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"Had these at Summerfest in Milwaukee and just had to re-create. I have deep-fried or baked with success. Great served with a horseradish sauce."


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Ready In:


9 Rolls




  • 12 lb deli corned beef, sliced
  • 2 cups shredded swiss cheese
  • 12 cup drained rinsed sauerkraut (to taste)
  • 6 -10 large egg roll wraps
  • cooking spray (for deep frying) or oil (for deep frying)



  • Slice corned beef into ribbons (I roll a few pieces up like a cigar and make thin slices).
  • Combine cheese, sliced beef and kraut in a bowl.
  • Place approx 1/3 cup of the corned beef mixture in egg roll wrapper, roll up egg roll fashion sealing the last edge with water.
  • To bake: spray sheet pan with spray oil, place rolls seam side down, spray liberally with more spay oil. Bake at 400°F for 10-12 minutes rotating half-way through baking. Bake until brown.
  • To Deep Fry: Heat oil to 350°F - add rolls, fry until brown and crisy, drain on paper towels.

Questions & Replies

Reuben Rolls Recipe - (9)

  1. Is there some way to print out all these recipes on a single page instead of five or six pages? I am running out of ink, paper, space, and patience--and foregoing printing because of this problem. HELP!!

    William S.

  2. Did anyone use an air fryer? If so what temperature and how long?




  1. Great recipe! I skipped the step of combining beef, cheese and sauerkraut. Instead, I just added the three ingredients separately onto each egg roll wrap. Worked well for me. After wrapping, I brushed some olive oil onto each roll and baked them for 12 minutes at 400F. Absolutely a keeper! Thanks for posting.


  2. Used an air fryer, tried different temp/ times. To keep egg rolls from drying out, I would recommend 300 degrees at 8-10 minutes. I also sprayed a little Pam at beginning.


  3. How about a Thousand Island dip to enjoy them with? We skip the store-bought and combine mayo, ketchup, sugar and sometimes pickle relish (depending on who's come to dinner). Anyone tried dipping?


  4. Way too much wrapper for 1/3 cup mix- I ended up doubling the filling per wrapper and did the baking method. Very... chewy. Would highly recommend deep frying over baking

    Jennifer b.

  5. Oh-my-goodness! These are SO good! We deep-fried them to the peak of perfection, and then demolished the stacke (except we saved out two for our lunch tomorrow!).... Ended up using Monterey Jack and some Mozzarella cheese ("someone" used the last Swiss and didn't mark the shopping list!), and used canned corned beef. Served with Recipe #100355. Double ymmmm! We loved 'em! KEEPER! *Made for PAC Spring 2007*





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Reuben Rolls Recipe  - (2024)
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