multiple areas to view fish 360° and spots to sit/lay and enjoy.The river walk was very unique, haven't seen any other Aquariums that focus on rivers in particular. Getting to pet a sturgeon was awesome.

Ken S — Google review

This was so much fun. I hadn't been since I was in my early 20s and I had a great time. So much to see and amazing fish and animals. I suggest you do both Journeys and start with Ocean first. River is my favorite tho.

Matthew S — Google review

Great Aquarium! We had a blast. There is a lot to see between the two aquariums that are very different one being the ocean and the building next door has native and river fish. Traveled with toddler and was a great space to walk around. Went Friday during the day and there was not many people. Highly recommend stopping. With having picnic outside before we spent three hours here.All the tanks and fish are well kept. Tanks are clean and spacious.

Ashley G — Google review

We have an annual family membership and love it! Rainy days or any day, we can take the kiddos down and meander around. Sit and watch the butterflies! Become mesmerized by the sturgeon! Play with the Otters! Or watch the turtles and crocodiles! It’s always new and always engaging. A step away from the world for a little while.

Jill C — Google review

My wife and I visited the Aquarium on a rainy Tuesday. We did everything except the IMAX show and it took us about 3 hrs to get through all of it. It was one of the best aquariums Ive been to. This is on par or better than the Boston and Miami aquariums. The design of the buildings makes it easy to navigate all the exhibits and so you can see everything efficiently. If you’re visiting from out of town, don’t miss this place! and of course if you live around it, and haven’t gotten there yet, make it a point to go and check it out, you wont be disappointed!

Clay C — Google review

This aquarium is exceptional!! We pet sand sharks, sturgeon, sting rays , and some cute fish! Huge place with two separate buildings, fresh water and saltwater!! Food options in between and gift stores in both buildings! Could easily spend an entire day here with children!!

Rachel L — Google review


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1 Broad St, Chattanooga, TN 37402, USA

(423) 265-0695


Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (191)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (192)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (193)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (194)

State park

Nature & Parks

Scenic park with a waterfall, hiking & gem mining, plus lodging, horseback riding & a fire tower.

Such a beautiful park with amazing views! There is a trail to follow that leads to different angles to see the waterfall. Trail is not difficult at all. Not crowded when we visited during the week. Parking is close to the entrance where the gift shop is. This is definitely on my list to visit again.

Cornedius T — Google review

This is our 2nd time coming here. We really love this place. It is very handicap accessible. The fall is absolutely beautiful. They have restrooms and a visitor center a snack bar and funnel cake food truck. Lots of parking too. We stayed at a nearby campground so it was really easy to drive the 5 miles to get there and have a great time.

Sherry C — Google review

My fiance and I have camped here in a tent twice now and we see new stuff every time. This place is BEAUTIFUL and enjoyable. Staff is super friendly. Excellent place to camp and see beautiful places. Most people don't realize a place like this exists in Kentucky. We always have fun here.

Chasity M — Google review

Beautiful view from the top of the falls is an easy walk from the parking lot. Some stairs to get to the better viewing areas. Park is well-maintained. Clean bathrooms. Snacks and treats are available at a reasonable price. Great family destination.We did not stay on the grounds. Just drove through and hiked the falls for an hour or so.

Erynn N — Google review

First the good. Such a beautiful place and love the trails and views. Highly recommend if you haven't been. The not so good. The cottage rooms were not very clean and the mattress was horrendous. The breakfast at the lodge was all overcooked on the buffet.The other most confusing/aggravating thing is you can't even wade in the shallow river water. $1000 fine and 10 days jail? So generic. Thanks KY.

David W — Google review

Wonderful Lodge! The room was clean, and the furnishings were fine. Towels were soft and fluffy. The only issue was that the door stuck a bit when trying to get into the room. I love old buildings and a sticky door didn't put me off. The park was fabulous! Hiked over 10 miles the first day.

Wendy S — Google review

Handicap accessible! A friend was complaining about the lack of availability of handicap accessible accommodations, pretty much everywhere. I showed her pictures of our cabin, and she was excited. Not perfect, but doorways wide enough, sinks you can roll up to in a wheelchair, and a bathroom large enough to turn around in.The hike to the falls from the cabin area is challenging but fun. Several other trails around that area were also pleasant. For the physically challenged, we were able to park near the falls, and it's an easy walk/wheelchair trip on paved roads to several nice overlooks.Breakfast was about what you get at nicer hotels, not perfect but adequate . The view from the dining room more than makes up for any disappointment.We've been twice, stayed in a cabin both times, found the staff and cabins quite nice. Much better than a hotel, in my opinion.Do some research and you'll find plenty to do nearby if the park isn't enough to entertain you. We've kayaked with Sheltowee Trace Adventures, ridden the South Big Fork Railroad, hiked at the Natural Bridge and several waterfalls much smaller than Cumberland, and found local shops and diners to round out the fun.

Mary K — Google review

We didn't stay at the resort. We did park and walk to the falls and some of the trails.We also visited the shop and found some neat items. The staff were kind and helpful l, parking was abundant and the drive to get there off I75 wasn't too steep, windy or narrow. It was a nice diversion on our drive. All in all we spend a couple of hours at the falls and park.

Nick T — Google review

Beautiful state park. The waterfall is gorgeous. This is one of the only places in the world where “moon bows” can be viewed. Plenty of hiking trails. The main area to the falls is an easy walk and ADA accessible. The have a gift shop, snack shop and bathrooms.

Danielle — Google review

Not to be confused with Cumberland Falls State Park, the resort park is where there is a lodge, cabins, cottages, RV sites, and camping spots available to stay at overnight. We were in a Woodland Cottage for two nights. The cottages are old and need some updating. The beds are comfortable but are covered with plastic mattress pad covers. A little too crinkly for me. There’s a small fridge, microwave, and coffee pot. Not enough hot water for more than one shower. You’ll have to wait an hour for the water to heat up again. The Woodland Cottages are directly to the left of the lodge parking lot when you enter off the road. You sign in and get your room keys at the lodge. (This is down the road from the entrance to the falls and visitor center.) Make sure to go to the balcony at the lodge that overlooks the river. The fall colors are magnificent! A great photo spot. For fall foliage reference, we were there Oct. 18-20, 2022. The desk staff and housekeeping were very nice.

Gigi B — Google review

The falls were beautiful. The trails were well kept and enjoyable. Booked a stay in one of the cottages, but when we got there, they said none were available, but that they had available rooms in the lodge, so we took one of those instead. The room itself was ok, however it's not very soundproof. The ceiling creaked whenever someone moved in the room upstairs and we could hear all of conversations in the hall outside.

Will W — Google review

The park is a convenient location near interstate 75, We did not stay at the Inn or eat there. The campgrounds are very small, so pay attention to the size of your RV since two that we drove through were dead end streets, where you can't circle around and look at all the sites if you're trying to pick the best one for your rig and the time of the year.The hike from our camp site was really enjoyable, ending up at the falls, which are spectacular. We visited the park in early June, so the falls were really rolling. Likely if it's a dry summer, they say the falls will not be very pretty.

Kenneth K — Google review

I am dad. And stayed with my two daughters. One is 9 and the other is 4. They loved the hotel, the views, the pool. I liked the clean bathrooms, towels provided at the pool, all the hikes in the park. Is an older lodge. But it appears to be maintained very well. I loved!!!! The attention. The staff was very top notch with me and my girls

Emerson D — Google review

This is our third time visiting the park. We drive up from Florida on our way to visit my son in Southern Indiana. I love this park . It's so laid back and has lots of activities. They have a lodge and cabins along with camping. We stayed in the cabins . The area is quiet and so relaxing. We like to hike so there is plenty of trails that offer beautiful scenery. I will definitely be back again .

Lisa C — Google review

Absolutely some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen! Really awesome place to walk around and hike. Some really beautiful waterfalls here. Highly recommend!!

Stephanie C — Google review

Stayed in one of the single queen cottages. We have stayed here multiple times before and we love it. Lodge restaurant is open and the food and service was great. There are multiple trails around the park and you can make an entire day out of hitting the trails.The campground is not really designed for large campers. I would say any camper over 25' will have issues in most sites.Overall, great State park and highly recommended.

Brian B — Google review

My family has so many good memories here at the Falls going back to the 70s when my grandparents would bring us here. Now to bring my own family down over the recent years is a great continuation of a family tradition! We will always love it and the sites and places we visit along the way!!

