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Bora Bora, located about 160 miles northwest ofTahitiand approximately 2,600 miles south ofHawaii, was discovered in 1722, and is arguably the most beautiful island on the planet.

The island's ancient name ofVava'usuggests the original inhabitants of this 7 million year old island arrived fromTonga, and interestingly, there is no"B,"in the local Tahitian language, so its actual name isPora Pora, meaning"first born."

Under the leadership of Admiral Abel Aubert Dupetit Thouars, Bora Bora was named a colony ofFrancein 1842.

The onset of World War II broughtU.S.troops to the island, and seven massive cannons were set up around the perimeter, as well as a number of forts. The presence of the troops was generally accepted, and lucky for the natives (and troops alike) no combat took place on the island during the war. TheU.S.military base officially closed on June 2, 1946, and the abandoned base became an international airport untilTahitiopened their own in 1962.

Bora Bora relies heavily on the tourism industry to fuel its economy, and its fabled blue lagoon is - according to novelist James A. Michener - "So stunning, that there are really no adequate words to describe it."

Volcanic in origin, Bora Bora's rugged main island, and a few smaller islands, are completely surrounded by coral reefs.

Made famous by books, movies, and its stunning beauty, the island is now besieged by tourism and overcrowding. Regardless, if you must visit a South Pacific island (and you should), Bora Bora would be an excellent choice.

For additional info about the islands ofFrench Polynesia, and their most interesting history, gohere.

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Fast Facts

  • Name:Bora Bora
    A part of the Society Islands of French Polynesia,an overseas territory of France,originally claimed in 1843
  • Capital City:Bora Bora does not have a capital city, however its administrative center is the settlement of Vaitape on the main island
  • Population:8,880 (2007 census)
  • World Populations(all countries)
  • Currency:Comptoirs Francais du Pacifique franc
    (conversion rates)

    Bora Bora Map / Geography of Bora Bora/ Map of Bora Bora - (4)

    500 franc

  • Ethnicity:Polynesian 78%, Chinese 12%, local French 6%, metropolitan French 4%
  • Language:French (official), Polynesian dialect
  • Largest Cities:(by population) Vaitape
  • National Day:July 14
  • Religion:Protestant, Catholic, others

current date and time


Bora Bora Map / Geography of Bora Bora/ Map of Bora Bora - (5)

French Polynesia is an overseas possession of France.

Its flag depicts a canoe (piroque), sailing under a golden sun. Its crew of five is representing the five islands groups; the Austral, Gambier, Marquesas, Society and Tuamotu chains. Red and white are traditional Polynesian colors.

Larger Bora Bora flag

Geo. Statistics

  • Coastline: unknown
  • Land Area:
    (land) 16.9 sq miles (44 sq km)
    (water) 0 sq mi (0 sq km)
    (TOTAL) 16.9 sq miles (44 sq km)

    To convert sq km (kilometers) to sq mi (miles)
    use our converter

  • Land Area: (all countries)
  • Latitude & Longitude:
    Vaitape: (capital city) 16°30'S,151°44'W
  • Horizontal Width: 2.37 miles (3.81 km) from Vaitape east to Anau
  • Vertical Length: 1.64 miles (2.63 km) from Faanui south to Vaitape

    Note: Lengths and widths are point-to-point, straight-line measurements from a Mercator map projection, and will vary some using other map projections

  • Geographic Center: About 1.88 miles (3.1 km) northeast of Vaitape
  • Highest Point: Mount Otemanu 2,385 ft (727 m)
  • Lowest Point: Pacific Ocean (0m)


Located in the Leeward group of the

Society Islands French Polynesia

, Bora Bora is a volcanic island surrounded by a vibrant blue lagoon and barrier reef.

Much of Bora Bora's landscape is composed of luscious green hillsides and black volcanic rock that blends into a jagged coast bordered by white sand beaches.

The twin peaks of Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu lie within the center of the island, and are the remnants of one extinct volcano. At 2,385 ft (727 m) Mount Otemanu is the highest point of Bora Bora; Mount Pahia peaks at 2,159 ft (658 m).




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Travel Info.

ATTRACTIONS: (a few major)

Despite being known as a "tremendously pricey destination" tourists from all over the world travel to Bora Bora annually to enjoy its idyllic beaches.

While snorkeling, scuba diving, and other various water activities are the most popular attraction, tourists can also visit the Marae Temples, spend the afternoon hiking along various trails across the island, or visit the many shops and art galleries in the markets.


The summer months in Bora Bora (November - April) are hot and humid, with many sunny days. The balance of the year is slightly cooler and drier.

Cooling trade winds buffet the island throughout the year, and the months of June, July, August and October are widely considered to be ideal times to visit.

Frankly, there's never a bad time to travel to Bora Bora.

