Where to go in 2024: when to visit our Best in Travel winners (2024)

If you’re anything like us, you’re looking to cram as much adventure as possible into 2024.

And if you are looking to be inspired, we’ve just released Best in Travel 2024 – a roundup of the best places to unwind, connect, eat, learn and journey around the world next year. With 30 different destinations and experiences among our picks, there’s plenty to pack in.

So if you want to start planning a year’s worth of epic trips, read on to find out the best time to visit these incredible places in the coming year.

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Where to travel in January

Nairobi, Kenya

While there really isn’t a bad time to be in Nairobi, the height of the summer season is always a good bet. January sees an average of four days of rain and temperatures of 23°C/73°F. Expect perfect conditions for a safari experience in Nairobi National Park, just on the outskirts of the city. It might be the only place in the world where you can see black rhinos, lions, hyenas, gazelles, warthogs, zebras, giraffes and buffalo against a backdrop of skyscrapers.

Southern Thailand

Many have described Southern Thailand as Thailand before the backpackers arrived. In January, the busiest month for tourism in Thailand, you can lie on a deserted beach near Ao Khanom, waiting to catch a glimpse of the elusive and beautiful pink dolphins. It’s good to know when not to go, too: keep in mind monsoon season arrives from July to October. And in 2024, Ramadan falls across March and April, with Eid-ul-adha in the middle of June.


The dry, cooler winter, from October to April, is the ideal time to visit India, with February being the sweet spot. Plan at least one long-distance rail journey as part of your trip – there’s no experience quite like waking up on an Indian sleeper train barrelling across the plains.

It’s always best to avoid the rain-drenched monsoon season from May to September, unless you’re heading to arid Ladakh, in the far north.


Benin is solidifying its status as a premier West African destination for art and culture. As part of efforts to repatriate historical artifacts, Benin is establishing the Museum of the Epic of the Amazons and Kings of Dahomey, set to open in late 2024 with priceless pieces restituted from France. So why are we not encouraging you to visit in December? Well, you should – but January 10 sees Benin’s famed voodoo festival take place in Ouidah and Porto Novo. It’s an enriching cultural experience that shouldn’t be missed.

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Where to travel in February

St Lucia

There’s hardly a wrong time to visit the Caribbean – yet February sees a high influx of visitors hoping to escape cold-weather countries. St Lucia’s independence from British rule in 1979 is celebrated on February 22, and marked by parades and celebratory events island-wide. Come prepared to party.

Hokkaido, Japan

February is when the temperatures are at their coldest in this premier Japanese hub for skiing and snowboarding, and the season even offers an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to try ice fishing on the top of a frozen lake. ​​Sapporo Snow FestivalHokkaidō’s most famous festival, featuring snow and ice sculptures and giant slides – is held in February, bringing a huge number of well-wrapped-up visitors.


A Mexico visit in January or February means dry and relatively cooler days, providing some relief in humid coastal destinations. It’s also whale-watching season along the Pacific Coast. In Mazatlán, February is carnival time: the 2024 festival is the 126th edition.

Kangaroo Island, Australia

Deceptively vast and blessed with a ridiculous amount of stunning coastline – 540km (335 miles) to be exact – this is where you may find you’ve scored an entire beach to yourself. Kangaroo Island invites guests to indulge in its unique local produce, encounter adorable Australian wildlife and discover some of the country’s best beaches. And the island is a total show-off during the Aussie summer months of January and February.

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Where to travel in March


For those seeking a trekking experience away from snowy summits, the Anti Atlas Mountains in Morocco are perfect in March, when you can embrace tranquil hikes and the season of wildflowers and blooming trees. Don’t miss the annual almond blossom festival in Tafraoute, held in February or March to coincide with the vibrant flowering and harvest of almond trees.


March welcomes the start of spring in Uzbekistan, as blossoming apricots grace the landscape. As the month unfolds, expect warm and moderately dry weather, with temperatures ranging from 14°C (57°F) to 30°C (86°F). Seize the opportunity to explore the storied cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva; immerse yourself in mountainous retreats; or embark on an artistic and cultural journey in the capital city of Tashkent.