David P — Google review

Wonderful trail to different levels of the Falls. You can see a little or a lot. There is an upper trail, but you have to go down steps at end to really see the Falls. The store there is Great!! Lots of samples of area crafts & lotions & food.

Jo M — Google review

I can see why this place doesn't get much business it is way out and no swimming is allowed price per room is pretty high for just a small No-Frills room. The breakfast was awesome although coffee had grounds in it and they did not refill the fruit basket at all once it was gone it was gone first come first serve. The falls were really muddy the day that we visited

Anita M — Google review

We took a detour on our way to northern Kentucky to visit the Falls. It was a very we'll laid out place and there were plenty of places to stand and see the Falls. We parked right at the Falls and didn't have to hike any long trails to get to the Falls. We like to go to see waterfalls and this was one of the best ones that we have seen. It's definitely worth the time and effort to visit.

David M — Google review

Like always .loved it never realized why my dad always wanted to come down here. Once I got here I realized why .the beauty alone is breath taking just sitting by the falls or walking the trails. Your at one with nature not trying to sound corny. But yeah oneof the most beautiful places I've ever been in my 44yrs on earth. And the lords will I'll be heading back down often.

Bryan C — Google review

We used campsite 28. It is 150 ft away from the showers. The showers are the best we have ever used in any campsite in any state we have been in. It is in a heated building. There are pegs to hang up close. There is a seat. Separate curtains for the shower and for the dressing area. The hot water and cold water valve are separate The large shower head has a shut off. I did not get soaked while waiting for the hot water to start. There are two family bathrooms complete with showers. Fabulous experience.

Rick G — Google review

Stayed in a cabin this past weekend and had a great time. The cabin was very nice and clean, everything needed provided. We ate breakfast and dinner at the resort. We got the buffet both times and had no regrets, great food. I’ve wanted to stay in one of these cabins since I was a child, finally did and will be back to do it again!

S H — Google review

We stayed in the resort. The room was spacious and overlooked the river. It was a little dated but not for the price. I loved the history and the huge fireplace. But my favorite was the patio that gave an amazing view of the river below.

April F — Google review

We stayed at the lodge and hiked the falls, what a gorgeous place! Seems like a hidden gem (though we were there off-season). Parking is plentiful, at the picnic area and the falls. Gift shop offers thousands of options in a range of budgets, and the employees were very knowledgeable of the area.Make it a day trip or a family vacation, there's plenty to do!

Kelly M — Google review

We got married in the grassy area adjacent to the Great waterfall 10 years ago. The park is pretty. I am told if you go during a full moon, you might see a moon- rainbow originating from the tiny droplets scattered by the falls. The restaurant is very nice. Pay attention to the location of boulders, they are in specific places below the waterfall only, due to erosion.

Maxime P — Google review

First of all, Cumberland Falls is gorgeous and well worth a road trip.I'm not sold on the resort, but it was nice to bring our doggie companion. It's $30 to bring pets to stay in the lodge and $50 in the cabins.My friend and I got a double queen room in the lodge "with a view". The view, unfortunately, was of their patio.It is a nice patio, and you can see plenty of sky, but if you're on the first level, people can definitely just look into your room, so keep those shades drawn. The view from the actual patio is very beautiful.The bathroom was large and accommodating. They had dispensers for body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. They also provide a safety bar on the interior wall. It is quite a large tub, with high walls. There was also a hair dryer in our bathroom, though we never used it.There was a small but reasonable area to hang and store items. They also provided a iron and ironing board.You can hear people walking around on the floor above you. Bring some ear plugs if you're a light sleeper.The room was very cramped, the set up seemed illogical. The dresser was impossible to use. I would not call this a wheel chair accessible resort. There are lots of stairs, everywhere.The laundry seemed very clean and fresh.The worst issue we had was there was someone else's food left in the room. And the ice bucket was greasy and dusty. The lights also flicker a lot upon entrance, so if you have any issues with blinking lights, you may want to turn on the lights and wait outside of your room for a moment.Also if you have any dietary restrictions you better tell them well in advance. The complimentary breakfast doesn't necessarily include food you can eat. We were there on a slow day, so no buffet. They were out of waffles and fruit. Their juice machine had a funky taste about it.

Lew F — Google review

Stayed in 1 bedroom cabin, steps away from 2 trails. The falls are spectacular no matter the weather or time of year. It was cool and a bit rainy, but the hikes were wonderful. The Parks Naturalist, G, was a great guide on our trip to the fire tower. Kudos to her lessons and knowledge on how to protect wildlife and the sustainability of nature itself.

Ruth H — Google review

Do not rent cabin 502. Smoke damage from the fire place. Tried to air the small out, all the windows latches and cranks broken. Missing grout in both bathrooms with black mold growing in the cracks. Would not give state workers a break. No electric for a day and a half. Bachup generator did not work.

George S — Google review

Saw the moonbow one night and the next day saw a beautiful rainbow! Hikes are pretty difficult around the area but no hiking required to see Cumberland Falls. Great ice cream! Love it here! Did not stay at the resort.

Elaina F — Google review

I just visited the falls, I didn't rent a room. The area where your allowed to view the falls from is pretty close to the parking lot. Very easy to walk to. They have several places for you to view the falls from with slightly different views of it. I wish you were allowed to walk up the falls like you can some other parks, but your not allowed. They have hiking trails that are fairly easy to enjoy. They have a little sand place. The restrooms are very clean. It's a really nice place to take your family to.

Stephenie F — Google review

I have to definitely come back to this place . The falls are near the visiting center . There are a lot of hikes that lead up to the mountain for an amazing view of the whole terrain. There are plenty of spots to just picnic. Very beautiful location!

Luis C — Google review

It is an old hotel which could use some updating of the bathrooms. The mattresses were so comfortable so I am happy with their decision to improve those. It's a state park hotel and we love to support our state parks. The free breakfast was great. We were here for a honeymoon and to see the moon bow. The hiking around the park was great. We rode horses and saw the moonbow!!! It was a great trip. Food was good. I would only work to update the bathrooms. Oh and the Internet was out the entire time we were there which made it hard to get in touch with our kids.:)

Kim L — Google review

Nostalgic Kentucky Park. Very friendly staff and rangers. There are plenty of observation areas on shore and rafting adventures on the water . Snack bar, restrooms, horseback riding, and pool available . Plenty of parking. Dog friendly

Casey B — Google review

So beautiful to visit. And lots to do! We saw 🦌 deer all around. Great hiking around the lake. Disc ⛳️ golf can be fun, I however was not good at it. The Lake is beautiful. The Lodge has great food, just check for hours and food options, the Buffett is very good.

Lisa J — Google review

We were rather disappointed. Gift shop was closed. One would think the park would have a Welcome Center as soon as you enter the park, or somewhere you could get brochures. We stayed 1 night in Corbin at Baymount by Wyndham. ( Rooms were clean. Front desk staff were not friendly or welcoming. Housekeeping was beyond friendly, kind and helpful.) Couldn’t find brochures on the park, trails, attractions anywhere.The main falls viewing area not well lighted at night. The trail to it is but the platform in front of it is not. We had a disabled person in our party and walking for her was very difficult, as well as for everyone else. Some reflective paint, markers or tape on rails or asphalt would be helpful!!!! As an area known for night visits with the Cumberland Moonbow, it was lacking in so many ways.

gwtwmom2 — Google review


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(1395)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (196)

7351 KY-90, Corbin, KY 40701, USA

(606) 528-4121


High Country Adventures

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (197)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (198)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (199)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (200)

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Raft trip outfitter


Water Sports

High Country Adventures is a full-service tour company that offers a variety of outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and rock-climbing. Visitors have praised the welcoming and friendly staff who create a light-hearted and upbeat atmosphere. The whitewater rafting experience is highly recommended, with expert guides providing flawless directions for maximum adventure. Guests appreciate the excitement and safety provided by experienced guides, making it an incredible adventure every time.

We had an absolute blast. It was my husband's first time going, and now he can't wait to go back. The High Country team was great. Our team leader Hannah was absolutely great. She did a wonderful job, and made sure everyone on the raft was enjoying themselves and tried to Kerri everyone comfortable.(The river was freezing, but it was still an amazing trip!)

Shannon W — Google review

My experience was amazing. This was my 1st time ever rafting. The staff was friendly and informative. They show us our safety guideline prior to our ride up to the rafts. Our guide James was very great. He was knowledgeable about was needed to keep us in the boat. Also you get great photos of our experience.