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Bora Bora Map / Geography of Bora Bora/ Map of Bora Bora - (2024)


What is the geography of Bora Bora island? ›

Its summit is Mount Otemanu, located in the center of the atoll; another summit, Mount Pahia, on the main island is 661 m (2,169 ft) high. The main island has four open bays overlooking the lagoon: Faanui Bay, Tuuraapuo Bay and Povai Bay to the west, and Hitiaa Bay to the northwest.

Where is Bora Bora continent on the world map? ›

Originally Answered: what continent is Bora bora on? Bora Bora is an island group in the Leeward group in the western part of the French Polynesia , an overseas collectivity of France in the Pacific Ocean .

What country is Bora Bora closest to? ›

Bora-Bora, volcanic island, Îles Sous le Vent (Leeward Islands), in the Society Islands of French Polynesia. It lies in the central South Pacific Ocean, about 165 miles (265 km) northwest of Tahiti.

Is Bora Bora close to Hawaii? ›

The shortest distance (air line) between Hawaii and Bora-Bora is 2,529.01 mi (4,070.04 km).

What are 3 interesting facts about Bora Bora? ›

Bora Bora was formed by volcanic activity
  • French Polynesia's Society Islands are home to the island of Bora Bora. ...
  • The island's black sand beaches were also produced by the same volcanic activity that developed Bora Bora. ...
  • Bora Bora was well-known as a sanctuary for pirates and whalers in the 18th and 19th centuries.

What language does Bora Bora speak? ›

The languages spoken in Bora Bora are Tahitian and French. However, due to the high tourism population, many natives of Bora Bora have learned to speak English. Bora Bora is a major international tourist destination, famous for its seaside luxury resorts.

Is Bora Bora a country yes or no? ›

Bora Bora is just one tiny island of French Polynesia, not a country, so it has no capital. But the main town is called Vaitape, hosting the mayor's office. The government of French Polynesia, a French territory, is located on the island of Tahiti, in Papeete city…

Who lives in Bora Bora? ›

The people of Bora Bora are of Tahitian nationality. Tahiti is a French overseas collectivity in the South Pacific and is part of the Islands of French Polynesia, which also includes the islands of Bora Bora and Moorea, among others.

Is Bora Bora a city or state? ›

Bora-Bora is a commune of French Polynesia, an overseas territory of France in the Pacific Ocean. The commune is in the administrative subdivision of the Leeward Islands. Its population was 10,549 at the 2017 census.

Why is Bora Bora so popular? ›

Bora Bora is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The “Pearl of the Pacific,” as it is known, is an island paradise, with a crystal clear lagoon, superb coral reefs, vast stretches of white sandy beach and luxuriant forests of lush green tropical vegetation.

Is Bora Bora closer to Australia or USA? ›

The tiny island is 5774km east of Brisbane, roughly halfway between Australia and the US and 258km north-west of Tahiti in the South Pacific — and a popular stop on many Pacific cruise itineraries from Sydney and Brisbane. Bora Bora can rightly lay claim to being French Polynesia's leading lady.

Is Bora Bora better than Hawaii? ›

While Hawaii provides gorgeous beaches, active volcanoes, and a rich cultural history, Bora Bora offers breathtaking overwater bungalows, crystal-clear lagoons, and lush green mountains. Travelers should make the trip from Bora Bora to Hawaii because it offers the ideal balance of excitement and relaxation.

Is Fiji and Bora Bora the same? ›

Fiji is a country in the South Pacific comprised of more than 300 islands, with Viti Levu and Vanua Levu the most visited. Bora Bora meanwhile is a small South Pacific island, northwest of Tahiti, and technically considered to be part of French Polynesia.

Is Bora Bora close to Africa? ›

The distance between South Africa and Bora-Bora is 15312 km. How long does it take to get from South Africa to Bora-Bora? It takes approximately 2 days 2h to get from South Africa to Bora-Bora, including transfers.

What is the geological history of Bora Bora? ›

Geology. The extinct volcano that once erupted on the island of Bora Bora gave rise to it. Mount Pahia, which is located on the island, is the highest peak at 727 meters above sea level. The island's luxuriant vegetation is supported by the volcanic rock and ash that make up the island.

What is the environment in Bora Bora? ›

The Society Islands of French Polynesia include the tiny island of Bora Bora, which is situated in the South Pacific. It is renowned for its pristine seas, fine white sand, and luxuriant tropical foliage. The island of Bora Bora has a year-round warm and sunny climate, which is a key magnet for tourists.

What is the environment like in Bora Bora? ›

Weather in Bora Bora and Tahiti

French Polynesia enjoys warm, tropical weather all year-round. Cooled by the gentle breezes of the Pacific, the climate of these islands is sunny and pleasant and one of the most stable on Earth.

What is Polynesia geography? ›

Geographical area

Polynesia is generally defined as the islands within the Polynesian Triangle, although some islands inhabited by Polynesians are situated outside the Polynesian Triangle. Geographically, the Polynesian Triangle is drawn by connecting the points of Hawaii, New Zealand, and Easter Island.

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