Normandy, France

If visitors to France fancy something other than the Olympics, the region of Normandy is hosting the Normandy Impressionist Festival from March to September next year to celebrate 150 years of Impressionism. The event will bring visitors into the heart of a 19th-century movement that turned art on its head with its radical, soulful focus on outdoor scenes and the effects of light. The program includes open-air theater performances and dance cafes, art exhibitions and workshops, plus forest walks, stargazing, sound- and-light shows and romantic picnics straight out of a Renoir.


Though Spain might be one of the most popular countries for visitors, the sun-washed destination is leading the green-travel way with its plans for a more sustainable, circular tourism model. The Mediterranean city of Valencia is a European Green Capital for 2024, and March is the perfect time to visit and explore Jardines del Turia, a 9km (5.5-mile)long riverbed that’s been transformed into a road-free park.


Since winters along the Mediterranean coast can be cold and wet, and desert nights icy, March is an ideal month to visit Algeria. To see the Algerian Sahara’s most beautiful sand dunes, head to the blood-red oasis city of Timimoun and its nearby Grand Erg Occidental, a dune sea twice the size of Belgium. It is also best to avoid summer, when temperatures in the Sahara can get into the 50°C (122°F) range. In spring and autumn, the weather is ideal for touring, and hotel rates are lower than the summer peak.

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Where to travel in April

Danube Limes, Bulgaria

The string of settlements on the ancient limits of the Roman Empire known as the Danube Limes has been nominated for inclusion on the Unesco World Heritage list in 2024, so expect visitor numbers to increase. Go in April before the summer heat hits, and explore part of the 460-mile Dunav Ultra cycling path, which follows the Danube through Bulgaria all the way to the Black Sea.

Paris, France

Who doesn’t love Paris in the springtime? And 2024 will certainly be the eternal city’s year, with the Olympics happening in the summer. Even if you didn’t score tickets, visit in April to cheer on the runners in the Paris marathon, Europe’s biggest and considered by many the world’s best. The route takes in most of the world-famous Paris landmarks, including the Arc de Triomphe, the Bastille, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower.


From beachcombing to village-hopping, volcano-climbing and indulging in fresh, lip-tingling ceviche, Nicaragua’s pleasures are plentiful. And in 2024, the country will offer visitors something even more special: it’s a prime viewing destination for the total eclipse on April 8. Observe it from atop a volcano for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Wales’ southwest is far less crowded with tourists than the north – and has an air of the untouched and untamed. The best period to visit starts in April, when rainfall is low and temperatures milder. A hike along the Wales Coast Path is the best way to explore this protected shore.


This small Pacific nation offers uninhabited tropical beaches where you can live out your scuba-diving dreams. Visiting in April guarantees warm and sunny weather for diving, snorkelling and swimming – although it is possible to go to Palau throughout the year, as the country does not experience typhoons.

Ikaria, Greece

The Greek island of Ikaria seduces with aquamarine waters and wild terrain, plus an independent spirit. As spring unfolds, Ikaria comes alive with delightful weather and vibrant natural landscapes, creating the perfect setting for island tours and outdoor activities. Embark on sailing adventures, explore the waters through kayaking or pedal along scenic cycling routes. Ikaria is also a popular spot for stargazing.

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Where to travel in May

Mostar, Bosnia

Swap the Bosnian city of Mostar’s stifling summer heat for a balmy cultural getaway in spring. Visit the colorful Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque for its panoramic views of the city. Wander along cobblestone alleys (relatively crowd-free at this time of year) to find bazaars selling everything from ceramics to textiles and traditional art. Then head down to the River Neretva, where you can witness locals test gravity’s limits by diving from the Stari Most bridge. Maybe you’ll join in? If not, you can enjoy front-row seats at a riverbank cafe, Turkish coffee in hand.