Melissa H — Google review

This is the best white water rafting tour around!! We have now gone a few times and every time has been an incredible adventure story lol. Shelley is the best guide ever hands down! But all of the guides there are amazing an experienced. You feel excited and safe and having fun all at the same time. They start out by giving you an intro class and teach you how to do the paddles etc. Then you board the bus and ride down to the entrance at the river. The lunch they serve is pretty good too and they even offer a veggie option. There is also a really fun part before lunch where you swim and float down the river. The water gets colder as the season ends, we went the second time on last day of the season. But what an incredible ride.The first time we conquered the Godzilla rapid was unreal and the second time too. If you stay on the raft or if you flip you will be well prepared and it will be an adventure of a lifetime. We cannot wait to go back next year! They also take pictures the entire time so you have the option to buy one or all of them at the end. Team Kenny!

Heather T — Google review

Candace was a great guide with lots of experience on the river. She took us through the rapids making my boat of novices feel like pros. High Country was great to deal with on the phone (called them instead of booking through Groupon) for my party of 9.

Paul — Google review

Me and my group thoroughly enjoyed our time. We went after 3pm which seems is the best time of day for the rapids. Our guide was Dean and he was spectacular. He's a lead guide and knows all the great rapids and key spots in the river. He also know many tricks with the raft that made the experience that much better. He also had great conversation and kept the first timers calm yet brought them out their shells. I highly recommend and ask for Dean!

R A — Google review

Went here for one of my good friends Birthday and we had an amazing time. I had never been water rafting before this time. The event was crazy. The water was exactly what we needed it to be. I plan on going back for my birthday!

POP S — Google review

Really enjoyed rafting with High Country!James was an awesome guide but everyone was really great to work with!Can’t wait to come back and do it again!!!

Jason A — Google review

Family adventure day was a success! Everyone had a fun day and enjoyed rafting on the river. Our guide Howdy was awesome. Definitely will recommend this place to friends and we will be back. So much fun!

Sarah K — Google review

I have not had so much fun in forever! This weekend was my first experience in white water rafting and we did the full run - Upper and middle. We had ‘Gale Force’ as our guide and things couldn’t have been more perfect. We also stayed in the cabins - if you’ve not done this you definitely should. Lots of room, clean, very convenient, and the views are amazing. Best part? No TV. 🤪. Thank you for an absolutely amazing adventure. I could not think of a better way to spend my birthday!

Dee K — Google review

This was the best whitewater rafting trip I have ever experienced. Our guide was Nick (Harp) and he was an expert with us. He gave flawless directions & delivered 100% when we asked for max adventure! When we flipped in a rapids, Nick successfully managed to rally everyone back into the boat before maneuvering us out. I am used to having boring & uneventful trips down the river but WOW if I could have detailed everything I wanted to happen on a trip, it would be this one. Thank you so much Harp ! You’ve redeemed whitewater for me - & We absolutely loved you!

Devin S — Google review

This was my first time whitewater rafting, and I can 100% say that I loved it!The staff there were super welcoming and friendly, and they all had a light-hearted, upbeat attitude, and definitely made the whole experience that much better!After a scenic drive to the dam where the rafting starts, we met our guide and learned our commands, and this began our trip down the river.I won't spoil the trip, because I definitely think you should do it yourself, but just know that it is definitely worth it.Also, quick shout out to some of our guides, TC Lee, Jack, and Hannah!

Ethan P — Google review

This is my first white water rafting trip, plus I can't swim. I have a tremendous amazing experience wanting to do it again. Our raft leader is Shelly. He is awesome, very experienced, and so is all his raft mates. My friends and I we have the 5 hours trip it included lunch regular burger or veg burger. I wish I had a go pro camera. Ocoee River scenery is amazing.

Jojo W — Google review

I had the most incredible time white water rafting. We had a big group & some were rafting for the first time (naturally apprehensive). TC Lee was our instructor & he did an amazing job from start to finish. He was funny, engaging, & super safety conscious while giving us a ton of thrills! Im looking forward to next year!!!

LMik — Google review

This is our 4th time with High Country. The place is top-notch. The guides are always excellent. White-water fun at its fullest. We did the middle Ocoee class IV. Our two daughters ages 12 and 14 went down this river for the first time, Mr. Pink made sure to keep us safe and kept the fun rolling. We will be back agian! Our daughters haven't stopped talking about how much fun they had. They are ready for some Class Five with Pink!

Larisa S — Google review

Really enjoyed today's trip with friends and family. Our guide Justin was very fun and knowledgeable about the rapids and we had a good run down middle Ocoee. I have done this section of the river many times and always enjoy bringing new people with me.

Anita L — Google review

We took a family of five and had a fantastic experience on the middle part of the river. Sydney was our guide and we could not have asked for a better person to take us down the River. She was kind, respectful, and extremely knowledgeable. I trusted her to keep our family safe, but also to give us a great time together.

Mundok F — Google review

This was my first time white water rafting and it was so much fun. Our guide T.C. Lee was very nice and treated us with care. He was very knowledgeable about the River and the many different names of the tides and rocks. I would definitely do this again

Sylvia O — Google review


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(3757)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (202)

430 US-64, Ocoee, TN 37361, USA

(423) 338-8634

I'll never travel to Pigeon Forge without this trip planner again

Learn more

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (203)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (204)

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40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (206)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (207)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (208)

I will never travel to Pigeon Forge without this app againAvailable on the App Store


The Lost Sea Adventure

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (210)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (211)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (212)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (213)

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Nature & Wildlife Tours

Lost Sea Adventure is a cave tour and boat trip attraction that offers visitors an underground lake to explore. The cave network is well-maintained and the guides are knowledgeable about the formations, making for an interesting experience. The walk up is not too bad and the tour offers stops for breathers, which makes it more comfortable for those who are not used to walking long distances. The boat ride is also very cool and something not often seen in tourist attractions.

Nice to place to explore some cave spots. The guided tours were awesome with lots of information. Don't miss the lake ride under the caves. Claustrophobic need to avoid this. Visited the place en route from Atlanta to Smoky Mountain. A good stop with rest and a visit. Water proof shoes/boots are recommended for the visit.For the guides: Provide required time for people across all age. Felt being rushed which restricts the time to enjoy the awesomeness of the place.

Inferno D — Google review

A very unique place to visit with a colorful history. The boat ride onto the lake is definitely the highlight of the tour and what anyone really goes there to do. Cave system over all was a lot smaller than expected and shorter than others I've been to unless you pay more to do the wild tour. Still an enjoyable way to spend an hour and worth a visit.

Jeremy B — Google review

Tour: This cavern has the cool distinction of being America's largest underground lake. The tour lasts about an hour and a half, and your guide tells you about its history. Most of the tour is on uneven terrain through the cavern, and there are some inclines. There are lights everywhere, but it's a cavern, so it has low lighting. The boat ride was too brief, but I otherwise loved it. It was such a tranquil experience. The water is calm and still, and the fish were fascinating. Our tour guide was funny, but it was difficult to hear him at the back of the group, and he kept a fast pace through the tour. You couldn't spend much time stopping and enjoying the amazing cave features. I wish they gave you more time for the tour, but otherwise, a great experience.Restrooms: Their restroom building was under construction when we did the tour, but they had a restroom trailer that was very nice, clean, and well-kept.

Liz W — Google review

This cave and lost lake were absolutely amazing. The tour guide was very informative and gave a great deal of history on the findings and the cavern and the lake.Take time to stop and capture the coolest tours I've seen an awhile!!!You will not be disappointed.

Kevin S — Google review

Lovely cave and boat experience. Clean facility and great guides. It didn't feel as over commercialized as Ruby Falls, so that was a nice touch. Loved the addition of artists like the glass blower and the gem panning as well.

Scott D — Google review

Very cool experience. We had a newer tour guide and she was excellent. We had a 4pm reservation and were a bit late so the moved us to the 5pm no questions asked. The cave is beautiful and the boat ride is a blast. The tour is an hour long and worth every penny. The glass shop is something else I’d like to mention. We spent about an hour in there as well very cool hand crafted glass products.

