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Market Quotations By United Press International PORTLAND GRAIN White wheat 2.01 Soft white hard applicable, 2.01 White Club 2.01 Hard red winter, ordinary, 2.06. Hard white baart, ordinary, 2.12 Oats no bid Barley no bid. New York Stocks NEW YORK (UPD-Profit taking in coppers, oils, leading steels, and leading chemicals today marred what might have been a new high record for industrial shares. Big demand centered again on the electronics. Selected autos got a good lift and SO did some of the aircrafts and airlines.

A long list of special issues moved up sharply. The star performers were Chrysler and Ford in the autos, North American Aviation and Martin Co. in the aircrafts, American Airlines and TWA in the airlines, Foster Wheeler in the oil equipments, and General Controls in the electronics. Philadelphia Reading was the strong feature of the specials. Softness in oils reflected uncertainties over workability of import controls.

Coppers fell on lower prices for the mental in London and in the New York futures market. Du Pont fell off more than a point and Eastman a point. American Telephone eased from its high which showed a rise of more than a point. PROMOTION TOLD MEDFORD (UPI) Rundell assistant superintendent of Crater Lake National Park, has been named to succeed James C. McConaghie as superintendent of Vicksburg National Military Park in Mississippi.

The crocodile was worshiped in some parts of ancient Egypt and depised as evil in others. PORTLAND DAIRY PORTLAND )-Dairy mar- ket: Eggs To retailers: Grade AA large, 42-44c A large, 42-44c A large 40-42c: AA medium, 37-40c; AA smalls 24-36c; cartons 1-3c additional. Butter To retailers: AA and Grade A prints, 66c carton, 1c higher; prints, 64c. Cheese (medium cured -To retailers: A grade cheddar single daisies, processed American cheese, 5-lb. loaf 40-43c.

PORTLAND LIVESTOCK PORTLAND (UPD-(USDA) Livestock: Cattle 350; load high good to mostly choice 1176 lb. steers 25; some held higher) good 980 lb. 27; utility cows canners-cutters tA Calves 50; slow; few choice vealers 33-35; good standard 24-29. Hogs 400; 1 and 2 butchers 190-220 lb. 18.75-19; few lots 2 and 3 grade 17.50-18; sows 350-550 lb.

13-15. Sheep 300; slow; Tuesday good No. 3 pelt 106 lb. lambs 17; small lot good-choice 118 lb. wooled lambs 16.50.

ALEXIS SMITH says: "AYDS help me LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT "Take Ayds," says Alexis. "I enjoy one or two Ayds candies, as directed, 15 minutes before less, lose naturally." Doctors meals. My appetite fades, I eat safest at England clinic. proved the. Ayds Plan best, Prove it yourself.

$3.25. Money-back guarantee. AYDS Vitamin and Mineral Candy Pay Less Drug Store SERVE YOURSELF and PAY-LESS A BOONE FOR STAGE AND -From television frontier gunman to The Great Emancipator is the transition made by actor Richard Boone. Broadway hails his portrayal of Lincoln in new play, "The Rivals," while television audiences continue to give high rating to his Paladin in "Have Gun, Will Travel." Photo at left shows Boone in his Paladin rolemoustached, sideburned 'and sinister. Center is Boone as interprets Lincoln at the time of his debates with Douglas.

Additional comparison is photo of beardless Lincoln, right. Resort Areas Open Verbal Battle LONG BEACH, Calif. Drumbeaters for California and Florida -sunshine states separated by more than just 3,000 mileshave sharpened their statistics in a nationwide verbal battle over which is more attractive. The Long Beach Press Telegram fired the opening salvo by reporting editorially that "word has leaked out from the insect curtain that the natives are restless in Florida and want out." Floridians quickly came up with statistics tending to prove that their state was gaining population faster than the West Coast on a percentage basis. The Florida spokesmen waved the smog problem in the face of Californians and suggested the state be declared a distress area.

William C. Boyd, public relations manager for the Long Beach AN WARNING! Your Vote Against DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME May Be Thrown Out The people of Oregon have voted against D.S.T. decisively three separate times! Only Multnomah County has consistently voted for it! Now, House Bill 266 to establish D.S.T. regardless of the will of the majority of the people of Oregon will be voted upon in the Legislature in Salem this week! What can you do? Wire, phone or write your State Representative, Don McKinnis, and your State Senator, Dwight Hopkins, State House, Salem, today! Ask them to the will of the majority--to uphold the fundamental principles of democracy- to vote NO ON HOUSE BILL 266! DO IT NOW! Tomorrow may be too late! Don't let Multnomah County dictate your way of life! Paid Political Advertisem*nt by OREGON STANDARD TIME COMMITTEE, Elmer Clure, J. T.