Europe’s night trains

From spring 2024, European Sleeper will expand its services to offer travelers even more overnight rail options. The expansion connects Berlin to more Dutch and Belgian cities, and will simplify travel from London to Paris or Prague. Book a journey in early May before the summertime crowds arrive, and you can enjoy scenic train rides through lush green valleys, cherry-blossom-lined landscapes and snow-capped mountains.

The Western Balkans

Launching in 2024, the Trans Dinarica cycling route covers 3364km (2090 miles) through the Western Balkans, weaving through alpine lakes, national parks, Unesco sites and villages in the Dinaric Alps and nearby regions. The route is divided into 50km (31-mile) sections, with dining and accommodation options at the end of each one. Late May to early June is an ideal time to go: the snow has melted, spring flowers are in bloom and temperatures aren’t so punishing.

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Where to travel in June


It’s almost impossible to move through the narrow streets of Croatia’s historic cities and old towns at the height of summer without jostling elbows with fellow tourists. Go in early June instead, when you’re almost guaranteed sun-kissed weather and you’ve a better chance of snagging a spot at a popular attraction or restaurant without agonizing queues. Now that Croatia is officially in the eurozone, you can easily enter from most other EU countries without changing currency.

Basque Country, Spain

For much of the year, Spain’s Basque Country is under a constant drizzle – but by June the sun is out, and so are the locals. Outdoor terraces, bars and beaches come alive as people gather to linger over seafood and pinxtos. Try San Sebastián for its culinary scene and crescent-shaped cove; Bilbao for bar-hopping and museums; or try any of its scenic hiking trails. We love the Wine and Fish trail that traverses through the region's vineyards and coastal towns.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta offers a dizzying mix of attractions, from exceptional cuisine and coffee to a rich history, a vibrant art scene, fantastic shopping and lively nightlife. While the weather is hot and humid most of the year, June offers a pleasant break with the onset of the dry season. Due to Jakarta’s unsustainable future, Indonesia plans to move the capital to Nusantara – so visit soon, before it transforms forever.

The Portuguese Way, Camino de Santiago

The Portuguese Way– also known as Caminho Portugues de Santiago – unfolds with ancient villages, locally owned albergues (hostels) and scenic paths through Portugal and Spain. June is an excellent time to take on the pilgrimage route, thanks to generally bright and pleasant weather, moderate crowds and lush, green fields.

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Where to travel in July

The Midwest, USA

With revitalized warehouses turned into art spaces, eco-design hotels and world-class museums, the USA’s Midwest offers a multitude of reasons to visit. Moreover in 2024, Ann Arbor, Michigan – a haven for foodies – celebrates its 200th birthday with year-round festivities, while Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio celebrates its 50th anniversary. Visit in July to see Midwest energy in full force before August’s heat sets in.

Donegal, Ireland

Beautiful, wild and windswept Donegal boasts the longest coastline in Ireland and over 100 beaches – so even though summer attracts large crowds, finding a spot of solitude should be no problem. While you can never depend on the weather in Ireland, you’ll generally have a better chance of clear skies in July, making it an ideal time to hike Europe’s largest sea cliffs at Slieve Liag, or any of the Wild Atlantic Way’s coastal paths. Earagail Arts Festival takes place in July, offering the chance to connect with the Irish language and local traditions.

Montana, USA

With its vast wilderness and jaw-dropping “big sky” landscapes, Montana truly embodies the spirit of the American West. While there’s no bad time to visit, July stands out for outdoor activities like hiking, white-water rafting, cycling and wildflower spotting. With the snow melted, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks are more accessible (though tour buses are back on the road). Festival season is in full swing, too, with the Under the Big Sky Festival in Whitefish, Evel Knievel Days in Butte and the Flathead Cherry Festival in Polson all taking place in July.

Saalfelden Leogang, Austria

In 2024, Saalfelden Leogang, an Austrian mountain resort, is embracing a sustainable future with a new solar-powered chairlift and an array of guided outdoor activities. Visit in winter for skiing or snowboarding – or in summer, when you can hike, bike and swim in the lake at this family-friendly mountain playground.