Alex — Google review

Great tour to take if you are looking for a cave tour. Casey and Ashley were excellent tour guides that knew a lot about the formations and answered all of your questions. The walk up had a decent grade at parts but not too bad. They do stop for a couple of breathers on the way up to give you a spot to catch your breath. Overall not too bad of a walk and highly recommend. The boat ride was really cool and not something you commonly get to do. Will definitely have to come back some time for their spelunking tour.

Austin W — Google review

As a local to Tennessee we have never visited these caves until today. We had age group 11-73 and we all had a great experience. The online booking was a breeze and so was the check in process.Our guide for today was Shay (I hope this is her name) and she was amazing. She was so friendly and her sense of humor was great, actually amazing.The walk down was pretty easy but the walk back up is pretty difficult for older people. It’s the incline that was tough for my mom and others I saw that had to stop numerous times.The lake at the bottom is absolutely beautiful and so peaceful down there. The water is crystal clear.I would definitely recommend.

Melissa W — Google review

I really enjoyed this adventure! The cave is so rich in history and beautiful. The lake was my favorite. I will definitely be doing this again. This cave is so big. You will get a good walk inside but not too strenuous. The guide stopped frequently so there’s plenty time to rest. Have fun!

Donna H — Google review

For those like me who didn't know, you take a tour with a small hike through a nice cool cave to a small boat ride then back. We got Angela and her "twin" as our tour guides and they both made sure that we had a good time. They have a small glass blower shop filled with beautiful hand blown customizable items, gift shop, and an ice cream shop that was closed at the time we went.

Ariel S — Google review

We had a great time today. You want to have a great tour ask for Skyler. He is very informative and funny. Keeps the tour interesting. Definitely wear non skid shoes. Certain places were slippery. We liked the glass blowing place. Lots of beautiful items to purchase. The general store wasn't to impressed. A lot of the same thing and their mining bags were a little pricey. We were looking forward to the ice cream shop but it was closed. Not much else to do which was kinda a bummer.

Erika G — Google review

We have driven past the signs on I75 for this place for years and finally stopped to check it out. It is amazing! Well worth checking out. Skyler, our tour guide, did an amazing job. The boat ride on the underground lake is really cool.Note: the walk down to the lake is a little steep and slippery. You can sit out that part, but then you miss the boat ride.

Carson M — Google review

What a fabulous place to visit. Very intriguing and had an excellent guide. No stairs anywhere all ramps so it's easy to walk with rest benches along the way. Highly recommend, njoy the trip.

Norman L — Google review

The kids truly enjoyed it. The guided tour greatly enhanced our experience, and we learned a lot from our guide, Emma, who is both funny and knowledgeable. We visited during the kids’ spring break, and many time slots were sold out. I recommend purchasing tickets in advance during peak seasons.

J T — Google review

Amazing one of a kind experience. Have been to several caves but nothing as beautiful and peaceful as this lake. Was a decent hike up hill to finish the tour, would not recommend to anyone with difficulty walking or significant health problems. Great visit for rainy or cold days, nice consistent temp in the cave (58 degrees I think it was).

Jody M — Google review

Just happened to see a sign and decided to detour and check it out. What a unique and fun experience! It’s quite a hike once you get started but if you’re able to walk inclines, you’ll be fine. Our guide Devin was fun and very well informed on the cave history etc. and the lake was amazing. If you’re passing through and have a couple hours to kill, go for it.

Percella S — Google review

We had a blast at the Lost Sea! It's mostly a walking tour that takes about an hour and a half. The boat ride was 10 or 15 minutes at the end and there was a long climb back to the entrance of the cave. The cave is huge! Very cool! My kids are 5, 6, and 10 and all three had a ton of fun being in the cave. Be warned: if your kids are like mine, they'll get to the bottom of the cave and realize they need the bathroom...

Lewis A — Google review

It was a really cool experience, my wife and I loved it. Be sure to wear shoes, not open toed, some spots can be a bit slippery. Our guide Jess was real fun and informative as well. Highly recommend!

Aleksandar V — Google review

This was a great tour. Excellent your guides (ours was Laura- she was fantastic!) with lots of information. All the different rooms and levels were accessed by ramps, no stairs. Slippery in some spots, but fun. Definitely worth it!

Meg S — Google review

I homeschool my 8 and 12 year old, and used this as a fun learning field trip. It was more touristy and busy than I had anticipated, but it didn't turn out to be a problem. The cave is impressive, and although I've lived in east TN for 15 years, I had never visited before. The tour guide was funny, well-spoken, and obviously knowledgeable on his facts. It kept adults and kids of various ages interested. I took a few notes in my phone while we toured and gave a little quiz to my kids after, and they both retained the information and enjoyed the adventure. The only heads up I wish I knew was the amount of walking on hills required. The walk down to the water they equate to a 7-story building in terms of grade difference. I'm a few months post partial knee-replacement, and although I was worried about the walking, I did just fine. Do wear grippy shoes though as the floors are worn smooth and would have been a bit slippery IMO without good sneakers. After the tour, I purchased a bag of rocks in the gift shop for the panning experience just because my kids had never done anything like that before. It was touristy, but fun for them. We have their treasures in the rock tumbler now.

Miriam A — Google review

This was such a beautiful experience! Our guide was informative and fun. The walk down into the cave and to the lake was breathtaking, especially if you love nature. The walk back up is no joke! Be prepared. Also, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Specifically, ones you don't really care about. The red clay can and will destroy them.

Crystal L — Google review

Our tour guide, Eli, did a fantastic job showing us around the cave and telling us really interesting stories about its history. On the surface, there is also a very impressive glass blowing/works studio. Even though the site is pretty rural, there are nice big signs indicating where it is. We went in the fall, but this seems like a nice outing for ANY season.

Solanine E — Google review

Had a great guide named Skyler, he was young but very funny and knowledgeable, he answered any question we had about the cave, I was very impressed with him. The cave and underground lake were beautiful. The walk is moderate in places, the incline is equivalent to seven sets of stairs; up and down, so be aware. Also, because of the red clay, your shoes will get a bit stained. Totally worth it.

LaDonna H — Google review

Anytime you have a chance to go into the earth, take it! Of course, if it's safe. This place is amazing as I'm sure many are. You take a little boat ride, walk about a mile in total and they even have expert level caves to explore outside of the guided tour.

Chris — Google review

Chuck was a phenomenal tour guide! What an incredible experience for the opportunity to spend time in the lake, explore the stalagmites, and learn of the opportunity for spelunking!It's a gorgeous place to visit and accessible for people off ages but know it requires a BIT of walking. I highly recommend visiting if you're in East TN.

Monica B — Google review

We had a great time. Our tour guide was Skyler! He was funny, knowledgeable, and made our visit more interesting and fun. The cave is amazing and the underground lake is beautiful. I highly recommend visiting!

Kayla C — Google review

This is a nice cave tour with a short boat ride in the underground lake. The tour takes just over an hour. The walk out is a bit steep so if your not okay with the hike in and out you may want to sit this tour out as they refer to it as a 14 story climb out. If you can manage the hike in and out I highly recommend you exploring it. Reservations are required and are made online.

Katie P — Google review

Amazing tour. I would definitely recommend to anyone. Our tour guides name was Zach and he was amazing at his job. Answered all the question my group had and was very funny. Definitely recommend good shoes it was a little steep coming back up the trails. Overall an amazing trip.

Katie L — Google review

This was a very informative and interesting tour. The walk back up the hill was a bit steep but there were a few rest stops on the way up the hill. Be sure to wear some good walking shoes and take a light jacket!

Diana ( — Google review

It's been years since we visited. New entrance/waiting area. Upgrades inside the cave. The "sea" remains quite remarkable. Affordable. Helpful staff. Best to reserve tickets.

Keith B — Google review

We had a great experience. Our tour guide was fun. Made tour upbeat and entertaining. Walk wasn't too bad. The cave system is 55°or so- dress accordingly.

Garrett R — Google review

We had a very good time! Our tour guide Chuck, was very knowledgeable. He even took extra time with our group to show us things not normally included in the tour. Very impressive, well maintained facilities also.

SOLD P — Google review

A combination cave tour and boat ride on an underground lake, what's not to love? Although we've been in caves that have a lot more interesting formations in them, it was a nice hike through the cave. The underground lake was really cool, and the highlight of the visit.I guess there is a ticket price discount if you buy them online in advance, they don't offer any discounts at the counter.