Marr, 1136 SE Oak Street, Portland, Ore. Satellites In Simultaneous Firings, Predicted WASHINGTON (UPD -Dr. John P. Hagen says the United States will try "very soon" to put three satellites into orbit simultaneously with one launching. Hagen heads the Vanguard division of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The new launching at Cape Canaveral, will be an experiment to measure the earth's magnetic field at various altitudes and to gauge air drag in the rarefied atmosphere a few hundred miles up. Hagen said Tuesday the rocket was nearly ready and would be fired "within weeks." The satellites will include the 52-pound third rocket stage, the magnetometer satellite weighing 21 or 22 pounds, and an inflatable 30-inch balloon weighing a pound and a half or two pounds. A. Chenoweth Burial Rites Held ENTERPRISE ---Mrs. Amanda Alice Chenoweth, 87, an early pioneer of Wallowa county, died Thursday evening, March 12 in the local hospital.

She had been in failing health for several months. Funeral services were Tuesday at. 2 p.m. at the Bollman Funeral chapel with the Rev. A.

L. Kint: ner officiating. Burial was in the Enterprise cemetery Mrs. Chenoweth was the daughter of Edward and Sarah Jane Parrish and was born at Pleasent Hill on April 11, 1871. She had been a resident of Alder Slope and Enterprise for the past 75 years.

On November 1, 1886 she was married at Enterprise to James Wesley Chenoweth who died in 1901. She was a member of the Baptist church. Surviving are daughters Mrs. Clara Montague, of Portland and Mrs. Ruth Davis of Wolf Creek; sons, Horace and Murrel, of Enterprise; sister, Mrs.

Elvira Bailey, Hot Lake; nine grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren. Recapping (BETTER Turley's La Grande, March 18, 1959 Page 6 Chamber of Commerce, al nounced the results of his tabulation in an "alligator by alligator, hurricane by hurricane" comparison of the two resort areas. "Miami came out ahead on both alligators and hurricanes," Boyd said. "Comparative statistics showed Miami averaged 13 hurricanes and 38 tropical storms each year while Long Beach had none. "The number of man-eating alligators in a 100-mile radius of Miami runs into the thousands, while California only has a few in zoos," Boyd added.

As a rebuttal to an invitation by Mike Morgan of. the Miami Herald that a Press-Telegram reporter "come to Miami sometime and see what the sun looks like day," Boyd offered the following: "The Weather Bureau indicates Morgan should visit Long Beach to find out what a balmy winter resort is like. Long Beach had seven more days of sunshine last year than Miami." The Feb. 15, 1958, issue of Business Week quoted a Florida weatherman as say- Group To Suggest Fire Unit's Needs A special fire department committee was organized last night make recommendations on what they believe is needed in the way of an adequate and centrally located fire station and additional equipment for fire fighting and training. Appointment of the committee resulted from a ineeting among paid and volunteer firemen and City Manager Fred Young.

Volunteer fire fighters Grant Millering and Keith Patton were picked to head the committee, working with volunteers H. C. (Bill) Brasure and George Alam and Fire Chief Ray Snider. Elgin Briefs Mr. and Mrs.

Delmar Snyder and boys went to Portland Friday and returned home Saturday bringing their younger son, Bobhome from the Shrine hospital. Four year old Bobby lost leg in a lawn mower accident last summer. He has been in the Shrine Hospital since October. He is now walikng on the new artificial limb. Mr.

and Mrs. Max Wilson and children of Billings, Mont. were visiting friends here Monday. The Wilsons are former Elgin residents. Mrs Wilson is a sister of Mrs.

Lovell Martin. Mr. Sheaman was taken to a La Grande hospital Monday in the Elgin first aid car, following a stroke at his home. -0-- The Elgin Womens Service Club will meet Friday, March 13. for a noon luncheon at Snyders' Cafe.

-0- Sgt. Jack Payne is spending a few days Army leave with his sisters and brothers-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Trump.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hillingsworth and Mr. and Mrs. Laurel Witty and his father, all of Elgin.

J. W. McColm returned home Monday after spending several weeks in San Diego, Calif. Janct Lyman of Portland was a weekend guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Richard Lyman. 14-H Club News The 4-H Junior leaders held their meeting in the home of Bob Jones. Dale Case, one of the two Union county 411 members chosen to attend the Knok Your Government conference at Salem recently, an account of his experiences there. He reported that he felt there was a great deal gained from his trip in understanding our state government. Among other things he got to sit in on sessions of both houses of Congress and had a complete tour of the capitol building.

There were seven members attending. The next meeting will held Wednesday, April 15, in the home of eJan Wick. ing "we have been having colder winters, rainier winters, windier winters, but we never have had anything as windy and rainy and cold as this all in the same Boyd also pointed to statistics showing November of last year was the wettest month on record in Greater Miami and that was followed by a December freeze. "You can expect the natives to become restless when they learn that Long Beach didn't have a single day of rain, only sunshine in that same two-month period." Admiral Reports Red 'Snoopers' HONOLULU (UPD -Rear Adm. Benjamin E.

Moore revealed today that Russian submarines and surface ships have been along the Navy's Pacific barrier between Midway and the Aleutians. The admiral said Navy radar constellations and destroyer pickets have made numerous contacts with Soviet naval units all along the Pacific barrier area. "Their surface ships," the admiral said, "have patrolled the length of our Pacific barrier. at Hills! LA GRANDE'S HIGHEST TRADER 49 of and back type. Your tabulator keys 50 be spacer in typewriter working PLUS standard segment, must carrying order.

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La Grande Observer from La Grande, Oregon (2024)
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