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In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, there are a few hidden doors located in various regions which can lead to secrets rooms and areas.

These are referred to as "Shinobi Shortcuts" by Lord Kuro, and can be used simply by hugging the wall where the revolving door is located - and the Wolf will find the spot to enter the new area just by being against the right part of the wall.

Oftentimes you can find worthwhile secrets by locating these secret doors - but they aren't easy to find. Below you will find all known locations.


Ashina Outskirts

  • Location: Headless Cave
  • Leads to: Senpou Temple - Bell Demon's Temple

Though this door is clearly outlined, the location of the shortcut itself can be tricky to find. Once you have defeated the Chained Ogre in the Ashina Outskirts, head up into the next courtyard where a Samurai General and his men are located.

From here, take a right out the large doors to find a small shrine and a warning note about a Headless. If you look behind the shrine you can find a tree to grapple to, and then jump down to grab a cliff ledge to move to a large cave below.

At the bottom of this cave is a Headless Mini-Boss that cannot be damaged by normal means, and will sap your will to run. It's best not to engage this enemy until later when you have better tools.

Run around behind it and look along the walls for a small tunnel opening that leads to a Shinobi Shortcut. This will take you all the way to the Senpou Temple, Mount Kongo region far earlier than you should normally be able to visit - but the spot is isolated from the rest of the area due to a nearby locked door.

Head up the stairs past a Centipede enemy to find a Sculptor's Idol and a large bell with a note imploring you to not to ring the bell. If you do so anyway, you'll be cursed by a Bell Demon in your inventory that will make foes more difficult, but increase rewards dropped.

If this sounds like too much trouble, you can always "use" the Bell Demon in your inventory to make it go away.

Hirata Estate

  • Location: Audience Chamber
  • Leads To: Secret Room


After defeating Juzou the Drunk and gaining access to the main Audience Chamber in the estate, look for a short hallway on the left side where to Bandits patrol, and the hall suddenly ends after a left turn.

Look at the wall at the end of the passage with a painting and hug the wall to reveal a Shinobi Shortcut Secret Door, which leads to a secret room!

Inside here are many untouched spoils, including a Mibu Balloon of Wealth and Light Coin Purse. Head down the hall to the left to find a room with Divine Confetti, and a large screen on the other side of the room that hides a chest you can open to find a Prayer Bead!

Ashina Castle

  • Location: Upper Tower - Main Antechamber
  • Leads To: Secret Armory Room

After you gain entrance to the Upper Tower through the Nightjar Ninja-infested rooftops, head into the main antechamber room and look for a room on the side where two Ashina Elite are looking over a map of the area on the floor.

After defeating them, look for a small portrait between two suits of armor. Hug the wall where the picture hangs, and you’ll reveal a Shinobi Shortcut Secret Door - leading to a small armory.

In here you can open a chest to uncover a Prayer Bead, and find a Light Coin Purse next to it - and by busting the nearby screen, you can locate a Heavy Coin Purse in the corner of the room.

  • Location: Upper Tower - Lord Kuro's Room
  • Leads To: Dilapidated Temple


After you defeat Lord Genichiro Ashina at the top of the Ashina Castle Tower, you'll be allowed downstairs to Lord Kuro's room where you'll continue your quest.

While down here, Lord Kuro may mention of a Shinobi Shortcut Secret Door nearby - and you can spot it just between the stairway and the nearby library area. By hugging the wall here along the body outline - you can find a shortcut leading all the way back to the Dilapidated Temple in the Ashina Outskirts.

Ashina Depths

  • Location: Head Priest's House
  • Leads to: Head Priest's House - Interior

After passing the Water Mill Sculptor's Idol and getting past O'Rin of the Water - you'll find a path leading up to the boss of this region winds past a large house with many Mibu Villagers praying out front - and the door is locked.

If you look around the front of the house, there's a crawlspace to get in under the house, but getting inside requires some ninja thinking. Angle the camera to see the floorboards of the house and look for the outline of a body along the underside of the house - and interact to flip up inside of the house.

Inside you'll find the Head Priest that you can speak to - as well as finding a few items like Divine Confetti, a Red Lump, and a Prayer Bead in the attic. You can also explore around the building for Adamantium Scrap in the back, and a Heavy Coin Purse on the roof, as well as a Light Coin Purse on the house across the river.

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