Dawn K — Google review

I loved this place. Our guide, JD, was awesome and super knowledgeable! The boats are awesome and I would say this is an all around activity that is good for young children to adults! I would say the only hesitation is that you have to walk all the way to the bottom and then all the way back up and that is a bit tricky if you have mobility issues. Had a blast and will be coming again if we have more family in town!

Sara B — Google review

What a cool experience! Very cool cave with really neat features I haven’t seen anywhere else but the crowning achievement is the lake. It is beautiful and well lit. The walking is a bit steep so this may be one to sit out if you might have trouble with something like that but it wasn’t hard for me or any of my children.

Asheli G — Google review


(6320)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (214)


(994)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (215)

140 Lost Sea Rd, Sweetwater, TN 37874, USA

(423) 337-6616


Raft One | Ocoee Rafting Outfitter

Raft trip outfitter


Adventure sports center


Water Sports

We zip lined with Gracie and Winnie. They were both so awesome and made the experience amazing!We then water rafted and got Winnie and Lily! Both were amazing and even suggested things to do/ places to eat on our stay!We will definitely be back and hope we get these girls again!

Megan G — Google review

My daughter wanted to celebrate her birthday with her school besties so she decided rafting was gonna be the way to go. Nervous as heck to take 8 12-13 year olds rafting. I looked through google and found Raft 1. From the start my call with Alisha was top notch!!!! She was so friendly and helpful. We finally rafted yesterday (5/18/24) and I cant say enough about these 2 guys (Parrot and Matt G). They made sure my girls had fun!!! I have rafted with a couple of other companies and NOT ONE of them compares to RAFT 1. They are definitely gonna make sure you have a blast. RAFT 1 you guys are the best and Y’all OWN THE OCOEE. The only place Im going when its time to raft. See ya soon!!!!Joy Ford

Joy S — Google review

We had the best day Zip lining and white water rafting. Bob and Anna were great on our zip lining tour. Dirt was an absolutely amazing river guide. We felt safe the whole time yet we had a blast. We will definitely be back!

Ariel S — Google review

Great place for families. There is a cafe with food and you are allowed to bring outside food in. We packed a whole ice chest of food for lunch and had no issue. All of the staff were wonderful. Alisha at the front desk was super welcoming and answered all of our questions! For zip lining we were with Logan, Emily, and Wiley. All awesome people! They were easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, and funny! We felt super comfortable with them. Noah was our guide for rafting. Super cool and easy to talk to. This guy knows the river like the back of his hand and has some great stories. We had such a great time with him- one of the best experiences of my life. Holden and Emily were the tour guides for the other half of our group and they loved them both as well! 100% recommend this place!

Hadley F — Google review

This was my youngest two daughters first experience with whitewater rafting. Our guide Jase was awesome. He made the experience for the girls exceptional. We will be back to Raft One. The girls talked all the way home about our next trip and if they could bring their friends.

Jody B — Google review

We had so much fun with Bucky and Gracie! They guided us on the zip line tour and we had a great time with them. Truly a wonderful experience 10/10 would recommend any tour done by them!We also went back and did white water rafting the following day with how great our first experience was and we got Jace and he was phenomenal! We told him we wanted to get a little roudy and he did not disappoint! He was sure to give us plenty of opportunities to do some cool tricks. It was my boyfriends first time and he did an awesome job at making him feel comfortable. From pros to first timers, Jace will be sure to give you a memorable experience!There’s plenty of places to adventure in this area, but the staff here is what makes this company stand out.

Liberty B — Google review

Our FULL day with Raft1 exceeded our expectations! We started with zip lining. Our guides were Weston and Holden. They were very witty and fun but also very safe.. though we tested their skills quite regularly! Never a dull moment with my family! Next , we had an AWESOME rafting trip!! Our guide ,Dirt, was great!! Very informative and fun!!! Kept an eye out for everyone and made sure everyone was safe!! ☺️ I HIGHLY recommend Raft1 for anyone wanting to have a good time!!! And remember…. You get what you pay for! 😜

Angie W — Google review

I’ve never in my life done this ( water rafting ) and I’m 39, we did a friend trip (5) from Florida and we were nervous as none of us have experience this but I have to say that our guide HOLDEN was the man, he made the experience fun, he kept us laughing, he was very knowledgeable about the river, told us exactly what to do not to get hurt, made the experience so great. RAFTONE IS DEFINITELY A PLACE TO VISIT… thank you guys and HOLDEN thank you so much 😊 👍🏽

D.A.C — Google review

We had an awesome experience with Raft 1 ziplining. We were able to call the day off, on a Friday, and get in on the 2 hour zip. Price was reasonable. Gift shop was nice. Noah and Cal were top-notch guides. It takes a specific personality to help people enjoy these types of things, while still putting safety first.There is a photo package offered at the end which was a reasonable cost and a nice touch.Go zip!

Nicole L — Google review

This was our first whitewater trip. We were nervous and anxious but we had a great time. Our guide, Jamie, was absolutely amazing!We had quite the experience at Goliath, but Jamie kept her cool, saved the guy and navigated us through it all.We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would request her as our guide the next time!!

Roxie R — Google review

We had a great time on our rafting trip! John G was a great guide for us. It was our first rafting experience for some of us and we were a bit nervous but he didn't act crazy! Our kids were on another raft and they played and surfed waves and they had a great time with their guides too(Nic and Trashman) Five stars for them too!

Natosha C — Google review

Jace was outstanding as our guide on our first ever rafting trip. He went out of his way to assure we had the most amazing time and it did not go unnoticed. My 13 yr old daughter practically seems soulless on a regular but she was smiling from ear to ear the entire time. He made sure we remained safe but thoroughly enjoyed the ride at the same time. He was the best guide we could've asked for!

Jessica H — Google review

If you’re in the area you HAVE TO take this rafting trip! Our guide Danny “trash man” was very knowledgeable and a great asset to the trip…do yourself a favor and take the “full river” excursion. Our son even said “this is awesome” when we stopped for lunch. Don’t miss the Raft1 water slide either. Dry refreshing and Raft1 made it as easy as possible to enjoy the day with the family. Put Raft1 on your vacation agenda…your family will thank you for making great memories…

Steve S — Google review

10/10 recommend! This was the highlight of our girls trip! SHOUTOUT TO BUCKY AND SPENCER for the entertainment and excitement all while keeping us safe. We zip lined the first day and had so much fun that we returned for white water rafting the next day! As my first time experiencing these things, I definitely felt confident with Bucky and Spencer giving us directions and guiding us along the way! Would love to come back!

Destiny K — Google review

We had the BEST TIME EVER on our rafting trip with Jace. He was the best guide, super fun, knowledgeable, and went out of his way to make sure we had an awesome experience on the river. We have tried other rafting tours but this one by far has been the best. We will back again and again!

Natasha N — Google review

We cannot say enough about how spectacular this rafting company is. I have been coming here every summer with my husband James for the past 6 years, and he’s been rafting with them for the past 15 years. They never disappoint and we always have the time of our lives. We have brought various guests with us, from children to petrified adults to other adventure seekers like ourselves, and everyone always has a great time. All the guides are amazing and you can tell the company takes their time to ensure they offer the best trained guides. We have had Dirt as our trusty guide several times. I strongly recommend asking for him as your guide- you will have an amazing time! Dirt knows every inch of the Ocoee River, is highly skilled, and super friendly. He knows how to show his guests a great time. On one of the slower days, he even took us out to a neat little waterfall just off the side of the river. It was such a lovely surprise and great addition to our trip. Safety is a top concern as well. The owners, two brothers, Brent and Dusty, always greet us with a smile and remember us from years past (they are both very experienced guides as well!) Book your excursions with this outfit, you will be happy you did!

Lien D — Google review

We took an amazing zip-line tour and it was our first time for that, both in our lives and together. Our guides Gracie and Weston were amazingly patient with us and really humorous the whole tour. Thank you both for a wonderful ride!

Heath J — Google review

Amazing experience and we was blessed to have a great guide Spencer. Spencer was really knowledgeable about the river and compassionate toward us. He was helpful and humble, funny and make the experience extra fun. Having a great guide like Spencer make things so much better specially for my husband and I first timers doing rafting. For us was a experience that will go in our memories. We was celebrating our anniversary and husband birthday. So happy I chooses raftone.