​​Mongolia beckons to those yearning for vast expanses, thrilling adventures and captivating cultural encounters. With its awe-inspiring landscapes and rich heritage, this extraordinary destination holds a multitude of treasures waiting to be discovered. Mongolia is best visited in the summer, when the steppes turn electric green and you can explore the countryside. July is the main time to catch Naadam events (with such traditional games as horse racing, wrestling and archery) happening in small towns across the country.

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Where to travel in August


In 2024, Greenland will get two new airports, in Nuuk and Ilulissat, allowing for direct flight connections between this icy land and North America. Once there, you can enjoy unique local experiences. For dog-sledding and the northern lights, spring is the ideal time to visit– and coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Arctic Sounds music festival next April. If you’re looking for outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, wildlife-spotting and endless hours of sun, though, you can’t go wrong in August.


August is an excellent time to embrace Poland’s natural beauty. You can hike in the Carpathian Mountains, kayak in the Great Marsuain Lakes and bike in Białowieża National Park. In fact, Poland boasts 23 national parks, which means you’ll never run out of outdoor activities. If you prefer something more relaxing, Poland’s coastline offers affordable, uncrowded white-sand beaches, best enjoyed in late summer.


With drier weather and more sunshine, August is a great time to explore Ecuador’s 10 national parks and eco-friendly cloud lodges – and Día de Independencia (August 8) and the procession of La Virgen del Cisne (August 15) are big events on the cultural calendar. If you’re not pushed for time, a brand new digital-nomad visa means tourists can enjoy extended stays in one of the world’s most biodiverse countries.

Far North, Scotland

Next year, Scotland’s Far North is vying for Unesco World Heritage recognition thanks to its rich biodiversity and critical role in carbon sequestration. The wild and boggy terrain is home to mist-shrouded mountains, rivers, a diverse wildlife population and restaurants that emphasize local, foraged ingredients. A late-August visit ensures comfortable temperatures for exploring the great outdoors – without the nuisance of midges.

The Baltic Trails

Crisscrossing Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the newly established Baltic Trails are best tackled in summer, when guesthouses are operating and the sun shines until 10pm. Trekkers can take to two trails: the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route, which runs along the Baltic Sea; and the Forest Trail, which takes you through forest hinterland and national parks, including Latvia’s Gauja River Valley.

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Where to travel in September

Kansas City, USA

Kansas City, in the heart of the American Midwest, is increasingly traveler-friendly thanks to revitalized urban spaces, a brand-new, state-of-the-art airport terminal and expanded (free!) streetcar service. In 2024, the city is set to unveil its first National Women’s Soccer League stadium – a prelude to hosting World Cup games in 2026. For the ultimate KC sports experience, visit in September, when the NFL season kicks off and you can experience the roar of a Chiefs home game.

Tuscany, Italy

Few destinations epitomize the art of savoring life’s unhurried moments quite like this idyllic region. Whether you’re wandering along pristine hiking trails or reacquainting your palate with the rustic charm of cucina contadina (farmhouse cooking), any experience in Tuscany is an exquisite fusion with the land itself. Come September, as the sun’s gentle warmth lingers, you’ll find the bliss of fewer tourists and countryside paths awash with wild blooms.

İzmir, Turkey

İzmir is a city that prides itself on good living – which isn’t hard thanks to its seaside location, fresh Aegean cuisine, and a blend of rediscovered heritage and revitalized contemporary culture that draws visitors from teeming Istanbul. With its mild winters and refreshing breezes caressing the city from the bay, İzmir’s allure as a year-round destination is undeniable. Yet September, as the summer heat mellows, might be the ideal time to explore this city.

South Africa

South Africa is an ode to natural grandeur: penguins inhabit the coastline, lions and black rhinos prowl the bush, and the fynbos shrub breathes life into the hills of the Western Cape. The southern-hemisphere-spring months of September and October bring the best chances of dolphin and whale encounters, including at whale-watching centers such as Hermanus. Do your research and book responsible experiences, taking care to avoid places where wild animals are held captive or made to alter their natural behavior.