Isamar S — Google review

Ziplining - our family of five (kids age 10, 12, 13) did the course. It was just us, so was like a private group with 2 really good guides (Spencer and Jamie). Course is really good, lots of long zips. You do have to slow yourself down on several by placing a gloved hand on the line, we didn’t really like this aspect and had never had to do that on other courses. But overall really good and we’d do it again.Middle Raft trip - just my son and I did. It was AWESOME! Our guide Jace was the best. It was our first time doing this level of rapids and son was scared to fall out, we asked for a safe ride and Jace delivered. Plus they did extra special things that other outfitters didn’t, like slide rock where we got out and could jump on and slide down our overturned raft and a hole jump thing, all of the other rafts just cruised by watching us have more fun. Would highly recommend, felt safe the entire ride and we really enjoyed it. Definitely request Jace.

Faith B — Google review


(1327)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (216)


(2692)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (217)

4599 US-64, Copperhill, TN 37317, USA

(888) 723-8663


Mercier Orchards

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (218)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (219)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (220)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (221)

Mentioned on

15 lists


Sights & Landmarks

Mercier Orchards is a picturesque, 300-acre fruit orchard that was founded in 1943. They offer pick-your-own seasonal fruits and have a variety of products available at their shop, including their own cidery with seasonal wines and slushies. Their website features a schedule of currently available produce so visitors can plan accordingly. The facility is well-maintained and has clean restrooms with an attendant on duty to ensure cleanliness.

I heard it was strawberry season and couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some fresh ones so me made the venture out there. It was more than worth it! The orchard is absolutely stunning and the shop has everything you could expect. They have their own cidery and make a variety of seasonal wines (and slushies). Their website even has a schedule of what’s currently in season so you can coordinate your visit to your preference.

Beau R — Google review

First visit, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Mercier Orchards. Beautiful location! It was not as crowded as I had expected. Lots of goodies inside! We tried a few different apples, we really loved the Crunch a Bunch variety. The coffee crusted pecans were a nice treat as well.

Tyson — Google review

What a great place to stop by for the weekend getaway from the city. They offers fresh fruits and vegetables, variety of apples, peaches, nectarines. The bake goods are to die for. Our favorites are apple fritter and donuts. Also the refreshment; such as lemon slushy and apple slushy are a must have. If you into alcohol, they have whole bar dedicated for you on the side. Outside we had the pop up stand of kettles corn and boiled peanuts. Fantastic experience, with staff being so nice and friendly. Bathrooms were clean. Parking was plenty.

Wind N — Google review

We love coming up to Mercier’s when we are in the area. We bought several items consisting of bread, pies, and donuts. They all tasted great!The staff are friendly and love to serve. The experience in the store takes you back in time.I haven’t experienced the orchards yet but have it on the list.

Marshall H — Google review

One of my favorite places to visit! The orchards are beautiful and the store is fantastic with fresh bakery goods and so many great things to buy. Whether you are looking for a little gift or some great breads, fruits and veggies or even some fruit pies of so many varieties, you won't be disappointed. I have so many memories of this great place. Just pick up some pastries and go sit by the lake and enjoy the views.

Pam B — Google review

Awesome and very unique place to visit. Biggest orchard retail store I have ever seen. There's plenty of parking alongside a pond, which they thoughtfully enclosed with a nice walkway. They have every kind of jam and jelly you can imagine! A bakery in the rear with homemade breads and pies. A winery. My favorite is their apple butter. If you are in Blue Ridge you need to stop in here! Don't miss it!!

Lucinda L — Google review

This is a must do if you're in the Blue Ridge area. It's like a farm store with a restaurant and tons of shopping. The restaurant offers a great breakfast on the weekends. Amazing biscuits, fresh fruit, preserves, apple butter, eggs, sausages, french toast, waffles, chicken biscuits, grits, and coffee and tea.The store carries fresh fruit, preserves, apple butter, some no sugar added options, syrup, honey, stuffed animals, muffin mixes, donuts, and more. There's a bakery in the back. The employees were really nice. I'm sure this would be an awesome stop in the fall when apples are in season! The grounds are also really pretty. There's a pond you can walk around and benches to rest on.

Rachel — Google review

Really neat place. Lots of sweets and great produce. The hand held pies are amazing. Worth the wait to take some home. Apple cider is yummy. The strawberries and peaches were in season and so great.

Kelly T — Google review

This place was absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, we visited during the winter so we couldn't pick any apples or do the hay ride. We visited the market and had a good time trying the samples and visiting the bakery. We then went to the lake and were able to some nice pictures. If you're in or around Blue Ridge, this place is a definite must.

Ciera M — Google review

As a lover for Wine && Cider, this is a must to visit! They have Cider & Wine tasting! Make their own, as well as sell other wines. My favorite was their Blackberry Wine and I don't even like blackberries. The only negative I'd say, is how small their Wine bottles are for the price. They are half the size of a normal wine bottle, which are cute, but not for the price. Would love to visit again when it's Spring and see how the fields look!

Katlin H — Google review

This is a beautiful orchard!!! We took the Apple Blossom tour, and it was lovely! They have so many types of apples and products to explore and enjoy. I especially love th fact they have sampling stations so you know which things you like the best before you buy.We got Crimson Crisp Apples, Blackberry Sparkling Cider, Dried Apples, and Sugar Free Apple Pies. Everything we purchased was delicious!I highly recommend adding this orchard on your Blue Ridge Georgia Bucklet List. I'm looking forward to going back soon!!!

Adventure Q — Google review

Nice , clean facility. Bathrooms we pristine with an attendant working hard to keep them that way. The were out of some products but thats mainly because of Covid and being short staffed. We like to visit Mercier on our trips to Blue Ridge.

Purple R — Google review

This is the top of the mountain for farmers markets. If you are anywhere within 8 hours of this place you owe yourself a visit. From 🍎apples, 🍑 peaches, 🫐 blueberries and 🍯🐝honey to everything in between. This place has an awesome breakfast and lunch. A top tier bakery, candy, toy shop, jams, jellies and so much more!!! There is even a 🍷 wine tasting room with craft wine and ciders. Do not miss making a trip to this farmers market Mecha!!!

Shadd B — Google review

There are probably so many reviews about this place that I just don’t think I can add a lot. It was a great experience. I went there on my own thanks to a friend who recommended it as a good option for a we can plan. I went in and it was blueberry picking season which is not as fun as picking up apples but it is still very cool and you get to take what you pick the shop they have is very good and big and they have a ton of things and I didn’t stay to eat, but I tried some of the apple ciders they have, and some of them were very good, I ended up spending over $100 in products in that shop including the Seiter and some gifts for the family. I saw a lot of people with their kids which makes me think it is probably a very fun experience for the little ones as well.

Alejandro C — Google review

I was so excited about visiting Mercier Orchard, and it did not disappoint! The drive up was beautiful, and so was the orchard. There were so many different items to try. The apple slushie is amazing! We also purchased some baked goodies and apple peach cider. Everything was great. I highly recommend visiting!

Bianca W — Google review

Great place!Quick tour on the tractor, quick bite at the bakery (but don't be the first one there they might not have everything out).You can walk the lap around the pond and sit and enjoy the view.Plenty of things to shop around for inside. Friendly staff.Be aware that this is considered a dry county and if here on a Sunday most places will not serve, or allow purchase of alcohol until 12:30

Sparkle M — Google review

Cool place but they posted this morning on social media to come get a apple cider slushie. Drove long way to come here and get the slushie for them to say they haven't had that for months.:( super disappointed. Place would be great but can't trust anything they post or say.

Pixie M — Google review

I had the best time here! I always get apples when I come through north Georgia and I'll definitely be back to Mercier. The gentleman conducting the apple sampling was very helpful and gave me excellent advice about which apples are best to can. The samples were delicious and I bought a full bushel. They also have a bakery, an extensive gift shop, and of course, I took pictures by the tractor. It was a great afternoon.

Jillian H — Google review

Mercier is always amazing. Make sure you stop in and do a wine and beer flight made on-site. Then visit the Bakery for fresh baked goods and other treats.

Vidal S — Google review

If you’re ever in Blue Ridge, I highly recommend you add Mercier Orchards to your “must see” list! The bakery items are fresh and delicious. My personal fav from the bakery is the apple fritter, it’s huge and they will heat it up for you if you ask! There’s a huge selection of different gifts, jerky, sweets, soups, wine 🍷, dips and so much more! There’s a bar inside that serves wine slushes and lots of other drinks. They even serve samples of all of their apples and you can buy the ones you love 😋 My favorite items were the apple wine and the Granny Smith Apple chapstick 🤩 I should’ve bought more so make sure you grab one - or five! lol

Angel R — Google review

This place is massive! So much to see and experience. They have a great organization to there store and they items are color coded! Check out the pictures… they seriously have it all: jams, hells, sauces, mixes, honey, beauty products, kitchen wares, wine, cider, meat, cheese, produce, baked goods…They also have the Cider Mill with tastings.

S V — Google review

During my trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia I was taken to a local store for Mercier Orchards and found that this place had everything yes even Gluten free foods. I was so over whelmed with this store i had forgotten to take more pictures. This is a. "Must see" when you are in the neighborhood. It even has a Bakery in the back.

Patrick — Google review

We went during PRIME TIME! A beautiful fall afternoon. Due to it being later in the season we only had the opportunity to pick one species of apples (14$ per bag) however the fields themselves were not crowded, the tractor picked us up/dropped us off, water was sold on site for 1$, and the apples were so sweet and plump! Only reason I have to bring it down a star is lack of accessibility for wheelchairs throughout the entire facility, poor traffic management and lack of communication on the strollers policy. Aside from that beautiful view and great variety for family fun.

Paws' P — Google review

Mercier Orchards is like a dream come true for fruit fans. Their fruit desserts are super tasty, with pies, free apple tasting samples, desserts and preserves that are chock-full of natural fruity goodness.The best part? You get to enjoy all this deliciousness in a cozy, welcoming place surrounded by beautiful fruit trees. It's a fantastic spot to enjoy yummy treats, pick your own fruits and soak up the great outdoors. If you love food and nature, you've got to check it out!

Renzo G — Google review


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(2508)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (223)

8660 Blue Ridge Dr, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, USA

(706) 632-3411


Market Square

Sights & Landmarks

Points of Interest & Landmarks


(2987)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (224)

Knoxville, TN 37902, USA


Amicalola Falls State Park

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (225)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (226)

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (227)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (228)

State park

Nature & Parks

State park with a waterfall, hiking trails & a variety of lodging, from campsites to modern cabins.

Beautiful falls with beautiful views around. Hiking is fun here and there are steps that you can take to go top of the falls. My 2year old kid did climbed easily 425 steps. There is plenty of space for picnic and spent valuable time there. All aside weather was just right. Overall it was a fabulous experience.

Naresh E — Google review

600 stairs total if you want to hike from the bottom to the top. You can drive up to the top or middle and hike over a short distance but will still need to navigate some stairs. There are several benches to stop and catch your breath on the way up. The steep incline hike at before you get to the stairs is strenuous but paved. You cannot get in the water/fall anywhere (signs are posted to stay on trail) except at the base/bottom where you first come in and can park and take a short walk over also with a few stairs. It was extremely crowded especially at the bridge at the midway point and the top. Went on a weekend in June and early morning. Got busier as the day went on. The hotel at the top has a stunning view but is an additional hike to get to. The gift shop is nice. The restaurant was closed at 11am while there. There are restrooms at the base and the top, that is it. The stairs are also clear metal so you can see down the entire way.

Kelly — Google review

Our visit was a very nice experience. There are several ways to view the falls, which allows one to appreciate the beauty of the waterfalls. You can view by looking down from the top of the falls (and can also drive to the top and park if unable to walk the distance). Or, you can walk or drive to the mid-point section of the water fall where parking is available. There is a nice bridge here that spans the width of the falls from where you can view and take nice photos. You can look up as well as look down to view. There is also the option of a more strenuous trail where you can start at the bottom of the falls and walk the trail and climb the stairs all the way to the top. The distance from the base of the falls to the top overlook is only one mile. There are benches along the trail for those who may need to stop to rest. Be sure to bring water and bug spray! The only con was the limited parking to access the trails. Visiting during the week is best. I highly recommend visiting the Amicalola Falls for ALL ages.

Hakan A — Google review

Absolutely gorgeous and The pictures do no justice! We walked the 604 steps to the top of the water fall and it was worth every step! Gorgeous scenery in every direction and as far as the eye can see. If you're unable to climb the stairs to the top, you have the option to drive up and walk over to enjoy the views at the top of the waterfall. Headed to the zip lining adventures afterwards and it was just as phenomenal! I'd definitely return and experience it all again.If you're unable to climb the stairs to the top, you have the option to drive and enjoy the views of the top of the waterfall too.

Jennifer L — Google review

Beautiful state park and incredibly well thought out. It's very handicap accessible. I loved that they had trails made for wheelchairs and walkers so you could go see the falls as well. It was a very easy hike in to the falls from the handicap parking lot. Not even 10 minutes. The staff was delightful and so very helpful right from the time you come through the gate. Definitely recommend for family fun and for getting immersed in nature.

Jewels L — Google review

Absolutely breath taking. We chose to start the trail at the top and use the 425 steps one way down to the falls. It was fun and memorable for our crew. We had 4 kiddos with us from ages 4-11 and they were all able to complete the stairs on their own. The falls are beautiful and worth the hike. We are not sure what the trail is like coming from the base of the falls. The views of the Blue Ridge mountains at the top of the falls was amazing! Definitely recommend this natural wonder of Georgia. It should be must do.

Heather R — Google review

Beautiful falls. You can either hike by climbing around 400+ steps while you enjoy the view ,though it can be strenuous. Or you also drive up to the top of the falls by car and park. The view is beautiful and you can enjoy the blissful sound of water hitting the rocks.

Munshad A — Google review

The park is well maintained and clean. The steps to falls is clearly labeled with count of steps. Nice picnic area with shade and options to grill. Nice kids play area also. Parking is bit scarce so need to plan it or wait during peak season

Rijo K — Google review

I went up for a work related Stihl training conference and I have to say it is absolutely gorgeous! The facilities were absolutely astounding and I couldn't believe how beautiful the area was. The views the people everything was amazing. If you haven't been to this location I highly recommend it. You will not be sorry. I did not get to see the waterfall but I heard so many incredible things from other people. Absolutely worth the hiking trails Etc You will not be sorry!!They do have a wonderful playground for children there. It seems pretty dog friendly. And it looked like they were working on some of the restrooms and doing some construction on some of the buildings.

Manny H — Google review

Beautiful park with great views. The lodge/gift shop was clean and the restrooms were too. It seems better to park downhill and walk up so your trip back down is much easier. It’s great that you can drive up the mountain too. There are playgrounds and picnic areas/tables around as well. Wonderful place for a family outing. Super dog friendly! There’s lots of parking but you have to “find a spot” and definitely some tight car squeezes.

Clarke E — Google review

Nice state park! But very busy, crowded (last weekend in October) . People waiting to take pictures pretty much at every spot!The walk up to the falls is very strenuous! If walking is not possible , driving up by road option is available too, but parking was full at almost all stops, so could take some time to find a spot! If would like to climb half way through, there is a west trail, which connects at 425 step point and the bridge across the falls.Beautiful hike, but needed several stops as the hike is steep! Initial section of trail/paved path way and then 600 steps. Nice picnic area at the top. Zip lining not that great. Restrooms were a complete disaster, with rolls of toilet paper on the floor and water everywhere!

Akshata R — Google review

Beautiful waterfall. New welcome center. Two trails to get to the falls here. You can drive to the start of trail at the very top of the falls or start at the bottom on a rubber paved path to the falls. Start on the trail above and you will need to be prepared to go down 425 stairs, but the views are amazing. The two trails meet at the bottom of the falls where is a small bridge.

Joel H — Google review

My family and I went to this place two days ago. It was a bit cold (about 40 degrees) but the weather was very nice. They have 3 parkings as well as 3 stages along the trail routes (bottom is from the Visitor Center, middle is the West Ridge Falls Access, and the top of the falls area.) Only paid $5 for parking access. I wish I had time going to this place in fall, it must be much more beautiful and colorful when the trees change their leaves color...

Thanh N — Google review

It was a perfect day for a hike 4/3/24! Followed by taking in the beauty of the the fall♥️The 425 steps were a challenge but we kept pushing on and it felt fantastic afterwards 👍The picnic area was nice and clean, so were the restrooms. Last stop, at the welcome center was enjoyable. Some interesting artifacts about moonshiners, the Amicalola(also the Appalachian Trail)Hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Zina B — Google review

Such a beautiful falls. The weather was great. The main falls was closed because a tree fell, so only the lower falls was open. It was an easy hike, didn't have to climb the stairs. I love that it had the rubber path to the falls which made it easier on your feet

Yea W — Google review

Highly recommended for all of you to visit this waterfall. So easy to get to. $5.00 to get in the park.There are several way to see it from the visitor center. Easy and strenuous hike.We decided the easy part to drive up and walk to the waterfall. The.5 miles walk from the second parking lot before the top of the falls.