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Where to go in 2024: when to visit our Best in Travel winners (10)

Where to travel in October


In October in Pakistan, the monsoon season has ended, vibrant autumn hues take over the Hunza Valley, and guided outdoor tours through the country’s alpine valleys and snow-capped Himalayan passes beckon. Don’t miss a journey along the dramatic Karakoram Highway to immerse yourself in the country’s most epic mountain scenery.

Montréal, Canada

While summer is the best time for outdoor festivals, fall in Montréal offers cheaper prices, beautiful autumn leaves and just-right temperatures. Don’t miss the Parc du Mont-Royal, where wooded trails and the Belvédère Kondiaronk provide views of the mountain’s changing hues against the backdrop of downtown. Another must-visit is Gardens of Light, a colorful event that transforms the Chinese, Japanese and First Nations gardens of the Jardin Botanique into works of art through the end of October.


The long-awaited Grand Egyptian Museum is set to open its doors in 2024, offering a tantalizing immersion in Egypt’s ancient treasures. What’s more, budget travelers will have more options, with the potential launch of low-cost flights from Ryanair and Air Sphinx. Unsure when to visit? October is usually a great time, as crowds thin out, temperatures remain balmy and the light provides excellent photography opportunities.


New trails, ever-growing parklands and a truly ambitious rewilding project make Patagonia both fiercer and more approachable than ever before. Need another reason to visit in 2024? An annular solar eclipse will black out the skies over both Argentina’s and Chile’s Patagonia National Parks on October 2, creating even more buzz in one of the planet’s wildest corners.

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Where to travel in November


Travelers will love Chile in November. After the hush of winter months, Patagonia awakens to the vibrant hues of spring, while the northern regions gradually shed their chill, offering a respite from the dampness of previous seasons. This also marks the ideal time to explore the picturesque coastal towns and desert landscapes of the north, a month before the busy tourist season swings into action.

Swahili Coast, Tanzania

Tanzania’s Swahili Coast boasts a timeless allure, beckoning travelers year-round. November offers terrific wildlife watching. Savor the coastal wonders in their full glory with whale sharks swimming on Mafia Island or float along the wide Rufiji River on a boat safari, passing hippos submerged in the shallows, crocodiles sunning themselves on rocks and kingfishers taking it all in from the riverbanks.

Southern Lakes and Central Otago, New Zealand

November can be a great time to visit, especially if you love mountain biking (Kiwis have gone bike-mad) amid still cooler weather. New Zealand’s Great Walks hiking season also kicks off in late October and runs through until April. Spring festivals include Crayfest Kaikōura, pairing everyone’s favorite crustacean (crayfish) with local wine and craft beer. It’s also a good time to incorporate some whale watching at Kaikoura.

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Where to travel in December

Philadelphia, USA

Looking for an art and culture city break? Head straight to Philadelphia. In 2024, the Franklin Institute celebrates its 200th anniversary with revamped exhibitions and interactive displays. A new world-class art museum, Calder Gardens, dedicated to the work of world-famous sculptor (and Philly native) Alexander Calder, will open near the Rodin Museum and Barnes Foundation before the end of the year. While it’s cold in December, there are plenty of festive activities, including a public ice-rink near towering City Hall.

Manaus, Brazil

Manaus, gateway to the Amazon, is best explored in the dry season, which generally runs until the end of December. Look for sustainable tourism and Indigenous-led initiatives like Biatüwi’s all-Indigenous menu, which showcases ingredients from the Amazon Basin. Or go wildlife exploring in Rio Urubu, located just two hours from the city center.

Prague, Czechia

Yes, December can be bitingly cold in Prague – but that doesn’t mean it’s not a magical time of year, and the perfect month to find a traditional cozy pub to warm up and sink a tall Czech beer. Hearty Czech cuisine warms you up, and the cobblestone streets are illuminated with twinkling lights. Don’t miss the Christmas markets: the biggest is in the Old Town Square and runs until the end of the month – with mulled wine, gingerbread biscuits, seasonal gifts and musical performers.

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Where to go in 2024: when to visit our Best in Travel winners (2024)
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