Lanie Y — Google review

Loved this little side trip. Quick, easy, tree shaded path to the falls. Hearing the sound of the waterfall along the path was so enjoyable. It's beautiful on either side of the bridge over the waterfall. Great place to take pictures! Check out our!

Karla G — Google review

It's a perfect outdoor experience. This waterfall is so cool, it almost doesn't seem real. My videos show some of the cascades. I also show the walkway and the stairs. The last video shows a great mountain view at the top. To get to the mountain view, when you are by the bathrooms at the top you will see a trail. Walk up the trail a little ways and you will see some beautiful Blue Ridge mountain views.

Jeremy H — Google review

Gorgeous! We did a 2.5 hike that was fantastic. We started where the playground is, next to the new visitors center (not open yet). That was the best because we had to climb down (not up) the stairs to the waterfall. If you’re looking to just see the waterfalls, make sure to park on the top to avoid the 425 steps up.

Sandy M — Google review

This place is just gorgeous! There is a playground, picnic tables, many choices of places to stay, camping, glamping, you name it! The views were phenomenal! The kids, age 1 and 11, were intrigued and the walking was great for them! It's not too bad at all if you skip walking from bottom to top! We walked to the bottom, and then drove around and up to the top! Highly recommend this place! Fun for everyone! Including fishing! Lots of photographic opportunities as well! Make sure you visit the lodge! Spectacular views!!! 100% coming back!

Magen R — Google review

Amicalola falls is a nice scenic hike with a big climb. It is the start of the Appalachian Trail but most people seem to come to see the falls. They have a new visitor center which seems almost done. We walked from there up the trail by some small falls and the reflection pool. From there you climb about 600 stairs to the top with a nice view right before the stairs. About 1/3rd of the way up is another bridge with a great view and short walk to see a prohibition era car. From there you can hike the rest of the way up to the view at the top and a nice lodge with facilities. We took about 3 hours to hike up and eat lunch and then hike down.

Paul B — Google review

I went on a beautiful fall Saturday afternoon. The park was over crowded, parking was a pain, the hike to the waterfall was steep and long. The waterfall made it all worth it.Amicalola Falls is the best waterfall I have seen in the US (not counting Niagara). It is tall and majestic.If you visit the park, I would recommend also going to the top of the mountain where the lodge is. The views of the surrounding mountains from there are amazing.

Kevin G — Google review

Beautiful park, but a couple of challenges caused the loss of a star. Very limited parking options (10 to 12 spots) in both the falls overlook and west ridge entry. There was plenty of parking at park entry. The second item of note was that there were a couple of the trails that were closed, making it impossible to hike to the base of the falls or down from the west ridge along the falls.Regardless, it was a beautiful day to enjoy the park and you should definitely consider adding the falls to your travel plans if you're coming to the north Georgia area.

Daniel J — Google review

This campground it very nice. Some of the trails were closed due for repairs, but we found several to hike. The weather was quite cold and I was disappointed with how the camp wood bundles would not burn at all! Their wood was useless.On the other hand watching a breathtaking sunset from the Lodges patio area next to the fireplace was delightful.For a place that is located at the beginning of the AT you would think they would have a lot more camping/backpacking supplies in the camp store, but they do not so be well prepared and double.check your supplies before you leave home.They have a zip line, hatchet throwing, and archery to keep you entertained as there is not much to do after the waterfall hikes are completed.The campsites themselves are very nice and I love that ours had a boxed in feeling where the picnic table and fireplace is located (unfortunately we couldn't use it since it was so cold and the wood wouldn't burn)

Atina T — Google review

Amicalola Falls State Park is absolutely beautiful. The visitors center is nice with lots of options for souvenirs. There are several trails to hike. The lodge was gorgeous with stunning views. We took a short hike to the bottom of the falls and then climbed the stairs to the top. I would highly recommend visiting the park if you are in the area.

Shauna J — Google review

Gorgeous Falls & scenery. Best for all types of people who like outdoor activities & adventures, mind you the hike is very strenuous..., make sure to dress properly during the weather... The people in these photos said its OK for me to post them. $5 for parking.

KeyKee G — Google review

Beautiful park. Well maintained with great views. Reflection pond and the road to the lower deck stairs was closed for renovations. You can drive up the other road towards the lodge and there are a few parking areas. One by a path that leads to the middle of the waterfalls. Easy walk with slight slope going back to the lot. Definitely worth the trip. The next parking area is at the top of the falls and easy to access.

Cortney N — Google review

Amicalola Falls State Park is always one of my favorite hiking destinations when I’m in North Georgia. It’s breathtakingly beautiful with views all around. The trip up the stairs to the falls might be the more difficult path, but be sure to watch out for the lady beetles on your hike down; they bite!The parking lots are always packed, so be prepared to hunt for a spot. The Top of the Falls lot does sometimes have more spots, but you will be asking your vehicle to go up a steep incline to go up there and a deep downgrade coming back. Not every car can do it. I’m still surprised mine did!Seriously, though, Amicalola Falls is some of the most beautiful area in North Georgia. It’s well worth the drive and a visit!

Kat S — Google review

This is such a great hike beginner to intermediate depending on the path/trail you take. The falls are beautiful and the grounds are fantastic! They maintenance is wonderful, and signage is great. YOU WILL NOT GET LOST

Adriana L — Google review

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! OK, so we visited the welcome center and we thought it was the only way to see The Falls, so we started hiking up the right side via the back of the Welcome Center. That side took us straight to the top. It was about 1.5 miles. When we got to the top of the Falls, there was parking 😂.Ok, no biggie, let’s head down to the middle going down 425 steps. When we got to the middle of the Falls, there was parking. 😂.Fine we thought, let’s go back to the Welcome Center. It was a tough hike down but well worth it. I have to ACL surgeries so it was rough for me. Take it slow because it was well worth it. Check out the pics.

Judie M — Google review

Absolutely gorgeous!! We took the guided tour from the visitor center up to the falls. Our guide pointed out things we wouldn't have noticed on our own plus she was super nice, professional and fun. The tour is considered a strenuous hike, so be sure to read the information on the website and prepare accordingly. After the tour she recommended we drive to the top of the falls lookout and also to the lodge to see the views from both places, which were exceptional!

Will G — Google review

Beautiful waterfall, well maintained. Be prepared for lots of steps. Short walk to the middle of the falls… lots of steps down to the bottom of the falls. Lots of steps up to the very top of the falls (or you can just drive up!). All the views are beautiful and well worth the trip!

Ashley M — Google review

One of my absolute favorite! The view of the falls is worth the hike down the 425 stairs. Park is clean and well maintained with clear signs everywhere. Many beautiful trails.

Michelle C — Google review

Part of the stair trail is closed but the side routes to the top are still open. Always amazing me how that little creek up top can make such an amazing waterfall. Nice to see in every season. Stairs are a little scary for some pups and maybe hard on their feet but mine did fine.

Bobbi S — Google review

Second time to visit the state park. Absolutely beautiful and stunning views. Stayed in the cabins in the park and it was great. The drive to the top of the mountain to the hotel was very easy and well worth the time. The walk to the bottom of the falls is a minimal stress Walk on a very well defined path. Beautiful views everywhere you look.

Thomas B — Google review

2 Level 2 EV chargers. Nice new visitors center. Plenty of parking. Lots of trails to choose from. The falls are amazing. Pleasant hike to Stringer Mountain. Several nice big, wide-open backpacking sites.

Scott M — Google review

Stayed at the lodge....The park didn't have any notice that the stairs to upper and lower falls were closed due to repairs, and the three days we were there, they remained closed. We did walk at the top and middle bit the bottom was also closed.... the help at the welcome center did not have a lot of knowledge of the local trails. Otherwise beautiful location. A lot of canopy style trials. Minimal view while hiking.

Keith M — Google review


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(1434)40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (230)

418 Amicalola Falls State Park Rd, Dawsonville, GA 30534, USA

(706) 265-8888

40 Best Stops Between Yellowstone National Park and Pigeon Forge (2024)
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